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Kambwili dismisses HH assassination claims

General News Kambwili dismisses HH assassination claims

Chishimba Kambwili
Chishimba Kambwili

Chief Government Spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili has dismissed assertion by United Party for National Development leader Hakainde Hichilema that President Edgar Lungu wants to assassinate him.

Mr. Kambwili who is also Information and Broadcasting Services Minister says Mr Hichilema is not a factor.

He says Mr. Hichilema is trying to use malicious means to seek sympathy from voters ahead of next year’s general election.
Mr. Kambwili states that President Lungu is not a heartless leader who would consider killing Hichilema.

He has since advised Mr. Hichilema to offer his leadership qualities instead of resorting to cheap propaganda.

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  1. Bonse Fuledi na Echi Echi tulinokuba assasineta pantu balemoneka kwati kuti bawina sapoti yabantu nekesit year

    • Speaking from experience….seeking sympathy. Rings a bell in my ears. Is that the game you played during the elections.
      The country is in a crisis and I would advise you save your energies to resolve the issues at hand instead of worrying about HH’s claims.
      If he is not a factor why bother to respond. Isn’t it because you feel he is a threat. In any case even if he was you don’t have to respond to every word he utters. Yaba how many times are we going to advise you?

    • When did HH say the PF are planning to assassinate him? Very interesting this denial by Kambwili. Is he pre-empting the information that he thought he had total control over but soon realised that, it could reach or has reached HH in a matter of minutes.

      If you try to kill HH, just know that, that will be a declaration of a civil war in Zambia as a means to cleanse Zambia of this dirty politics.

      Kambwili I am watching you from a distance mwaiche. Ukapompoloka mwaiche very soon nakashishi kakamonekela.

  2. Kambwili..You are still dreaming. On the ground people want HH.

    Your PF has failed lamentably.

    Ask yourself, why are other ministers zeee?

    Wait till parley dissolves, you will cry at the exodus of many MPs will flock to UPND.


  3. All I can say is be careful what you wish for. Why would it be necessary to imagine that with a long to-do list of resolving serious matters assassinating opposition leaders and news owners could be a priority? Or is it a 21st Century, Zambian political strategy? That would be cheap were it to be so.

  4. No such evil plans shall prevail on our president hh,we’re praying to our GOD to protect hh and entire upnd leadership and cadres,sympathisers, not this fake october 18 prayers, i for one will not be swelled by this directive,am watching whether our pastor who is pf symphasizer shall direct us to pray that shall mark my resignation frm his church , i dont want to behave like king Nebuchadnezzar’s command on babillonians

  5. This HH why raise false alarms? Is he the only politician in the country? Killing him on what grounds? HH just concentrate on campaigning for next yr.

  6. Munjeleleko ba Zambia Munjeleleko

    HH Knows he is headed for big big defeat next year,,,,,,

    2016 vote PF (Edgar)

    i thank you

  7. Kambwili, your dull comments are really not even worth reporting.

    Please stop wasting space on my screen, you really are not worth it!

  8. Kambwili is shameless unfortunately.
    His facial expressions seems painful every time he says something unreal and this puts him in a stressful condition fortunately and may have a repercurtion on his health for defending un practical theories!

  9. hh’s should be dismissed because if government does not respond to his claims people could think they are true. HH’s claims are not true period.

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