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Ranking Zambian Presidents: See where Lungu stands

Columns Ranking Zambian Presidents: See where Lungu stands

President Edgar Lungu delivering his speech during the ‘’Meet the President Fundraising Dinner’’ at Mulungushi International Conference Centre,

Since 1964, our country has had six presidents. The first president Kenneth Kaunda suffered a qualitative declivity. The second president Frederick Chiluba was driven by a fateful sense of entitlement. The third president Levy Mwanawasa was a candle in the wind. The fourth president Rupiah Banda remained in cardiogenic shock. The fifth president Michael Sata took the resolve of his people for granted, and his protégé the sixth president Edgar Lungu has become his alter ego.

While it is unfeasible to encapsulate the pros and cons of every president, there are some obvious leadership qualities, failures, faults, aptitudes, and faculties that determine each one’s strengths and weaknesses. My assessment of each leader is based on four simple, quantifiable elements: Vision, Policy-making, Integrity, and Creativity. The ranking is from best to worst.

1. Levy Mwanawasa (2002-2008). Strengths: Vision, Policy-making, Integrity. Weakness: Creativity.

Integrity is what held Mwanawasa’s virtues together. In 1994 when Michael Sata cast aspersions on his honesty, he resigned citing Sata’s detestable behavior, and Chiluba’s corrupt regime. In 2002, he kicked off his presidency with a “New Deal” vision and avowed to start damming rivers “so that irrigation becomes a Zambian culture.” He was determined to make agriculture, and not mining, the marrow of the country. To this endeavor he allocated $53 million.

Mwanawasa also made the rule of law a prerequisite and pledged to curb corruption. He appointed a special Task Force to investigate Chiluba and other corrupt officials. He was willing to forgive Chiluba if he replaced 75% of the money he was alleged to have stolen.

Most importantly, Mwanawasa was a vigorous advocate for democratic reforms. He abhorred dictatorship to the extent he lashed at Robert Mugabe for turning Zimbabwe into a “sinking Titanic” and accused him of rigging elections in an effort to remain in power eternally.

Mwanawasa’s main weakness was his lack of creativity. He could not take advantage of the literati and the talented many. In the end, he failed to lift Zambia out of poverty. Nevertheless, his policies resulted in an economic growth of 5%, foreign currency reserves of US$1.4 billion, and the lowest inflation in 30 years.

2. Kenneth Kaunda (1964-1991). Strengths: Vision? Integrity. Weakness: Policy-Making, Creativity. [Notice the question mark on “vision.”]

Kaunda began with a vision of a freed people bequeathed with a democratic just future. For that he forged a “non-violent” militancy policy against the Federation. When he became president he made massive investment in education and medical care. He perspicuously tackled the deadly scourge of tribalism. However, his vision began to erode in 1967 when he introduced a socialist ideology he called “Humanism” that was based in a large part on his personal convictions.

Humanism was seen by the West as an attempt to overthrow capitalism. His insistence that the ideology, which he later intellectualized into “scientific socialism,” be applied to all spheres of public life began to portray him as a demi-god. Becoming increasingly intolerable of opposition he created a “one-party participatory democracy” in 1972, and made UNIP an uncontested party.

Kaunda’s ideology left him with unsupported policies that caused the country’s economy to tank. Withdraw of foreign aid by the West left him susceptible to coup attempts, and led to his eventual loss of power in 1991. It is his role to liberate Zambia and surrounding African countries that remains the mark of his success. It is on this that his integrity hinges.

3. Michael Sata (2011-2014). Strengths: Creativity Weakness: Vision, Integrity, Policy-Making.

Sata was not intellectual but smart. His forte was in creativity. He was not only razor sharp in this department, but also ruthlessly tactical and strategic. It was his contagious cantankerous personality that made him a much adored politician among the poor. He also attracted a good number of the cognoscenti—the likes of Dr. Guy Scott, Dr. Waza Kaunda, and Professor Nkandu Luo. When he formed his Patriotic Front he told the vulnerable he could solve all the nation’s problems, and they bought into it.

