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PF is making inroads in the strongholds previously held by the opposition-President Lungu

Headlines PF is making inroads in the strongholds previously held by the opposition-President...

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu is welcomed by provincial medical officer Dr Simulyanama Choonga (r ) during the commissioning of Luwama district hospital in Kalumbila district in North- Western province on Sunday. Picture by BETRAM KAOMA /ZANIS
PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has said that the Patriotic Front (PF) is making inroads in the strongholds previously held by the opposition.

Mr Lungu, however, said the results of the Solwezi West and Lubanseshi by-elections were a sign of the growing democracy in Zambia.

Mr Lungu told journalists at New York Palace Hotel yesterday that the PF was not a loser but a winner in the recent two by-elections because it scooped the Lubanseshi seat which was previously held by an independent candidate.

President Lungu said that assertions by opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema of closing up the gap was not correct because the PF got more votes in Solwezi West compared to the past.

“We won. Solwezi West was not our seat. Lubanseshi was not our seat but we won it. So what growth is he talking about unless he doesn’t know arithmetic,” Mr Lungu said.

The President said the PF had made strong and evident inroads in areas held by the opposition, saying in places like Western Province, PF had no seat but it now has some.

Mr Lungu further said the PF’s winning of local government seats in areas such as Mwinilunga, Sichili and Solwezi was a sign that the ruling party was gaining mileage in opposition strongholds.

“We are not the losers but winners,” Mr Lungu said before leaving the hotel to attend the General Assembly session where Pope Francis, who is also in attendance for the first time, addressed the more than 154 heads of State and Government.

Mr Lungu, however, hoped that the experiences that the party had gone through would be treasured for the future so that the democratic process was approached with more commitment to peace.

The Head of State said that there was no need to make violence become part of the country’s democracy.

Meanwhile, President Lungu will highlight to the General Assembly global problems such as climate change and issues affecting women.

Mr Lungu, who has been requested by the United Nations General Assembly to present some of the issues he raised in his speech when he opened Parliament last Friday, said the majority of mankind seemed to lag behind on how women could be treated as equal partners in developing the economy and well-being of people.

“So there are issues as I said which are global and Zambia is also affected. We will interact here and see how we can sort them out,” Mr Lungu said.

Mr Lungu said that Zambia would use the General Assembly to learn from the best practices of the region and global countries on how some of the issues affecting the country could be sorted out.

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  1. I agree with President Lungu, the PF is making inloads in losing the 2016 presidential elections. If the whole party with government machinary at their desposal can just manage 4000=48%, what more in the general elections when there will be no chance of bribing voters by giving them K100 each and giving them packed lunch?
    Pf is really exiting the rulling classic within a short period of time.

    • Why not? Have you become God now to determine who becomes president? That was what was said about Sata. Chiluba and Kaunda once said “Sata is not presidential material” But what happened. Hate will never do you anything

  2. So this lazy BUM Edgar is in NY and talking about by-elections…it seems there are no important international issues he simply brain can discuss like transfer pricing, capital flight…you are happy to blame external factors affecting the economy why not discuss with stakeholders there?

    Its seems the silly politicians are all making in-roads in their opponents strong holds but also losing in their own..very laughable indeed.

  3. Good analysis, Mr president.

    But what can one expect from HH who uses Brian Hapuunda as special assistant on intelligence!
    Our inroads are being paved and some of them are being re-surfaced with tarmac.
    HH’s inroads are full of pot holes.
    As for Kabimba and Mmembe’s Rainbow, they must be reminded that God’s design for a Rainbow required rain. They should simply wait for the onset of rain.

    • Our friends in West and East Africa are talking about constructing business cities, overhead train, bullet trains, upgrading to 4G platforms, Superfast internet to all their rural areas AND us all we have been talking about since that 1991 MMD campaign advert is construction of bituminous roads not spaghetti junctions to relief traffic BUT simple roads AND rural electrification…over 20 years of the selfsame issue.
      DO NOT see anything wrong with this picture…let it sink in your brain then respond if at all your feel for your country and not your party!!

  4. Mwenda Njangula!!! Keep it mr president. I will only praise you when Zambia;s grading goes up, loadshedding stops and my salary increases

  5. I don’t think so Mr President. You only had two parliamentary elections to focus on and you were walloped in one and the gap between your winner candidate and the next wasn’t so impressive. This with the investment that you put in as a party in government. >>>>>>>Fast forward 2016. Every MP for him/herself. 150 constituencies to cover. Parliament dissolved. No logistical privileges for Ministers and their deputies. Are you sure the story will be the same?

  6. “.. Lungu will highlight to the General Assembly global problems such as climate change and issues affecting women.”

    So this bum Edgar has gone all they way to NY to highlight issues he barely understands what his govt done to address issues of climate change AND simply appointing a women in high positions who can not even do they job is not addressing issues…you are happy to send Bo Inonge to these workshops of the above named topics why did you not send her to NY since she is more versed in the topics and save the little dollars we have instead of wasting it on your entourage.

    • Who are those Tongas in Cabinet? Are you talking about Siamunene and Shamenda, who else? Is two ‘all Tongas’? You are incredibly ignorant.

  7. Thax mr president for yo observation,but 2016 shall be tough for u, work hard especially that current economic hardships are blamed on global,meaning u’ve run short of immediate and mid term strategic plans to address the current economic problems, as to HH and upnd leadership plz u shud strategise how to hack all forms of elections malpractices frm pf,focus on putting up an effective PVT system,proper monotors /party agents who will monitor the way results will be transmitted frm constituency centres to mulungushi totalling centre, and concentrate on the following provinces as you campaign, central p,lskp,eastern p, northern p and copperbelt p,as for nwp,wp,sp these are yo stronghold,but muchinga and luapula are still voting on tribal,am one of those to be involved in elctions…

  8. They ahould hear you talk about tackling corruption, allowing freedom of expression and assembly, transparency and accountability in your economic management and tidbits of your new vision. Climate change is a crowd pleaser and Double Jay is right… Had you let your Veep step up it would have looked good. During networking expect to be asked a lot how Guy Scott is. He made good friends who noted your dismissive run for Prez. Good luck buddy. Don’t hold out the begging bowl coz they already know you have sticky fingered friends…

  9. UPND had Zero in previous elections in lubansenshi. What is lungu talking about? PF were busy giving K100s and ferrying the voters to polling stations. Ministers were seen roaming around! That wont happen during general elections. Let him keep on competing with God because he is the only one who will know the winners of 2016 general elections.

  10. PF is headed for a clear victory in 2016 ! If UPND won the lubanseshi seat,they were going to make alot of noise in the social media.

  11. Was this speech written before the elections, only to be edited before publishing after voting?? From the from the PF camp to help on this??

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