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Chishimba Kambwili’ s full Interview on ZNBC TV 1

Videos and Audios Chishimba Kambwili' s full Interview on ZNBC TV 1
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    • Kambwili has won … I give up. Just when he said “God is not styupid to put copper under Zambia, and not China or Baglandesh”. Here I will encourage Kabwili to go and smash windows at Luanshya miners.
      Where is Ndobo?? Guy today Kambwili is his day, I think all week was for PF, even Edgar had a good week.

  1. Chimbwili, you are a fool. Why waste time to bring this fool on the tv, to come and expose his ignorance. Wasting my internet time. Useless

  2. 1 hour 36 minutes? To hear what… Can anyone summarize what is being said? That is 1.5 hours of my life you are asking me to spend listening to someone talking

  3. Difficult to judge; but I would agree the man is passionate about Zambia. Amazed to see him accept that poor implementation of plans has exacerbated energy shortage.

  4. I think Chishimba Kambwili means well for Zambia. You can see how the guy almost gets so emotional especially on the issue of miners losing jobs. I think maybe the media always portrays him wrongly by attributing warning statements to him. So people have come to believe as though that is the only thing he knows how to do.

    • That is the problem with Zambian, we get carried away with emotions. We need rational leaders. Truth is Kambwil and his boss Edgar have know clue on how to manage this country. They mean well but they have miserably failed. Emotions will not revive Kwacha, emotions will not create jobs, for these you need much more complex brain activity

  5. He is too militant may be we need such men in Zambia. We are not proactive. If anything we were not going to accept a lot of happenings in the country with educated and proper thinking people.
    May be we are waiting for the ballot box.

  6. Mr. Kambwili no doubt has a heart for zambia, which we appreciate. But unfortunately he is ignorant, emotional and extremely irrational. You can tell by the way he answered the questions that he is not objective. I wud appreciate it more if he found another way to serve the zambian people other than being a leader. President Lungu seems like a sensible man, but why does he keep Mr. Kambwili in his roaster???

  7. I watched the whole interview on ZNBC’s sunday interview. My thoughts were:
    a) Mr Kambwili is too combative for a Govt spokesman. We need someone who uses reason to convince not ‘pamaka’! What picture are we giving to others about the quality of our leaders?
    b) It is wrong to harangue LCM & Glencore on live TV, for two reasons. Firstly, Kambwili should have talked with these companies behind closed doors if he wanted results. Secondly, it tells me he is trying to armtwist these companies thru ‘mob’ phsychology. The govt mustn’t expose itself in that way. Look at how Obama handles difficult situations. Learn from him and see how much he has been able to accomplish!
    c) It paints a poor picture of our govt (Govt made simple). No wonder we are in the pit we are in! Do you think that…

  8. Kambwili is a man of action ! The Cartel,Cow dung and the infamous hate newspaper are really told off as they have nothing new to offer Zambia.Tayali is 100% correct when he says there is no opposition to outshine the PF.

  9. c) It paints a poor picture of our govt (Govt made simple!). No wonder we are in the pit we are in! Do you think that type of performance inspires confidence in any investor? Part of the reason our ‘Kwacha’ is the “worst performing currency” at the moment is a lack of confidence in the people managing our economy. Kambwili does not help matters at all. ECL has also failed to address that loss of confidence in our managers. From the looks of it, PF think Kambwili’s performance was superb. That is why that interview was repeated twice on ZNBC! Iam reminded of what KK said about Chiluba’s govt: “They have raised naivete to the level of govt policy”!!! Sad day for Zambia.

  10. Edgar Lungu can not see the damage being done by this I.d.i.o.t? Which normal person can give this chap a job as spkoesman? Pf just needs to go we can not have such dull leaders Zambia is not short of educated people.

  11. Comment:
    my president said tht whoever wil b found waiting over the frequently depositing of cash by ministers wil b flashed out..and today hon kambwili has resign.lets wake up zambians.

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