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Leave President Lungu out of the shooting incident at the Post newspaper-Chama

Headlines Leave President Lungu out of the shooting incident at the Post newspaper-Chama

President Edgar Lungu confers with Secretary General of Patriotic Front Davies Chama before he paid a courtesy to Chief Matebo of the Kaonde people from Solwezi West.
PATRIOTIC Front (PF) secretary-general Davies Chama says insinuations linking President Lungu to the alleged shooting incident at The Post newspaper on Wednesday are unfortunate and unacceptable.

Mr Chama said in an interview yesterday that making wild allegations that put the name of the President into disrepute will not be condoned.

“There is no need for anyone to associate the alleged shooting at the Post newspaper to President Lungu because what we should understand is that the Post Newspapers could have created a lot of enemies,” Mr Chama said.

He advised The Post newspapers management to allow the police to thoroughly investigate the alleged shooting so that the matter can be conclusively disposed of instead of dragging President Lungu’s name into it.

He said the alleged shooting incident attracts a lot of questions because of the manner that the witnesses have narrated it.

“I want to imagine that the one who did the shooting should have been in a helicopter or was flying above the newsroom of the Post newspaper,” Mr Chama said.

He said insinuations linking the President to the shooting will not solve the problems that the Post newspaper is facing because it is a fact that the media organisation could have created a lot of enemies in the course of its duties.

Mr Chama also wondered how someone could have managed to positon themselves and target the newspaper’s newsroom.

On Wednesday, the Post newspaper reported that a bullet had pierced through their newsroom causing panic among reporters who were present.


  1. Mr.Chama, when you shot at a citizen in Mulobezi, did police even attempt to question you? Did Police arrest Masumba when he was shooting in Kitwe? Have police arrested the that went and fired shots at Brian Hapunda’s house when he revealed corruption in PF? Do you think police are doing a good job with Kaizer’s shooting incident? Never in the history of this country have people shooting at citizens been so closely related to the presidency? Now , Mr Chama, tell us who shall we suspect when guns are fired at the Post? The PF and Commander-in-Chief of course !

    • Let us not not comment for the sake of making a comment………we all know that the govnt cannot undertake such a silly move by shooting through the roof ati they were targeting Mmembe….kikikiki. I think the OP are more sophisticated than that and if they wanted to take Mmembe out they wouldn’t have missed his heard and shot on the floor. This incident was just staged either by Mmembe himself or the opposition just to dent the presidents name…….the OP are highly trained and if Mmembe was there target,they wouldn’t have missed.

    • Am 100% sure that it an inside job were Fred Mmembe want to create an impression that the state is after him which is not true. The state can not sink so low. Let the post pay its obligations
      We know for sue that Fred Mmembe want to show the public that the head of state is after him meanwhile it is not true. He is deviating attention from the people because he knows what he has done. We need back our money from him why should he not pay tax. Mmembe want to serve his own interest and as a result he looking for sympathy. Viva honourable Changwa Lungu we are behind you and you are wining 2016 God is great.We are fed up of the orthodox method and skirmishes Fred Mmembe is involved in. Remember the Rental Saga for Kaseba Christine were he created an impression that the state has failed to…

    • @ Change, this PF goverment is so INCOMPETENT that incompetence has become their TRADEMARK!

      So for the OP to do something as incredibly stupid as this and mess it up completely is quite within the bounds of possibility!

      PF has failed in everything else, why could they not fail in such a simple task as shooting Fred Mmembe?

    • Yes leave Edgar out of it, it is Chama who has facts, he even know how gunmen position themselves. Arrest Chama.

  2. It is the first line of invetigation to call on the last known person who threatened to beat the person who has just been beaten. It could be a coincidence, but at this early stage everyone is a suspect including the persons who fired a gun at cadres in Mulobezi.

  3. You say,people should not insinuate, mean while you are imagining a helicopter was flying on top of the post, isn’t that an insinuation. If I was police, the first suspects would have been those with recent history of shooting.

  4. Chama Chama Chama, your boss threatened Mmembe so he is the first suspect. secondly, your police is always dragging its feet to bring PF cadres and officials to be questioned. the speed at which they move to arrest the opposition beats reason. PF can march without a permit the opposition, even when they notify are told not to go ahead at last minute. so the buck squarely stops at Nkhwazi (state house).

  5. Chama, which police are you talking about to investigate the incident, did they investigate your attempted murder in Mulobezi? Moreover the same president you are shielding has publicly threatened to murder M’membe. Why have you not commented on this, is it because you are both murderers on the loose?

  6. Please people ignore the Post Story, surely how can a normal person believe that concocted story. surely can a person jump on the roof of the post offices and fire bullets? the post offices are secured by an electric wire fence and it is also monitored by cameras, why did they not detect the intruder? Its just that the post wants to win sympathy for what it has done more so when we hear it will now cost K10. T.M. Chiba. Lusaka.

    • The Post offices are surrounded by blocks of Flats. Anybody can go to the rooftop of any of those tall flats and make a shot. So who is normal now?

    • Boko Haram has told us that he was in a helicopter when he fired the shot. He even acknowledges that the post has a lot of enemies.

  7. The shooting story at the Post Newspapers is clearly a make believe because:
    a) The fired bullet was still intack.We all know that
    once a gun is fired,the spent cartridge drops at
    the spot of firing.This was not the case.
    b) Despite the damage the nullet caused to the roof
    ceiling and the floor,the bullet nose remained un

    c) According to the Post Newspapers,the shooting
    occurred around 12.35 hrs which means there
    were a lot of people around so that the noise
    the gun made would have attracted people’s
    attention that would have resulted in gun man
    being caught.This never happened.
    The definite conclusion is that Fred Mmembe has a hand in it.


  8. I am 100% convinced this was stage managed by M’embe himself. zambia’s please dont be fooled. M’embe is doing everything possible to try and dent the presidents name. I will not be surprised if any of his employees is shot just to create an impression that it is the doing of the PF. Even a dull person can read between lines that this is a stage managed thing.


  10. Mmembe, these are just your last days in the Zambian scene. Do you honestly think if people wanted to eliminate you it can even take all this rubbish from you? We can only release imimbulu on you little man and game over.

    The truth is The Post Newspaper is under serious financial woos and no wonder Mmembe doesn’t know where to run to. Mmembe thought he was a clever man and untouchable, but he has met his match.
    The Post will now be selling at K10, oh my God why? To give a false impression that its because of the Kwacha, NO! The Post is just in serious financial problems and we only hope the Government papers should now become even more interesting to read and keep the prices low because if you adjust upwards, you will be justifying the theft crafted by Mmembe and his cartel.

  11. They missed all targets in the Centre For All Evil?? Dang!! They can’t have been trying verryy hard. But we all know His Excellency is a peaceful man seeking reconciliation with all of ‘wild opposition’ in Zambia’s political scene. HH does have a helicopter or two………? Maybe……hey I’m just saying…..!!!

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