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Government will soon re-invest in Mulungushi Textiles-Miles Sampa

Economy Government will soon re-invest in Mulungushi Textiles-Miles Sampa

Deputy Minister of Commerce and Trade Miles Sampa finally unveils the new Zambia Bureau of Standards logo just after cutting the ribbon
Deputy Minister of Commerce and Trade Miles Sampa finally unveils the new Zambia Bureau of Standards logo just after cutting the ribbon

Commerce, Trade and Industry Deputy Minister, Miles Sampa says government will soon re-invest in Mulungushi Textiles to revive its operations.Mr. Sampa says the move is aimed at growing the textile industry.

He says Zambia has the potential to grow the textile industry because it has the best cotton in Africa.

Mr. Sampa was speaking in Parliament in response to Mpongwe Member of Parliament, Gabriel Namulambe during the questions for oral and answer session.

He says only two textile factories are currently operating in Zambia namely Sakiza and Kariba textiles.

He also says government will soon produce a list of goods and services that will be banned for import.

And in his follow-up response, Mr. Namulambe encouraged government to establish more textile factories in the country.

Mr. Namulambe said a robust textile industry in Zambia will help increase exports which will in turn stabilize the Kwacha.

Meanwhile Mbala Member of Parliament, Mwalimu Simfukwe says the ban on importation of some goods that can be produced in Zambia will be good for the country’s economy.

Mr. Simfukwe says the ban on importation of some goods is a global practice to protect local industries.


  1. Implement not theories.We are now tired of stories.Generation is changing and u’ll be beaten one day coz of lies.Kwacha can’t depreciate like this if we had seriours pipo in place to control the echange rate.

    We need industries not bu trader in this country.We demand govt to stabilize the kwacha now otherwise Zambia is going down with U PF.We can’t now buy food coz everything is invoiced in dolla.Why are pipo still quoting in dollas if u’re a seriours govt?

    • Lungu was at the ceremony to handover Mulungushi textile to investors from Tanzania. How will government re-invest in Mulungushi textile? Thats the problem with lies…. the come back

  2. What a disjointed government! How will government invest in industry when it can’t pay its bills?

    Also, how will government ban some imports while being committed to free trade under SADC and COMESA?

    When we talk about policy inconsistency, this is what we refer too. September 2016 is not coming fast enough.

    • One Zed, is this dull Sampa the same one that thought he was Presidential material?

      And he does not even know about these legally binding agreements on SADC and COMESA?

      Now he wants to re-invent the wheel?

      It did not work before, can this dunderhead tell us why he thinks it will work now?

  3. Blah blah blah, that is all we hear about the Mulungushi Textiles PF gave to a foreigner as a warehouse for cooking oils and soaps. after all the Zambian government is a minority share holder in it. The majority shares are for China. PF is not popular in kabwe and you think you will strengthen it that way?

  4. The only thing these empty tins know is banning and directives no smart policies…do they really know how cheap Chinese high quality textile is produced from sophisticated machinery with cheap labour?

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