It is sad to see that Police were seemingly taking sides in football like what happened on Sunday at Nchanga Stadium in Chingola.

Referee Derrick Kafuli of Luanshya was accosted by Nchanga Rangers fans at Nchanga Stadium after the match against visiting Zesco United for allegedly poor officiating in a game the the hosts lost 2-1.

Kafuli and his assistants received only one Police escort from the pitch back to the dressing room as fans slipped through to the secure dressing room area to waylay the match officials.

All this happened with just one Police man armed with a baton to escort the match officials and the lone security detail was overwhelmed when fans kicked and slapped Kafuli at the door of the dressing room.

One cannot claim that their was no security at the stadium at all.

Police officers were in attendance pitch side and as many as five were seen relaxing and watching from the car park in front of the parking slot once reserved for the late Willie Phiri.

It is also sad to note some clubs, and not Nchanga in particular, cry about stadium security but when it suits them fail to ensure equity.

Lives matter more than the result of a game played for one hour thirty minutes by 22 grown men chasing a leather bag filled air.

In 2014 a match official was killed at a lower division match in Ghana because of lack of security.

It would have been a shame if Kafuli or any of his fellow match officials were mortally injured at a high profile match especially involving high profile teams like Zesco United and Nchanga who between them have a combined six league titles.

We thank God everyone escaped without any injury but the security detail assigned to every match has an obligation to ensure the safety of friend and foe alike.

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