As president, his obscure prediction was to do for Zambia what he did for Lusaka in the 1980s. In other words, he was applying not a vision, but trial-and-error ideas. Driven by a grandiose sense of self-importance and an overwhelming need for admiration he wanted to singly build colleges, bridges, and hospitals, and he made an effort.

Sadly, Sata’s narcissistic behavior got in the way of his integrity. He shamelessly exploited popular prejudices, indulged in falsehoods, and made empty promises to gain political power. He was good at hiding venalities. No one knew who he was and how he amassed his wealth. It is possible that had he lived to rule for a term or two, he would have reached the level of uncontainable irrationality and perhaps destruction.

He is third because he scored some successes. He relaunched the fight against corruption. In 2012 the Zambian government won international acclaim for its successful US$750 million Eurobond. At the time of his death Zambia’s GDP reached an all-time high of US$27.07 billion.

4. Rupiah Banda (2008-2011). Strengths: Integrity? Weakness: Vision, Policy-Making, Creativity. [Notice the question mark on “Integrity.”]

According to the 2011 Gallup Poll on African leaders conducted from April 15 to April 29, Banda received a 53% disapproval rating and was ranked 28 out of 34 African leaders in the area of governance. The same poll adjudged Banda among the worst performing African leaders.

Banda rose to power as an interregnum president. He entered office with no mandate, and no vision. Within months of his reign it became clear he did not know how to handle problems that beleaguered the country, such as the tumbling copper prices, low commodity prices, and massive job losses in the mining sector.

Under his reign the anticorruption commission, launched by Mwanawasa, was dismantled. Corruption re-appeared as an inexorable phenomenon. Misappropriation of state and donor funds became rampant in government ministries. At the Ministry of Health, senior health ministry officials were alleged to have stolen $2 million of aid funds. This led to the international community’s suspension of funding of the health sector.

Further, Banda protected and embraced Chiluba after his acquittal on charges of embezzlement. When the head of the task force attempted to appeal the ruling, he was dismissed from his position. This, and allegations that Banda was merely concerned with his personal comfort, and suspicions that he was involved in dubious deals with foreign investors, tarnished his credibility.

Banda’s lack of vision caused the country’s GDP to slump to US$ 15.33 billion in 2010 from Mwanawasa’s US$17.91. Fortunately, he salvaged the little integrity at the end of his reign when he acknowledged defeat and handed over the instruments of power to Sata.

5. Frederick Chiluba (1991-2002). Strengths: none Weakness: Integrity, Vision, Policy-Making, Creativity.

By measure of his criminal indictments and convictions, Frederick Chiluba remains Zambia’s worst president. Had Mwanawasa survived, Chiluba would have served jail time and most of the $57 million he is alleged to have embezzled recovered. His wardrobe of 349 monogrammed shirts, 206 designer jackets and suits, and 72 pairs of size-6 shoes, would have become the property of the government and auctioned.

Chiluba was a man without integrity who helped himself to millions of state dollars. He was the bandit that made corruption the core tenet of his presidency. Without shame, he appointed cronies to his government and allowed corruption to bourgeon. He mortgaged mines, sold houses and deposited the money in the Zamtrop account for his personal use. He lived lavishly and spent $1.2 million in a single Swiss store called Boutique Basile in Geneva.

There is very little that can be said about Chiluba that people do not already know. What should be documented, however, is that under his autocratic rule the country witnessed the untimely and suspicious deaths of some of the most prominent Zambians, including Baldwin Nkumbula, Paul Tembo, Ronald Penza, Wezi Kaunda, Cuthbert Nguni, and Richard Ngenda.

In the end, Chiluba drove the country to the poorest level of the world. He left office with a poverty rate of 80% to that of Kaunda’s 56%.

Edgar Lungu (2015–present). It is too early to rate Lungu. Like Banda he too assumed power as an interregnum president, without a work-plan and a vision. He is in his 9th month and he has not clarified his purpose and direction, as a result, he has failed to offer the Zambian people a clearly and well demonstrated view of the future. His demeanor and persona are of a man who lacks ideas. He lacks charisma. His speeches and statements do not inspire and motivate; they do not galvanize people to transcend the bottom line. With his “don’t listen to what people say” attitude, he has put the country on auto-pilot, heading as it is for the Himalayas.

