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Tayali’s Zambian Voice publishes their findings on Chartered Plane to New York

Headlines Tayali's Zambian Voice publishes their findings on Chartered Plane to New York

CHILUFYA TAYALI Executive Director The Zambian Voice
CHILUFYA TAYALI xecutive Director
The Zambian Voice

Zambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali has said that his organisation has done some investigation following petition to his organisation by some citizens on the use of a Chartered Private Jet to New York by President Edgar Lungu.

In a statement released to the media today, Mr Tayali advised the advise citizens especially civil society organisations to investigate issues before they rush to issued issue statements

Below is the full statement.

Some citizens petitioned us to confirm the speculations over a chartered plane, by govt, to New York at USD$ 300, 000 while so many Zambians are suffering.

We have done our investigations and following is our findings:

1. Yes the President went to NY by chartered plane and the decision was made by Cabinet for security reasons. Traveling to NY around the time, the President would have had to change planes and make stop-overs at various airports.

We could not however, confirm the cost of hiring the plane as it is being discussed depending on the services that will be rendered but the cost is expected to be much lower than the USD$300, 000 being discussed.

2. The President did not travel with the Musicians neither were they paid for by Govt.

3. Musicians and other Zambians that traveled for a USA-Zambians meet the President event traveled by SAA on tickets bought by PF-USA group.

4. The musicians are actually back in the Country and we managed to speak to some of them.

Basically we are verified that Govt did not pay for the musicians neither was it in the personal interest of the President to charter a plane.

We therefore, advise other citizens especially civil society organisations to investigate issues before they issue statements which at the end of the day would just dent the nation by negative publicity.

It is also important for Govt officials to be sober in the manner they respond to queries. Citizens have a right to question on any issues they are not clear on because that is what good governance entails.


Executive Director

The Zambian Voice


    • Isn’t this Tayali the lastest a..ss Licker in town.Whatever he says carries no credibility.Why not wait for Cabinet Office to announce to the public

    • So a man went out of his way to investigate queries raised by we the people and you morons still insult him. I am beginning to doubt the reasoning of a lot of Zambians. This is a good start.

    • What people are concerned about is the cost. Is there prudence in the decision? Tayali’s investigation was a futile exercise. Sat and Mwanawasa used commercial aircraft. Journey to USA by Emirates has one stopover in Dubai and SA has one stopover in Joburg..these are very safe airports…now what multiple stops is Tayali talking about? It is Edgar’s vision to charter aircraft while the economy is in trouble back home.

    • Add what PF paid Tayani to publish this childish statement to Lungu travel costs. That trip will cost even more than the chartered plane. This is the publicity money E.Mwamba is missing.

    • Only one explanation, Jameson is a danger to himself & the country. He would be so drunk on a commercial flight & be a greater embarrassment to the country. The only alternative was not to allow him to travel.

    • I think tayali is a paid troll. If lungu does not have aplane he can also go with Mugabe since we giving maize to zim so it would be ok to travel together

  1. If Zambia had 11.9million citizens of Tayali’s calibre/patriotism/honesty/bootlickery/Govt handout seeker/cadre, Zambia would be prosperous. My foot!!!!

  2. Are you supposed to answer on behalf of government? I don’t understand your role as Zambian Voice? These days you seem to be continuously defending the government. Perhaps, it would help if we understood what your role was in the country. why would you even petitioned to find out the truth? Do you have access to government documents, personnel, etc?

    • That aircraft looks like a long range private Jet, it can make a round trip on a full tank of aviation fuel. Comment not before you research. I am upset at the president for not controlling his minions Kambwili and Dora the explorer, but I shall wait for all evidence before I insult.

      Viva President Nawakwi.

    • @ Nzelu,

      It looks like G-650er which has multiple tanks and with crew of 4, plus 4 passengers has estimate range of +/- 7,500 nm @ 488 k/h.
      As to the cost, remember that is calculate on HOURLY base. Therefore $ 300,000 seems rather conservative. Including pre-positioning, LUN – NYC – LUN, navigational costs, ATC fees, parking fees, ++++
      more likely $ 500,000 than 300,000

  3. What kind of security concerns iwe kambwanga? Sata used to jump from one plane to the other. Lungu is not working to deserve such luxury after all. We cannot guarantee security to a drunk like Lungu. Lungu is useless.

    • @Drums of War- you forgot to add ”…. used to jump from one plane to the other…. with ama tebela! Why cant ELO wear a catheter on a long flight?


  4. Tayali all former Zambian President’s used connection flights what security are you talking about do you know the expense of that plane parked waiting for them there? Where have you ever travelled to yourself to know this you are a one man NGO who is just a pest getting money from PF who wrote that statement for you.

