Competition Commission investigating Dagonte and Zambezi Portland for price fixing

Dongote cement
Dongote cement

The Competition and Consumer Protection Executive Director Chilufya Sampa says the commission is investigating Dagonte Cement and Zambezi Portland for alleged price fixing.

The Minister says this is after Zambezi Portland allegedly approached Dangote asking the mode of pricing their cement.

Mr. Sampa also said the commission is also investigating Lafarge Cement and Zambia Sugar for over pricing.

He also said the commission raided four Bakeries on the Copperbelt for over pricing their bread and are being investigated.

Mr. Sampa was speaking in Siavonga after Commerce Deputy Minister Miles Sampa opened a media-training workshop on competition and consumer protection.

The deputy Minister said it is an acceptable that the country has continued to import chickens, eggs and vegetables which are readily available in Zambia.

Mr. Sampa said it will be illegal to import the banned goods and that anyone found doing so will be prosecuted.

And the Deputy Minister said his ministry has opened a clusters in Isoka which will produce cooking oil from Soya beans l and another in Petauke which will produce peanut butter.



  1. Mwashibukeni mukwai. But it is 12 O’clock you should have announced this at 08:00hrs sir. Anyway they say better late than never.


  2. South Africans used to love our chickens in KK days but now we consume their tasteless chickens full of hormones. Ban second hand cars which has proved to be deadly on our roads and encourage production of new cars on the local market. Our Chinese friends can help us in this venture



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