By Field Ruwe

Field Ruwe is a US-based Zambian media practitioner, historian, author, and educator. Learn more about him on his website www.aruwebooks.com. On it you shall access his autobiography, articles, and books. Contact him, blog, or join in the debate. ©Ruwe2012


  1. Mwanawasa was taken rather too early. I really don’t know how difficult it is for these presidents to follow Mwanawasa’s steps. Atleast he tried. During his time none was immune to prosecution.

    • Mwanawasa was just a cabbage. He had no vision but did well for corruption to protect govt resources. He was weak though and allowed Cartel to chain him. He made Mmembe and Nchito. Because of his own hidden corrupt practices he had to extend favours to the Cartel.
      His wife was most strong and most corrupt. He could not control her.

    • @Ruwe, ulichipuba or you are slow like Edgar??? How can you fail to rate a president who has in power for more than 8 months. It is same as failing to rate a new employee with 1 month of employment. Even 3 months of probation is too long time to rate someone. Whatever you wrote @Ruwe has turned into trash.
      You rate a president during campaign.

    • Would have been easier just to write up a Worst Zambian President list and make it a tie for second place. ED wins worst prez for his panga in the air entry to the arena.

    • My hope is Zambia will never again have a president as bad as Edgar. President Lungu does not inspire confidence, his vocabulary is not presidential, “vomit me if you don’t like me”, “wako ni wako”, “I will descend on you like a ton of bricks”…..surely! The man has no clue on economic affairs.The first time he used “GDP” was when he read a speech to parliament. They man has very little understand of anything. God what did we do to deserve such?

  2. One thing about Mwanawasa! He found Chiluba had laid a foundation for him. Chiluba started the HIPC and structural Adjustment Program (SAP) under which after completing the HIPC, donors forgave Zambia the entire debt. Mwanawasa found about 75% of the work has been done by Chiluba. Mwanawasa sold the mine at song! $21m. The copper price shot to the highest in Mwanawasa’s time. So you can’t compare presidents in such a manner because different political and economic scenarios prevailed differently from one decade to the other. The world has become advanced in technology and therefore jobs are not as easy to find as coma pared to Kaunda’s time.

    • Chiluba left a what? Tata you must be from another planet. The only good thing Chiluba left was to appoint Mwanawasa as his successor, PERIOD!

    • Indeed, Chiluba may have committed crimes here and there but he laid a foundation for Zambia’s economic reforms, that foundation which PF has destroyed in their 4 years of misrule

    • @Fwebene
      I quote you :
      “The only good thing Chiluba left was to appoint Mwanawasa as his successor, PERIOD!”

      I totally agree with you & for this Levy should have forgiven FTJ. At least FTJ knew the country was safer under anyone else than Sata. Kaunda also put plainly “Sata was not Presidential material”. Imagine Sata had taken over from FTJ at the peak of his health & ruled 10 years. Zambia wud have been worse off – all other tribes wud bn expelled from their ancestral lands to pave way for Bisas. Imagine he even schemed to ensure only a fellow Bisa became Chitimukulu.
      Even Lungu’s failures hinge on Sata’s 3 year misrule. By appealing to Kaponyas for support in 3 years he alienated all other Zambians & systematically promoted his clansmen. God just saved Zambia.

  3. What this man writes are figments of his own imagination. Field, the fact that he is a journalist and doing Phd does not make him omniscient. I have read screaming headlines with twisted content and facts. How would you respond for instance if I say the famous K14bn was acquired under Mwanawasa’s nose and so his fight against corruption was mere rhetoric? What about Kaunda’s policies on education, which saw Zambia rank among world’s most literate countries in the 90’s? (Citation can be provided).

  4. Doc Ruwe with due respect, I am not a KK fan but I think you have not been fair on him, post-liberation Africa forced leaders to think in a certain way from right from Nkrumah to Kenyatta, other than the development of their countries Vis-a-vis nationalism, they also had things like the threat of being pawns in the cold war, for KK it was probably worse that he also had Smith and apartheid South Africa on his gnawing at his behind as well he also had to make decisions against slick and powerful entities like Anglo American and Tiny Roland… he was also only 40 years old at the time of independence

  5. My grading is as follows:
    1. Micheal Sata…….very courageous and long term vision of developing the country. Removed red tape in the descision making process that has seen most projects gathering dust in govt offices. Put every one on their toes and govt started working again.

