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Government wants Private sector to help paying Expatriate Football Coach

Sports Government wants Private sector to help paying Expatriate Football Coach

Vincent Mwale Sports Minister at Nkana Golf Club
Vincent Mwale Sports Minister at Nkana Golf Club

Sports Minister Vincent Mwale says the private sector should help Government raise the 25 thousand United States dollars per month for paying an expatriate national football team coach.

Mwale says the treasury does not have the money to pay a foreign coach, adding that if financial help will not come forward from the private sector then FAZ will have to do with the available local Coaches.

The Minister says engaging foreign coaches is proving to be expensive hence the need to empower local coaches.

Mwale has since called for more investment in training of Coaches in all sports disciplines if Zambian Athletes are to compete favourably at international level.

He was speaking when he officially opened the first ever regional conference on the establishment of Coaches Council at the Olympic Youth Development Centre in Lusaka.

Meanwhile, Mwale says the Zambian Government is determined to see that all sports disciplines receive the same amount of financial and technical support.

And speaking earlier, African Union Sports Council head of Sport Machacha Shepande called on Africa countries to begin investing in the development of their own local Coaches.

The regional conference on the establishment of Coaches Council has been sponsored by International Olympics Committee, African Union Sports Council Region 5 and the National Olympic Committees of Swaziland, South Africa and Zambia.


  1. Private parts, sorry private sector to pay for national team coach ?? with all the indications of increased cost of production!

    • This is problem of employing youths as ministers. Basabaila fye. How many times has that RB’s nephew stood there yapping about coach?
      Who told that ka Vincent that the government is block, these are kind of people who have led to Chikwanda’s retirement. Chikwanda is tired of these chaps.
      And he wants to ask Mopani to pay for coach, when they are busy listing workers to be retrenched?

  2. FAZ has no monies, hence the expatriate coach can not be employed on borrowed money. Just pay 5000€ per month local or expatriate coach.

  3. Where is the pride of our local coaches. GRZ/FAZ is ‘insulting’ them with talk of a foreign coach everyday & none of them is saying a thing. Are they that bad?
    In 1974 (40yrs ago) we reached the afcon finals, a fete repeated in 1994. In 2012 we picked up that accolade. Why, after all these years of stamping authority on the pitch, have we failed to develop local coaches?
    Local coaches don’t get paid, yet we are looking for money to pay a foreigner (externalizing the $).

    • To say the truth none of the local coaches can crack it. They should first show us by winning the Caf champions league but they can’t even go past the first round

  4. This is a failure of our expatriate non resident FAZ boss, non other than kalusha Bwalya. He is busy applying for other jobs while his association is bankrupt. I hope the jobs he is applying to know that his FAZ is broke and has failed to sustain them selves. FAZ has so many revenue streams but because of corruption and missmangment they are reduced to beggars. Take for example national team kit, this is hot stuff with every Zambian looking for one but the Chinese are the ones making the money instead while FAZ is just infighting.

  5. Hahahahahaha! I wonder why government is not asking the likes of Kavindele, Mahtani, HH, GBM and other purportedly rich business people the country has to put the money together to employ a foreign coach since PF zealots have been asking what the rich have done for the country? Yet why should they if their sport of choice is not soccer? It is solely governments responsibility to find the money and for taking soccer as the only sport the country has. Exploiting the technical cooperation programs in education and ministry of sport can help us invite trainers to develop a reservoir of players in learning institutions that a locally identified coach can tap from while he/she is supported by a government program helping to keep abreast with trends in competitive soccer development world over.

    • Instead why not asking “leadership” (lol) of PF to pay the coach instead of paying convicted rapist 12,000 to entertain them during “fund rising” function?

  6. Are you Zambians that dumb? There are so many business models you can utilise. Football can fund itself. Get a sponsor for his salary. Do a trade exchange.
    There are so many ways of getting round this instead of “begging ” from the private sector. Iam not in FAZ so I can’t give you my ideas for nothing

    • They are busy worshipping kalusha only to hear he is now studying to be a politician while the association he heads can’t generate funds to pay a coach and is reduced to begging. Shame.

  7. Vincent Mwale should ask for assistance from the private sector. By using the word, “should,” he expects them to. The private has no obligation to give money. Honestly, you want companies to shell out $25 000 for a coach. What happens when they don’t she’ll it out? Then the coach is not paid.you can’t depend on hand outs for salaries! Companies are struggling with the exchange rates! Give us a break!

  8. We make Zambian coaches bad because of our inferiority complex. They equally do not make their case easy by accepting to be treated like *****s. Chicken George is better trained than Beumelle but he is happy being called interim. Its up to them to start demanding for what they deserve just like Nigerians are doing. Its not just about love for country while others are feasting.
    Zesco might miss on the league because there coach is away working for mahala. Even clubs should start refusing these arrangements.

    • Check your facts. Nigeria has only had Keshi as a local coach on expatriate conditions. All along they have been hiring foreign coaches. Keshi only became coach after proving himself by taking Togo to the World Cup. All Football associations know where they can take their risks

  9. Governments have been bailing out football in black Africa for over 50 years and yet these countries have produced no coaches of their own. Things are worse than ever. In the meantime, North African countries have their own indigenous coaches and their game has improved tremendously. The government should leave FAZ to run football. Mwale should be more concerned about organising grass root sport to encourage young people taking up sport in general. Instead of being bogged down in football matters, he should be ensuring fruitful participation in future Olympics and Commonwealth games in as many disciplines as possible. Look at Kenya, Jamaica and other countries where they are no obsessed with just football.

    • How can he leave footballing issues to FAZ when its leader does not even live in Zambia and at the moment is busy studying to become a politician

    • Mukame I agree with you but after listening to a friend of mine living in South Africa today I, at the same time urge govt to look for the money to pay the coach. My friend who travels exte4nsively across the continent says government loses nothing by sponsoring the coach’s salary because from the National football team they get more mileage than from the diplomatic missions scattered with dozens of loafing staff everywhere. Everytime he goes to another African country people dont know the Zambian president but when they hear the name zambia they shout ‘Chipolopolo!’ Chipolopolo is a better flag bearer than anyone else from Zambia so government must pay

  10. The private sector can contribute only you also economise in your expenditure. If they realize you are chartering jets at US$ 300,000.00 they will definitely back out because the feeling will be that you can afford it.

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