MANDEVU Member of Parliament (MP) Jean Kapata
MANDEVU Member of Parliament (MP) Jean Kapata

MANDEVU Member of Parliament (MP) Jean Kapata has commissioned a K2 million water supply improvement project in Kabanana township that will benefit more than 1,000 households.

Speaking during the launch, Ms Kapata, who is Minister of Tourism and Art, said the launch reflects the fruits of effective water sector reforms and Government’s commitment to the provision of clean and reliable drinking water.

She said Government is working tirelessly to improve water infrastructure in various parts of Lusaka, such as the planned construction of a new treatment plant in Kafue at a cost of $US150.

“About 1.2 million people are expected to benefit from the Lusaka Water Supply, Sanitation and Drainage project (LWSSD) funded by the American government to improve water, sanitation and drainage works in Lusaka,” Ms Kapata said.

She expressed happiness that Kabanana was considered to benefit from the government water infrastructure programme, with the support of the Devolution Trust Fund (DTF).

Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company managing director, George Ndongwe, assured Kabanana residents that their years of inadequate water supply are coming to an end.

Mr Ndongwe said the company was on the ground to ensure that it brings to an end the many years that the people of Kabanana have lived with inadequate water supply.

“As a company, we are in a hurry to ensure that we reach all the targeted 22,000 residents within the shortest possible time,” he said.

Mr Ndongwe said the Kabanana water project will contribute towards general improvement of lifestyles through the provision of clean and sustainable water services.

He said LWSC is already servicing Kabanana but it is facing challenges in catering for Kabanana Site and Service due to inadequate financial resources.

Mr Ndongwe further said despite the challenges that LWSC is faced with, a lot of positive developments have taken place over the years with financial assistance from cooperating partners and Government.

And Devolution Trust Fund (DTF) manager, Sam Ng’onga said they attach great importance to uplifting people’s lives. Mr Ng’ona expressed hope that their support towards the Kabanana water project will alleviate water supply challenges in the community.

He also acknowledged the generous support of Government and DTF, thereby making financing of projects such as the Kabanana water supply improvement project possible.

“We therefore want to lobby for continued and increased allocations to the water and sanitation sector so that the vision 2030 is achieved,” he said.

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  1. Madam kapata, remember the bridge between n’gombe and Chudleigh which is in deplorable state. Advise ba luo to also put a tarmac on magoye road which connects to n’gombe aswel. It’s a ring road which can help decongest great East road. Help us my sister a group of voters pass in that road to go do their piece works and they lament daily. You are a hard worker


  2. These guys ought to be ashamed of themselves .Why Lusaka and not Shangombo were water can be easily sourced?


  3. This is good news to some of us who live in Kabanana. Hope the project will cover the whole Kabanana though, and not only Site and Service.



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