  6. You missed a thing or two about Sata: A sput with Tanzania’s Kikwete at a regional summit; a tangle with President Bush when the former US President visited for Charity work; and his indulgence in shameless familial appointments to public positions, a weakness he somewhat shared with Mwanawasa. Oterwise, this Mr Ruwe is a masterpiece.

  7. The article is useless and baseless! 1) Mwanawasa found the foundation laid by Chiluba through HIPC and SAP. Mwanawasa found almost 75% of the process has been done by Chiluba. Mwanawasa took over when the Copper price began to skyrocket. It shot to well above $10,000. That is why the kwacha remained strong during his reign. Mwanawasa sold the mine at a song! $21m. Different conditions prevailed with each economic and political scenarios both locally and globally. Technology, urbanization etc affects every leader they different from one dispensation to the other.

  8. Sata above RB? What a joke! Part of the economic quagmire the country is in is because of Sata’s incoherent policies not to mention his tribalism and and his dictatorial tendencies.

    • Any one who rates Sata as best President must be a simpleton, victim of of Sata’s lies and insipid jokes. Sata was a demagogue, a liar, a tin pot dictator, a maniac, transferring people on a daily basis, insulting his Cabinet colleagues and appointing relatives beyond all previous Presidents. All the news media in the country including the Post were singing praises and as a result objectivity vanished. Sata destroyed the macro-economic foundation left by LPM, RB and Musokotwane. All he knew was building roads for populism. All the problems ECL and the country is facing including the disastrous depreciation of the Kwacha are because of Sata’s lack of economic knowledge. He had one talent, and that was how to communicate populism to the masses – like more money in your pocket and that…

  9. Have you forgotten during Mwanawasa s rule about his minister Rev Gladys Nyorongo and his ps kashiwa bulaya ???
    He never wanted to take them to court until the NGO s, the post stated protesting

  10. Great article tata tata:

    though I feel there are other dynamics to consider here. The full period of time and the actual times in which they ruled would help cement who they really were. You can not compare one who lasted six Months in power to one who lasted 27 years in power. Some people spend more time strategizing than it takes others. So, just because you have not yet heard from the promises of one does not take everything away from them.

    The kind of leadership they had Vs what was happening around the world! Issues of population and education of the citizen then and now. Technological advancements and its impact on politics. The Quality of lives people needed then vs what they need today… I can go on and on baba; otherwise, you’d find the listings change!

  11. Comment: Using big words does not give one the right to judge where he has little or no understanding. The true order of best to worst if judged objectively stands in the same order the presidents appeared.
    The first two guys had the toughest time in that office. All the other guys had to do was build on what wag left but they have somehow conspired to mess this up. Now we’re back to how things were in 1991.
    Having lived through all six I must say number 5 to me has been the worst for the simple reason that he chose to make the same mistakes of the past.

    • @vunga

      What are those big words? Use e-dictionary or copy & paste the word into Ms Word & right-click, go to synonyms for alternative words for you to understand the article.

      Otherwise, Sata was calamity of a President.

  12. The ranking is as follows ;

    1. Edgar Lungu . because the current situ is likely to change
    2. Micheal sata. Because he started rebuilding Zambia
    3. Kaunda David . because he ended colonialism
    4. Levy mwana.. He helped stabilize the economy
    5. Titus chiluba. Because he liberalized the economy
    6. Rupia Banda . he failed to build on what his predecessor left
    0. H H.. Because he never be president of Zambia I’m our generation
    00. Edith. She can’t be president no matter what
    000. Mumba.. Not a presidential material.

    • I think there is a reason you are called Sponge bob! Be factual. How can you rate someone “because the current situ is LIKELY to change”???!!! Meaning you have no-basis for your rating!

    • Sponge bob, how can you possibly say that HH will never rule Zambia in your generation? And you go on to say that Edith can never be President no matter what, the question I would like to ask you is, Are you God ? Stop being judgemental and be constructive with your criticism. Ala!!!

