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Police Search Kaizer Zulu’s house, search yields positive results

Headlines Police Search Kaizer Zulu's house, search yields positive results

Kaizer Zulu being led into a holding cell
Kaizer Zulu being led into a holding cell

LUSAKA Province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga has said the search at the home of President Edgar Lungu’s Special Assistant for Political Affairs Kaizer Zulu on Friday has yielded positive results.

Ms Katanga clarified in an interview with the Sunday Times yesterday that the search at Mr Zulu’s residence was purely incidental to the case the Lusaka Division Police were handling concerning the shooting incident at Chrismar Hotel.

“Our office conducted a search in relation to the case that he (Mr Zulu) is facing against the Firearms Act as well as the Penal Code, threatening violence. So since it’s to do with firearms we needed to look at other issues related to the case.

“I can say the search yielded positive results. As I have said, in the course of investigations there are some things which police may be looking for incidental to the case, so what we were looking for yielded positive results,” she said.

Ms Katanga could, however, not divulge more details regarding the findings after the search, saying other things found could not be material to the case.

Police on Friday arrested and detained Mr Zulu at Woodlands Police Station for allegedly threatening violence against former vice-president Enoch Kavindele’s son, Enoch Jr, and firing gunshots in the air at Lusaka’s Chrismar Hotel in the early hours of September 19 after a difference.

And President Edgar Lungu has been commended for ensuring that his Political Aide Kaizer Zulu answers to the Police for his conduct in an incident where he fired two gunshots after being involved in an argument with former Vice President Enoch Kavindele’s sons Enock Junior and Kaunda at Chrismar Hotel last Saturday.

The Zambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali says President Lungu has done the right thing by allowing the Police to pursue Mr Zulu’s matter.

Mr Tayali says his organization hopes that Police will come up with a full report over the said incident.

He has told Qfm News by telephone that this will help the President to make the right decision with respect to Mr. Zulu’s fate.

Police yesterday arrested Mr Zulu and charged him with threatening violence.

He is expected to appear in Court soon.

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  1. Did they find more guns, speeches, and cash from Chinese firms and others seeking meetings with Edgar?
    Kaizer just spill the beans, tell who supply weapons to the PF officials.

    • @Cat Power, hmmmmmn why should I sleep at 1am on a weekend, when I even have a woman in my bed? Shili Shi muchita panono ine…., just a break and back to my

    • @ Abena Nostra, Don’t worry will certainly laugh it off. Uyu Kapoli Takayali achinkalifya sana, Not you Brother. Nomba ifwe kuno down under, flag ilelanga Canada. It doesn’t matter ichukulu tule nwa with plenty of work not forgetting sending money home every week. As for amaka mukwete, Ine nakalya, Nintampa ukunaka kukati. Lolest

    • Why is Chilufya Tayali commending Edgar?The President has sworn to protect all citizens and the constitution. He, against advise appointed Kaiser and others of questionable character such as Davies Chama and Mumbi Phiri. We have heard revelations by Hapunda and it is time the President cleaned up his house.

  2. As Kaizer is used to insulting, These Zambia Police are S.TUPID human beings from their boss to last cadet including this warthog Chilufya tayali as they don’t have to even publisize that they had to be allowed to investigate this thug Kaizer. Do they have to be allowed? Do they understand the implications of saying the president has to allow them? What a bunch of nonsense. He might as well wait and plead for pardon as it will come since they have just confirmed Lungu is a controlling factor to rule and law. So upsetting. Might as well free the B.astard kaiza

    • @Catpower, you are really a proper mechanic, you look for cause of problems. Edgar is the controller of rule of law. Edgar might even fire Katanga for arresting Kaizer when he is away. Don’t be upset my friend, just laugh it off. That criminal will be pardoned immediately Edgar disembark from the expensive chartered plane from New York.

    • @Cat Power, Im disappointed with your choice of words… S.TUPID! Its like a pastor of all people saying ………… Ich—o!

  3. positive results, i hope this is not another ploy to keep us distracted just arrest that nincompoop and thro w away the keys. shooting each other over women is a disgrace!!!! early hours at a hotel, what could it be apart from women?

  4. Ba Muzo, Yes a Woman was involved, but KZ has been a loose Canon for sometime. Great he is now feeling the heat. These are Chaps who cant respect anyone because of being near the Boss.

  5. Just a lesson to trigger happy politicians, this includes Chama and Hapunda and many more cadres who have done that during bye elections. You may think you are protected but when yopu become big headed even the people who are protecting you tend to wash there hands. Everything illegal has its own day.

  6. Tayali what are you talking about? Is it the President’s “decision” what the law does or to “allow” police to arrest this call boy? Ala…

  7. You the opposition chaps in Zambia are fake.The Head of state has not interfered with the the police who are doing their work professionally but u still want to yap yap.Lets give credit where is due.

  8. At the end of the day when you add up these police man hours, paperwork, legal costs etc…comes to nothing when you have utterly lazy bum in State House who misuses his powers by pardoning anybody who sings his tune.

  9. Bakapokola bamutuma Zambia! Utulo nipamushi. What is there to hide here? It’s not like you are investigating a hiding fugitive who would take advantage of the information to outwit his chasing pack. The inspector wants to sound important and serious and she is failing miserably

  10. Bakapokola bamu Zambia! Utulo nipamushi. What is there to hide here? It’s not like you are investigating a hiding fugitive who would take advantage of the information to outwit his chasing pack. The commissioner wants to sound important and serious and she is failing miserably

  11. Wathog Tayali Chilufyanya says his kantemba organisation hopes police will make a proper report. So, kapoli uyu receives police reports for his organisation. What about results of numerous Commission Of Enquiries (COE) set up by Bashikulu ba yashi?. Zambia Police have never made any investigative reports on many national issues. They are incompitent, vindictive and unprofessional. They wait for orders and dont know their own responsibilities. Kaizer Zulu had to be arrested because president Lungu said so. What of criminals not known to Lungu? What shameful policing is this?. Wait for 2016 for professional policing in Zambia.

  12. I love this foto Classic. He didn’t want to be photographed but there it was. Game over for this pompous freak. Others should watch out. Lungu knows that his popularity is dwindling and he will now try to please the people by firing the ones who have contributed to this fall.

  13. Why does that man look so giddy about going to jail? It’s as if they assured him they were only walking him into a jail cell for the cameras and they will let him out through a back door soon after ka.

  14. Comment:the. Thot of these chaps moving with armed guns and shooting off at any provocation makes me resolve to arm myself, ready for a shoot out. We shall soon know the fastest gun in zambia.

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