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Zambians need to change their mindset towards work-Inonge Wina

Headlines Zambians need to change their mindset towards work-Inonge Wina

Vice President Inonge Wina addressing a rally at Ipusikilo Primary School ground in Lubansenshi constituency in Luwingu district to drum up support for the PF candidate for the parliamentary by-election, George Mwamba
Vice President Inonge Wina says change of mindset towards work in Zambia, is imperative in order to achieve the much needed national development.

Speaking at the Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport in Livingstone today, Mrs. WINA said President Edgar Lungu’s call for hard work during his address to parliament yesterday, should be upheld by all Zambians.

Mrs. Wina says Zambia has failed to develop because some people do not want to work this therefore requires that people should change their attitudes towards work.

And Mrs. Wina has also called on the people of Southern province and the country at large to adhere to President Lungu’s call for reconciliation.

She says the President expects this to be the basis of peace and unity in the country.

And the Vice President has further assured the people of the region that the Head of State’s determination to promote and develop the tourism sector.

Mrs. Wina, who was accompanied by Mulobezi Member of Parliament Patricia Mulasikwanda and her Livingstone counterpart, Lawrence Evans, has since left for Mulobezi district.

Meanwhile, the Vice President Inonge Wina is on Sunday expected in Kalumbila District in North-western province on a two-day visit.

According to a tentative programme obtained by ZNBC’s Joy Siatubi in Solwezi today, Mrs Wina is scheduled to arrive at Solwezi airport at 09:00 hours, after which she will proceed for a church service at Manyama Christian Community church.

The vice president will then hold a rally in the afternoon at Mayashi school grounds in Matebo before winding up her day.

On Monday, Mrs Wina will launch the Solar Hammer Mill at Kambazhi in the morning, after which she will address a rally in the afternoon at Kalengelenge.

The Vice president is expected to fly back to Lusaka on Monday.

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  1. Mindset change required… Yes

    But this statement is not exactly true:

    “Zambia has failed to develop because some people do not want to work…”

    More like Zambia has not developed because its leaders fail to do their work.

    • Zambians are a lazy bunch. Every thing is Governments fault and you wonder why foreigners get rich quickly when they settle in Zambia? They see the opportunities and they are willing to work while you are busy chasing skirts, getting drunk and buying cheap cars and furniture from China just for show instead of thinking outside the box. No wonder you die young and poor because you are always blaming someone else other than your incompetence to improve your lives!

    • I didn’t grow up with lazy Zambians who did not want to work or harbored self hating complexes. The current mindset crept in slowly along with materialism and self interest on a scale never seen before. Unthinkable acts became the norm and a deeply embedded inferior complex reared its ugly head. We run backwards chasing our quick fix wealth and know how to dip fingers in jam jars from tea maker to boss. Development is planned, supported, implemented and protected by decisions made at the top and even better when ideas come from all levels of society. When we laugh at or choke innovation and degrade success other than our own and hate opinions that don’t match our own scripts… our inner leader is dead.

    • Change should start at the Top. I mean President and yourself Madam. Zambian Leaders are lazy, they lack vision and just occupy offices to steal.

      The vehicle to hard work and development is leading by example, Reduce costs i.e your motorcades and unjustified Government allowances.

      Zambian Leaders behave like they never travel.

  2. how do u expect us to change our mindset when most of the pf leadership is doing the opposite ,eg.mumbi phiri,kambwili and chama.to make the matters worse most pf have been rich within a short period of time.lead by example.

    • that is exactly the problem, all PF upper echelons and ministers are private business men who spen 40% of their time doing official work the rest is spent on private projects which may include looking for corruption. The other workers see all this and follow suite. Ban private businessmen for from holding GRZ positions or they should hand over to other pipo the reins of private enterprises.

  3. You have killed the decency of the middle class by depriving them of a decent, liveable life. Zambians have been taught they can make it by hook AND crook by ignoring their measly salaries and embarking on illegal means that, by the way, WORK. You reward crooks with lucrative appointments, and pardon convicts. DO YOU EXPECT THE MINDSET TO CHANGE!??

  4. Bo Inonge, check out across the world, Zedians work hard. Even back home, Costain, Mikalile, Dana, Gomes, BMK, the young Mawano Kambeu, list long. The problem is the lazy bums in politics like Kambwili, Jameson & you, ma’m, u think u are the best. You frustrate your own best brains & make them think the ease way is to steal. HH, GBM & the like have made money back at home but what do you tell our kids, that they are thieves.

  5. @itizi turu
    The Veep is correct ! Zambians need to change their mind set if the country has to develop.For those who claim to be rich but have no wisdom,i do not envy.To make matters worse they are in the forefront promoting tribalism each time they open their big mouths.

  6. Zambians are not lazy per se. We want to work hard but frustrates our efforts by its bureaucracy. I am personally happy that government is encouraging hard work from ordinary citizens. We can do better if politicians show that willingness and zeal to develop Zambia. What is sad is that when an MP is voted into office, they turn their backs on the electorates. We want you guys to lead by example and level the playing field in the area of access to loans, incentivizing agricultural sector, speed issuance of licences (timber, mining etc) to Zambians.

    We are ready, let’s get down to work!

  7. @haleisa halelila, who used the t-word. Bo Inonge raises an important issue & the only thing you see is bigotry.
    We have been told zedians are lazy, but I have seen them grow tomatoes on kafulafuta stream but can’t sell because politicians allow shoprite to bring in cheap tomato from SA. Try registering a business & see how frustrating the bureaucracy is. Then check how easy it is to get rich if you join the ruling elite. We can’t all be politicians in order to make money in our own country.

  8. Madam Vice President, look at yourself first before critisizing. Your program is full of rallies, is that what you call productive working. Be serious for once.

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