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Probe of Lungu’s leaked speech extends to State House staff

General News Probe of Lungu’s leaked speech extends to State House staff

State House permanent Secretary Emmanuel Chilubanama during the Swearing-in-Ceremony at State House on January 26,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
State House permanent Secretary Emmanuel Chilubanama during the Swearing-in-Ceremony at State House on January 26,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

THE probe into the leakage of President Lungu’s maiden speech to the ceremonial opening of the fifth session of the 11th National Assembly to The Post newspaper has been cast wide extending to State House staff and other Government employees.

State House permanent secretary Emmanuel Chilubanama said Government through its investigative wings has made headways in the investigations.

Mr Chilubanama said in an interview from Solwezi yesterday that the vigorous investigation is also a measure to curb similar incidents in future.

He said it is criminal for classified information to be found in possession of unauthorised hands and that the perpetrators will be dealt with severely in accordance with the law.

Mr Chilubanama noted that the leaking of secret documents has not been rampant in President Lungu’s administration and that State House will continue to endeavour and ensure it is not perpetrated.

He said the investigations will be conducted expeditiously before getting to the bottom of the matter as the stages through which the speech underwent are known.

“Let me take this opportunity to warn State House staff and Government workers in general against leaking secret documents because if they are found wanting, they will be dealt with severely within the ambits of the law.

“We know the stages it (speech) passed through and it is simple to get to the bottom of the matter and we have made headways after handing over the matter to the investigative wings,” Mr Chilubanama said
He said it is worrying that some sensitive Government plans and deliberations are sometimes leaked to the public before it is appropriate to publish them in public domain.

He said it is the responsibility of all Government workers to ensure that secret documents are safely kept within specified boundaries.

And Mr Chilubanama has dispelled rumours that President Lungu’s political adviser Kaizer Zulu has been suspended following reports in The Post newspaper that he fired shots from his pistol at Enock Kavindele Junior at Lusaka’s Chrismar Hotel.

On Tuesday, Inspector-General of police Stella Libongani said police have instituted investigations into the leakage of President Lungu’s speech to the ceremonial opening of the fifth session of the 11th National Assembly to The Post newspaper.

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  1. My money is on Mr. Zulu. That chap who was bumped off the plane to New York. I think he is the leaker. He did not appreciate much being told he can’t go to America.

    • Ba nyau . . . typical cow thinking. the leak happened earlier than the Kaizer incident. Fred still has moles in state house and in op but they will all be flushed out ..some are already gone and the few left are being smoked out!

    • That Chilubaluma is scared, the question was on notorious Kaiser. He is trying to cover his asss, why Libongani has to use all month to get information from permanent secretary?

    • hey ba Satas, don’t try to ruin my fun. I’m still in stitches over Mr. Zulu being told he cannot go to America. And the boy seemed visibly sulky. That was some funny shít. Wouldn’t you agree ba Satas?

  2. Does this need investing vigorous investigation. The people involved in preparing the speech for a President in any country should be known. In this case the police should know where to start from. Govt knows very well WHO the friends of the post from those working for Lungu are

    Whe you carry out investigations do you really have to make that public and thus warning the culprits. Ati news yaba

  3. What can I say when a leader is rejected all thoughts of things follow him. Loading shedding during national assembly speech by the president, loading shedding at Mwanawasa Stadium in Ndola, Jeers in Solwezi by citizens, leakage of speech to Nation Assembly. What does this all tell? rejcection instead of rejoicing. How can you be in power and you cannot enjoy your leadership.

  4. This was a speech given by the president, in parliament, to the whole nation. Why is it being regarded as a state secret again?

  5. @Splaka. It was a state secret before being read in parliament. Post should have waited to publish after the speech has been read. In any case leakage of state documents to the media without authority is a crime. The hate the Post has on the PF Govt will land them in problem. This is not a Political issue but security of our beloved nation. You talk of press freedom but this can not be tolerated even in developed countries where they have invested more on nation security.

  6. I put my last ngwee that state house was bugged during ba Guy’s transition. The whole house is a threat to state security. Comb the whole spider hole.

  7. Just change the protocol for documents to and fro the President. The way government has been transmitting data from office to office is extremely outdated. anyone can tap tap; in seconds, pictures taken and send on whatsApp. Am sure its asking for too much to encrypt data?

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