  13. All the sarcastic comments on this page are indicative of the failing national leadership. There are no role models to inspire the next generative in Zambia… unfortunately.

  14. Quite a shallow analysis and lacks merit. I expected better from Field Ruwe. The MoH scandal started during Mwanawasa’s time and ran through to RB’s time. Mines sold for $25 million. What short memories Zambians have. And for you to say EL has no charisma is something else. You’ve gotta be in Zambia to see how some people fall over themselves over the President

  15. I feel Chiluba has been rated harshly and Sata cannot be better than him. Saying that there was no policy during Chiluba is being too economical with the truth. He began the crusade of Privatisation, of course with its negatives, however in the ten years he was in power, we saw entrepreneurship development than we have never seen before, property ownership, thinking outside the box and this was time Zambians started flying for the first time using their own resources…before that Zambians travelled on Government sponsorship only. My rating would be 1. LPM, 2. KK, 3. FTJ, 4.MCS, 5.ECL, 6.RB

    • It is not entrepreneurship which Chiluba brought, it is what is known as ubushi bupa amano. Go in the compounds markets and see the tuma tunnel shops with no sanitation at all, that is when you are going to understand the Chiluba Mediocrity.

    • Balongo,
      I tend to agree with your analysis in many ways.

      What destroyed KK was his overstaying I guess with worn out strategies. FTJ also marred his own record in latter years.

      For me, Dr Mwanawasa is/was outstanding. Read more on this giant.

      The rest, apart from KK, weighed against LPM, appear like people who went to State house to have a good time only!

      One test of effective leadership is the continuity of one’s legacy long after they are gone. I am not sure we had continuity in RB…… LPM was let down by friends and relatives on many fronts but he certainly did his best.

  16. Genuine rating is as follows:

    1. KK: A superman, fought racism, liberated neighboring countries, Built Schools and Universities colleges, etc. The World Bank never liked him, hence his gvt was denied AID and that is how problems started.
    2. Chiluba: Opened up the country, Zambians woke up from their slumber for the first time I tasted an apple from South Africa, Transport sector was improved, He empowered Zambians with houses, some of you here are beneficially either directly or indirectly through your parents/relatives, built Schools and renovated alot of them, Improved conditions in Hospitals, Roads where done such as, Ndola -Kapiri road, Kafue Road, Kabwe -Kapiri Road, etc , Started the date cancellation process which ended with Mwanawasa etc. Then He differed with Meembe who…

  17. @Ruwe, sorry my friend, but Levy was never a candle in the wind. however, we will respect your views since you are entitled to them.

    A candle in the wind would never have waived it off, not even the wind could blow his management skills of the country.

    what we should be cursing ourselves now is that we lost a great leader, and how did he die!!! as long as the medical report is not there, we should keep on contemplating, sadly.

  18. Then He differed with Meembe who launched a vicious campaign against him and most of Zambians hated him for that. Compare the money RB misused to What u claim Chiluba to have stolen is nothing.
    3. Sata; I never thought Matelo and Libala can have such nice roads, Roads in the rural areas, a culture of working hard among civil servants, the police are now all over town working, Sata is a performer.
    4. Mwanawasa: He did very little, All I remember about his is the Levy hospital and fighting Corruption while ignoring his wife who was deeply evolved in corrupt deals. Cancellation of Zambian dedt was not his making, those of us who worked in the gvt knows that it started with FTJ.
    5. Lungu: He has stared well. Given 5 more years, he may become number 1 or 2 on this list.
    6. RB; Was…

  19. 6. RB; Was unpredictable and very unstable. I just remember him for that expensive campaign because I bought a Key holder with the name RB written on it.

  20. Field Ruwe has articulated the weaknesses and strengths in all the presidents properly, in my view. I still think it is possible to rate Lungu in this period he has been in office.

    Mwanawasa was the best president Zambia ever had. Had he not passed on this country would have transformed drastically for the better. His integrity and clear policies were beginning to bear fruit. The economy was seen to be growing, not just on paper, but in our eyes.

    Then came the visionless banda whose philosophy was NIYA ANYOKO. He stole and encouraged looting with impunity. This is the direction of our current leader Lungu.

