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I.G Libongani condemns UPND cadres for Solwezi violence

Headlines I.G Libongani condemns UPND cadres for Solwezi violence

A woman and her baby flee from the UPND rally after Police fired tear gas on the UPND supporters
A woman and her baby flee from the UPND rally after Police fired tear gas on the UPND supporters

Inspector General Of Police Stella Libongani has condemned UPND supporters in Solwezi for the violence that occurred yesterday between 16hrs and 21hrs.

Riots broke out in Manyama area in Solwezi after Police descended on UPND members who were attending the party’s final rally ahead of today’s parliamentary by election.Onlookers narrated how police in full riot gear descended on the UPND members and started beating up for attending rally which they claimed was illegal.Police told UPND not to conduct the rally at Manyama Basic School grounds in Kalumbila on account of lack of prior notice.The residents took offence and fought running battles with the Police who kept on firing teargas canisters.

I.G Libongani said 21 people were apprehended and are currently in custody.

Below is the Full Press statement


The situation in Solwezi West and Lubensenshi is quiet and voting is going on smoothly. Police are continuing with operations in both constituencies in order to ensure that the remaining period is well policed. The officers will also monitor the movement of ballot boxes to the totaling centers until the whole process is over.
However, the Zambia Police Service would like to condemn the conduct of the UPND cadres for turning riotous after being advised by officers and school management not to conduct a rally at Manyama Basic School grounds in Kalumbila on account of lack of prior notice.
Instead of adhering to Police advice, the cadres started throwing stones, blocked the road as well as smashing police equipment that was in the nearby Police Post. This act left two police officers with head injuries forcing the Police to use tear gas in order to disperse the riotous cadres.
As a result, 21 people were apprehended and are currently in custody and will be charged accordingly.
This happened on 23rd September 2015 between 16 and 21:00 hours.
Apart from the two officers who were injured by the cadres, the police have not received any other report of injury or fatality as a result of the incident.


24th September, 2015


  1. But we hear that each time, they give notice they are always told not to go ahead. Police don’t seem to understand the public order act. The act is a notification only and police have no legal powers to advise on Yes or No. This notification issued continuously is being abused by Police. I don’t understand why Police keep cheating themselves that they have to give consent. At the same time, all ruling party processions never give prior notice. This must stop. This fashion of singling out UPND(I am not UPND), all the time must stop. Don’t be rigged, be flexible, let people assemble freely. You are so scared of UPND passing on messages to the Zambian people. Frightened people

    • @ Caleb and Chipili, I think you forgot to change your gravatar. Now we all know you are one and the same person. I also want to start supporting UPND on sites like this one and am clever enough to assume multiple pseudos without being caught. How much do they pay?

  2. I feel sorry with the way UPND are treated. I was on site, believe me this was just a peaceful assembly. Crime in Zambia is all over but Police are very active to stop opposition citizens gathering. Getting approvals from police for citizens to meet, for What? The law is very clear, it is simply a notification. The legacy of Sata of stifling freedom of assembly for opposition members has continued. And these diplomats in Zambia are just watching, instead of advising the government to stop these acts. People are not breaking laws, they just want to meet as affiliates. Suddenly there was Fuel in Police cars to go and disrupt a peaceful gathering, when they are called to a crime scene, they ask for fuel

  3. @Caleb and @Chipili

    Kindly read carefully the IGs statement.

    She says UPND acted against police advise and school management.

    Common logic? Some one from the school management might have raised that concern with police.

  4. The problem we have now in Zambia is we do not have opposition party. No wonder we will keep on voting one party. Sata died with the opposition party.

  5. Luapula police are supposed to exercise restraint, we taxpayers don’t appreciate them beating and chasing defenseless people, who maybe our mothers,brothers and sisters. Why chase people assembling in their own country, this country does not belong to PF, that’s why the stood their ground and fought for their rights and make no mistake, the same people you chasing around might come in huge numbers to sort you out next year. You and IG are making a mistake of calling these people UPND carders, they are Zambian people period, police brutality has no place in the world.

  6. Luapula Premier
    Please you are not talking to *****s. the school staff are obviously compromised.We are aware about how illiterate dictator Sata compromised everyone includiging this buffoon of an IG

  7. the IG said the incidence happened between 16 and 21 hrs.in all fairness the meeting wasnt illegal bcz the electoral code says that election campaigns should end at 18 hrs a day before voting day,and the law does not require any permit during campaign period ,various political parties do coordination of their meetings to avoid confusion,in this case if the pf or mmd will not in the area ,upnd had the right to go aheard with the meetings.we should pass a law to hold the police officers accountable and as citizens we should sue the state for emotional and physical sufferings,oh i forgot that this is zambia the real africa.

  8. Stella Libongani, Oh Stella! You went to school and higher institutions for that matter but the political virus seems to have gnawed at your schooling enhanced brain that professionalism is no longer guiding you! @ Caleb spells it all and the way you are carrying on Stella, your retirement with a new party in government will be celebrated and taking off the coat you are now wearing will be very difficult even in your private life! Women are thought to be magnanimous and thorough when charged with responsibility but as for Madam Libongani, I tend to think otherwise, she is just a low esteem party cadre! My opinion.


  10. Very colonial laws. What POlice advice. People want to assemble freely and in a peaceful manner and some body is talking of POlice advice. We all know that they can never be genuine POlice advice to the opposition in Zambia as long as PF sadly remains in power

  11. UPND, why can you not just follow the LAW? Are you like Kambwili and Chama, were you cannot understand simple logic?

    Viva President Nawakwi.

  12. Comment:
    This IG police is PF. She is not here for service. Consider yourself fired next year. You are saving your job at the expense of this poor baby who has since died because you commanded the PF police to attack citizens who assembled freely. Her blood is on your head.

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