  5. This guy is useless. There is nothing tangible in his report. Look at how he dodges the issue of costs. People are more interest in how much it costs. Why are you in a hurry to report before even the cost is known which is what people are more interested in? What is your interest bwana.

    By the way what has happened to the war you waged against Lupiya Banda? Have you been oiled now by his friend EL and have decided to remain silent.
    You made a lot of noise about Lupiya being corrupt and that you would prove that if he sued you. Sudenly you have changed and the other day you were rating political parties and your report favoured ifipuba finobe that they are headed for victory?

    • I don’t even know why LT even wasted their space copying this from his FB page…this Tayali reminds me of that Father Bwalya he started out like this!!

  6. Is this man now a government spokesperson. The main issue is the 300,000 dollars, the thing about musicians etc is a side show. And no where in his statement has he dealt with the 300,000 conclusively so why issue the statement in the first place. This is what they call hogwash. Please stop quoting this man. on second thought continue he is quiet entertaining. I wish we had a circus, some of these characters would provide excellent value for money.

  7. Just another PF Vuvuzela. Honestly I don’t know or understand the essence of this so called “Zambian Voice”. Because all I hear is its noise, making running high-pitched commentaries on all issues and names: on Luonde, Dora, RB, Frank Bwalya, on PF, on HH, on UPND, on the Kwacha, on Loadshedding, on presidential speech, on chartered plane, on other civil society groups, etc. This Tayali makes noise on all issues: political, moral, economical, social, personalities. What is the identity, mandate and relevance of this so called Zambian voice?

    • This boy Tayali is always too over-zealously to post half cooked, ill researched investigations as evident with the Margaret Mwanakatwe loan from CEEC, Ministry of Agricultural Fertilizer scandal, recently analysis of the Presidential Speech in National Assembly and the arrest of Kazier Zulu.

  8. When you think of it, it’s not an easy task to accomplish the feat of congregating so many idióts in the same damn governemnt.

  9. Tayali, keep quiet, right now we Zambians are annoyed with the PF government. What is the president and his wife still doing in New York? the kwacha is getting lower and he is auctioning his hat etc to raise funds for himself. bootlicker;

    • Auctioning a hat he bought from Mukambo or salaula when he was still in Chawama. I hope he took it for dry cleaning or else it might smell kacasu.

    • Muzo, you are very wrong on this one.

      People ARE dying, some from drinking contaminated water because LWS is failing, some in hospitals because of ZESCO, and some because of simple malnutrition and starvation because public money has been STOLEN!

      I am witness to some of this with my own eyes.

  10. I have a datsun 120 Y that I hire out, before anyone gets it, I definitely have to know how much I will be paid. Now I am just imagining a JET.

  11. Truly laughable…this here is what you call very lazy investigative journalism conducted from a bar counter with a mobile phone, not even worthy to be called investigative…not even wasting space. He can not even state where the President boarded this chartered plane if its London, Dubai or Nairobi from there one can assess available itineraries in relation to the security reasons highlighted by Cabinet. For the costs all one needs to do simply get the tail number and contact the charter company.
    This Tayali now sounds like an apologist for Lungu.

  12. He has joined Bena Bwali, mwendoshi mwe! How do you look at yourself in the mirror!?! And they truly believe that their theaving wrongs’ slates will be wiped clean come October 18!

  13. Tayali ulicikopo, do u think that u can continue to manipulate pipo jst bcause u re given kata muulomo?Ala uleisebanya fye weka cha
    melion fulumbaiwee. Ala nisebana wikute.

  14. Mr. Tayali,
    It looks like your “inquiry” did not make any meaningful “discovery”. How come? was it exercise of “discovery” guided by the need not to “discover” or simply one jackass covering-up for another jackass?
    You see, in order to ascertain actual cost of the “charter”, firstly you NEED to know model of the aircraft to get hourly rate, then size (wing span x external length) to calculate parking charges, hourly fuel consumption for engines and on-board PSU, then pre-positioning and returning to base cost, navigational and landing ATC costs, catering and cleaning, crew accommodation costs whilst on charter………….
    And you did all that in less than 8 hours? Are you magician or voice of deception?
    Be serious Mr. Tayali, you DO NOT have clue what you are talking…

  15. aaka nkiinga Tayali nkafubafuba! che! katwe kubija. Now I fully understand why Zambia will never develop. People like Tayali are the reason why the majority of Zambians are living in abject poverty. He simply has no morals!!!

  16. Much as there has been an uproar on the speculative amount used to charter a plane to New York by ECL , the question I would like to ask is can anyone tell me the world over a country where there was an economical down turn and the President used a train to cut costs?

    ECL has allowed the Police to investigate his political adviser and I haven’t heard the so called patriotic Zambians commend him at what he did.