    Good try Mr Ruwe.

  21. That’s how shallow some journalists can be how do you compare presidents performance in years and the current one in months and expect to get an objective analysis…

  22. Lungu and Sata are the best for me ! Given say ten years in power,this country was going change its outlook in terms of infrastructure development.

  23. My top 10:
    1. KK we are still depending on his infrastructure
    2. Chiluba-He opened our eyes
    3. Michael Sata- Could have done better but died to early in power
    4. Edgar Lungu- he is doing fine and may even go up the ladder since he still has a chance
    5. Mwanawasa- He stabilized the economy but ended up biting the hand the brought him from asleep. The foundation was already done by Chiluba though
    6. Rupiah Banda- worst president ever. Did nothing to point at apart from corruption.

  24. Ubulimi ubwakale tabutalalika umwana. That was that time and this time is different and calls for different approaches to issues. One can not be called the winner just when the start whistle is sounded but until the finish line is crossed. Having said that, let us wait for the litmus test in 2016 when, am sure, ECL shall be overwhelmingly retained to continue the good works.
    Yes, the others did their part at that time and the good things are forever a plus and the bad deeds a lesson to all.

  25. It is actually Levy Mwanawasasa MHSRIP who gave away KCM Plc to Agarwa for whatever reasons best know to himself and some members of family who were beneficially hence the misery Copperbelt and Chingola are witnessing today.

  26. Who messed up Zambia guys? not Mwanawasa neither RB. The country had a strong economy and was attractive for foreign investors. We were proud to be Zambian’s however when Sata came, there was too much borrowing, firing and hiring and most sadly no game plan.

  27. It is always good to appreciate that different situations call for different solutions. Reminds me of a certain man who boastifully claimed that President Chiluba introduced Cellphones which Kaunda failed to do in 27 years. A better and more equitable measure could have been honesty and corruption fight, I submit.

  28. The author forgot Scott, he was legally president for 3 months and held the country together, its just because Zambians are tribal and hate to give credit to the white tribe, if Scott had not been white he would be talked about. With Lungu we are entering the 1980’s era again of debt, shortages and a exchange rate out of control and no plan or direction.

  29. @Neutral you seem have a bone to chew with Sata! For God’s sake the people you call kaponyas will continue ruling while you, the intelligent, smart, bright will continue being ruled. God hates the proud like likes the humble kaponyas. Can you compare tribalism in Mwanawasa and in Sata. Mwanawasa worse with his family tree. Sata opened your eyes to infrustructure development than ever before. A simple chilumbulu and Burma roads and Kitwe-Chingola dual roads is an example of what Sata did in less than 3 years but MMD failed in 20 years

  30. Ruwe is a nincompoop , that us why he has even removed his PhD candidature at George Fox on the footnotes , because obviously they can not award such a lousy writer a PhD . I wonder what his thesis is about . The chap claims to have written Sata ‘s biography yet he says no one knew Sata or how he amazed his wealth but In the same biography he mentioned how hardworking Sata was and how he established many businesses and worked in institutions . field ruwe ( no need to waste block letters ) is an egocentric sterile , he is nothing but nincompoop who is only smart in his own mind and that of his mad supporters .

    • @Jay Bee. Lusaka Times welcomes and encourages your commentary and debate. However, we request that you restrict your comments to pertinent matters. We will not tolerate any comments that are abusive, threatening, defamatory or libellous, or attacks, ad hominem and otherwise, on fellow bloggers. Should you engage in this behaviour or otherwise violate the rights of other bloggers, Lusaka Times reserves the right to pursue any and all remedies available to it, including, without limitation, restricting, suspending or terminating your access to this site, without explanation, prior notice and liability.

