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Electricity: Challenges caused by Load shedding

Videos and Audios Electricity: Challenges caused by Load shedding


  1. Laughable that ZESCO says its now upgrading all substations but where has all that money from foreign and domestic electricity clients been going to over the years? when is someone going to tell the truth to the stakeholders the people….its equally laughable that the Lazy Lungu stated in National Assembly that he feels these entrepreneurs pain when he himself has never run a business successfully….he is in NY discussing pointless issues.

  2. …from Henry Kapata’s body language…one can easily tell that he doesn’t even believe in what he is talking about…..
    …Management just instruct him..’you go to the press and say bla bla..Zambians are so naïve…anything will calm them down..’
    …in Lebanon just the accumulation of rubbish in the streets triggered an uprising/protest….look at Brazil…maybe that’s the language politicians understand better….but then whats the point protesting for zero results…..

  3. Renewable energy sources is a dream stemming from Al Gores allegations that human actvities are the ones causing global warming. So cleaner sources of energy are required. All i ask is, show me a country that highly industrialised using solar and wind energy. We already have a clean source of energy and that is hydro. instead of wasting time building solar power plants, divert that money into hydro, geothermal, coal power plants. mukanjeba. Any system which operates at less than 50% efficiency is not viable in any form whatsoever. Abasungu balichenjela, they develop their industries using coal, nuclear etc nomba lilya bafikapo they stop the poor countries saying they should develop using clean solar or wind energy. this cave man is a beast, he will never stop killing us, our dreams, hopes…

  4. Focusing on some of the SOLUTIONS to some of the highlighted problems in the video clip. Firstly, no one solution solves all immediate problems.
    1.) Marcy Phiri – Restaurant Manager –
    Looking at her menu and energy needs, from my experience the immediate solution is:-
    a.) A ‘PARABOLIC SOLAR COOKER’. They come in different diameter sizes. As a business go for a bigger one i.e. 1.5 meters in diameter. Caution, it collects more than 1,300 Watts, reaches temperature over 400 degrees Celsius! on a sunny day. ( I carried mine to Zambia in kit form as hand luggage on a plane 15 years ago without problem – Very easy to assemble too). It cut our electricity bills so much e.g. cooking the much loved chilemba (beans). Use a pot with a black non-shiny exterior. Remember your basic…

    • Cont’d . … basic physics?. Parabolic Solar Cookers are more renown in sunny Countries with poor wood / charcoal availability. The internet is awash with info.
      b.) Solar Geysers:- For Free hot water! Close to 45% of energy in a home / restaurant is in heating water. These are also becoming common even here in UK due to global warming. (E.g. this last August 2015 was the hottest ever recorded on Earth). They work on the simple principle of convection. Again remember basic physicis? We made/modified some using locally available copper tubes. I am aware that some clever guys, like those who make ‘amashomeka’ at some market places have made inroads in this area already.
      2.) Kasumbi Welding Centre,
      – Ark Welding – Not many immediate solutions other than to invest in a Portable…

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