    Yes the economy is in very bad shape but who can change the economy of any country in less than a year? I would like to tell someone that God -Jehovah has a say who rules in this country. You can have your own favorite but God’s choice always prevails whether you like it or not.

    • Very sad.Ati ECL has allowed his special advisor to be investigated?What a moron!He is not supposed to be involved in the first place.And you want us to praise him from desisting from abuse of his powers.Ati who can change the economy of a country in less than a year?ECL was part of Sata,s government and the principle of collective responsibility makes him part of the mess.I can assure you if you were to inquire further you would discover that the ***** calling himselfLapkenifamily is a gra duate from Unza or CBU, not even Copperstone University.

  17. @ lapkenifamily

    You are right, it took PF 4 years and two Presidents, not just to change economy, but to DESTROY economy and put future generations in to bondage.

  18. At least he made an effort to visit cabinet office to find out. Others just sit on their a$$es yapping yapping based on kachepa only

  19. Cry a beloved Country – Zambia is finished being one time the haven of peace in Africa. KK planted industries around Zambia which were later auctioned by MMD and there is nothing to talk about today. He built Schools, Colleges, UNZA and Hospitals. PF Government is here to spend it all and enjoy. Edgar is the first President who has hired a Plane to USA, not even Sata ever did this. Now Kaponya a fully paid PF cadre he has done research in his bedroom to talk about something he cant even understand and analyse properly. Iwe Kaponya go to hell with Edgar, we are not children to be cheated.

  20. Can Tayali name the citizens that approached his organisation asking him to do the investigations? It’s become very clear of late, since his rape case acquittal the Tayali is a PF vuvuzela and no normal Zambian would hire him.

  21. Why does Tayali think, like many others on government handouts, that what shit comes out of their gobs will be taken as biblical truth. I mean c’mon you guys, why do you lose so much respect of yourselves that you want to defend the government? What machinery is NOT at their disposal for them to defend themselves, why use *****s, who mostly **** up anyway, to do the defending for government? Time for the likes of Tayali to take a hard look in the mirror. We are no longer unread or uneducated, get a life.

  22. Tayali is attempting to put out the smoke before the fire breaks out. He is, however, too late because the embers below the smoke are red hot!!!

  23. Comment: what is this ***** playing sometimes I wonder? Have you now become a pf carder? Just enjoy the money you are being paid for ranting. You are enjoying but most zambians are suffering

  24. Where is the plane itself so that we see it? ALSO What about the Presidential Challenger? Why didn’t ECL use it? Was it lack of fuel or may be it is also down…or probably it has been sold?

  25. All comments coming from Under 5 sponsored f00ls are stup1dy indeed! Does it mean that up to now you haven’t realized that the President of Zambia is Edgar Chagwa Lungu and that we are voting for him again in 2016? Your pompies in the name of Haikavotela Heka (HH) balimukana abantu including those are being born today.
    HH mafi yeka yeka, its a waste of energy and time to even think about this kachema……..

  26. If UP and Down formed govt,are they telling us that they will be using ox carts to go to London and save money ? Stop the nonsense of criticizing anyhow.

  27. Chilufya, you never cease to amaze me with your absurdity… Just a couple of months ago when you got acquitted of rape, you swore vengeance to your “enemies” (or is it frienemies now) and vowed to take on all corrupt officials in President Edgar Lungu’s administration including former President Rupiah Banda. Chilufya in your interview with journalists right after your acquittal you said… “I have had serious disappoint especially with the state, each time I raised issues instead of them answering to my issues, they were dwelling on this case.” you further went on to say… “I’m very very disappointed especially with the people at State House like Amos Chanda, instead of answering to the issues I was raising, they went on rampaging,ranting over a case which was subjudice. I think…

  28. it seems Tayali has more followers in the UpDn. The UpDn followers hang on every article written by Tayali. If he says any thing in favor of HH, UpDn followers will say ” hear hear Tayali is so wise. The moment he says any thing against HH then the insults begin flowing.

  29. first all tayali is already a pf chap so his findings and conclusions are obvious.
    there is nothing political for citizens to question usage of public funds at all. whats wrong with changing planes when travelling commercial. tayalis investigation is incomplete what would have been the cost of travelling commercial apart from the issue of changing planes. once that is known then you compare and contrast. cabinet decisions are not immune to questioning.

  30. The muscians where not paid by PF USA. They were paid by someone else.. it was the government but a private entity; BUT NOT PF USA.

  31. Typical UPND cadres, they will not listen to anything but what they want to hear. Taba pusana naba Past News, in Mmembe’s vocabulary all are guilty as long as he says so. Vipuba nchomene vonse ivi.

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