  31. Field Ruwe you are entitled to your opinion. I think its a good try at rating Zambians presidents but I disagree with you on Sata. Sata never ruled, so it would be unfair to rate him unless you are rating him from history when he was governor of Lusaka or Minister in Chiluba’s government. As president, the man was in intensive care from the word go. He let Mmembe and Kabimba rule in his stead. Sata is the last in my opinion before Lungu. You are right though in not rating Lungu. Lungu just like Rupiah inherited regimes already in progress. Rupiah could have been judged better had he won the 2011 elections. Lungu will be judged after if he will win the 2016 elections. The three people to rate are Mwanawasa, Kaunda and Chiluba and of those three you are right in putting Chiluba last. Are…

  32. Field Ruwe: my fellow countryman, what a poor summary of E.C.Lungu, there are significant things he has done already. How do you say he has failed to offer… with all the immaculate decisions we have seen for the first time since independence, you should be among the people who criticized H.E L.P Mwanawasa (MHSRIEP)
    when he was in power and only realized his worth after his untimely death and was no more, if you haven’t recognized him yet, You will recognize ECL when he’s nolonger President, i REGRET reading the whole article, because you have showed biased criticism and NOT educational/patriotic. I think just write about other things NOT Zambian politics, YOU HAVE FAILED THAT AREA.

  33. @Field Ruwe: come on what else would I expect from someone like yourself who is a ZWD contributor and has appeared on that site several times.

    You are correct about Chiluba being the worst thing that ever happened to Zambia, that along with a few other points you’ve made however I strongly disagree with your opinion on HEMCS, the late President tried and did alot for Zambia in his short term. The revaluation of the Kwacha was well received by the business community both domestically and internationally, the infrastructural development projects he embarked on, he was still in the process of getting the right team of ministers in place, had the illness not overcome the late HEMCS alot would have been accomplished. I seriously doubt the likes of HH had he been in power would’ve…

  34. @Anonymous, you seem to have a problem, because you can not distiqush a man with intelligence and that one without. Luwe is a serious analysts as far as some of us in the field of academics and these are the people we require. LUWE has become so specialised in politics and if it was in the Western world these are the people to be called for interviews to provide insights about certain countries. You are just being unfair to the man and I bet you like the way he builds up most of his stories. LUWE never just come up with something without having had a deep thought about it , like some of you do. LUWE is not answering to anybody’s questions, he is actually writing an obtaing story and all you need to do is give us meaningful and evidence based pros and cons of the side of your story. Other…

  35. Sata has too high a position. Him and Chikwanda are the reason for this mess. Sata last, Lungu second last and Chiluba third. For all his ills Chiluba is a saint compared to Mr. Sata.

  36. Only a mad person would applaud such analysis. .the MMD saved us from economic squalor. .chiluba took the hard decisions .And the results bore fruit after a decade of hard work and sacrifice. ..then chitumbo took us back to unip days in 2006 …scrapped succesful Agriculture policy to unip way of the state buying maize. .All presidents afterwards are freaks of a rotten system. ..you can’t fool all of us ..

  37. What hypocrites. .chiluba saved us from the first 27 years of squalor. .chiluba took all the difficult decisions. .And when production increased coupled with the increase in copper prices in 2006 mwanawasa took the credit. ..To show his stupidity introduced kaunda economically again. .started buying maize. All other presidents that followed chiluba including the present one are jokers. ..

  38. Guys, just remember that we need some sort of a common expectation of the fellas who govern our country. Some of the analysis I see in the comments on Ruwe’s article reek of zero-substance while others are hegemonic. If we, the tinkers, can devise a semblance of standards for rating a president, then our electorate may step out of its ranking as among the world’s worst. Let’s help the rest of the country think beyond narrow self interests and myopic conclusions; thus only will we get the better quality we deserve in Plot One for meaningful progress.

  39. You might have to swallow your words on ECL. He in fact is a very charismatic person. He does not speak the way you do but that is why he is the President of Zambia and you are not. A person who does not inspire people could not have filled up the Heroes Stadium in Lusaka the way ECL did last week. Did you watch that? A head of state is not an avengelist like TD Jakes. It is a dangerous thing to assess human beings the way you are doing because there is no reference point. Remember Hitler and his abilities and what they led him to do. What oratories do Cathlic Popes have and yet they inspire people don’t they?
    Unfortunately the internet has created too many pseudo socrates all over the place.

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HH’s leadership of tolerance and love is for Zambians from all the ten provinces-Liswaniso

UNITED Party for National Development(UPND) National Youth Chairperson Gilbert Liswaniso says the UPND Alliance presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema's leadership...

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