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Late Willie Nsanda’s daughter sues his estate administrators

Headlines Late Willie Nsanda's daughter sues his estate administrators

RDA board chairman Willie Nsanda in conversation with Transport and Communication Minister Yafya Mukanga during the launch of Road Maintenance Strategy 2015-2024 book
FILE: Late RDA board chairman Willie Nsanda in conversation with Transport and Communication Minister Yafya Mukanga during the launch of Road Maintenance Strategy 2015-2024 book

LATE Road Development Agency (RDA) board chairman, Willie Nsanda’s daughter has sued the administrators of her father’s estate for refusing to pay her school fees and general upkeep.

This is on account that she is not his biological daughter.

The minor a grade eight pupil at Namununga School has since dropped out of school for failing to pay school fees amounting to K5, 700.00.

She said all efforts to have the administrators come on board to support her and general maintenance of K6, 000.00 per month have proved futile.

The plaintiff sued Mr Eustace Mulenga Kankomba and Andrew Kachibe through her mother Ingrid Stratman contending that her parents got married on April 1993 and that she was the second born in the subsistence marriage.

She is now asking the Court to declare that she is Mr Nsanda’s biological daughter and that she should be allocated or given her share of the estate in line with the Intestate Succession Act Cap 59,including tertiary, medicals and upkeep from the demise of her father.

The plaintiff also seeks another Order that the defendants should prepare a full account and inventory of the estate, preservation of the chattels and landed properties until the matter is fully determined by the court.

In a Statement of Claim filed in the Lusaka High Court , the plaintiff contended that after the demise of her father, the administrators continued to support and maintain her though intermittently until in July 2015 when the grandfather ordered that maintenance should stop on accusations of her not being the biological daughter of Mr Nsanda.

In her affidavit sworn by her mother, the plaintiff stated that her parents were later granted divorce by the Mufulira local court on July 29, 2002 and that her deceased father continued to maintain her and her elder sister.

That some months before his demise the late Mr Nsanda started doubting fathering the plaintiff leading to both parents to under Deoxyribonucleic Acid DNA tests at Nkanza laboratories and returned a 99.999 percent probability of paternity.

Her mother said while Mr Nsanda questioned the DNA profiling results, he still continued supporting her child and paying school fees until he died on March 24 this year.


    • How do you know that the estate administrators are family members and not appointed by his PF party? Lets see those who were screaming that they help Nsanda’s children because the man was gallant member of PF. I still have speech the chapel in Johannesburg.

  1. These guys should not victimize a child. Whatever the sins of her parents, this child had no part in it. If the dead guy was her dad be it biological or otherwise, the child should be a beneficiary of the spoils. Whoever is administering the Will should pull his head from his áss and quit this nonsense of trying to screw an innocent child over money.

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  3. Administrator, work hard and amass your own wealth. why chewing what you didnt sweat for. Nsanda accumulated wealth for his offspring including the 99.99999% DNA one. Administrator, you will also die one day and an administrator will be appointed. is this how you want the ones left behind to be treated?

  4. I thought these kinds of cases are a thing of past, alas how wrong I was!!! How a grand father who is in his evenings do this to a young life that has so much ahead of her? She has the potential to anything including president of the republic of Zambia! those administrators should immediately be compelled to take that girl back to school before she falls pray to some ravaging shameless old men who may take advantage of her need for money!!!!!

  5. In administering of assets of the dead , there are those that you share accordingly there and then and some which you can’t immediately. The administrator is appointed by the family members and confirmed by the courts who even go further to educate the same on the conduct of an administrator, including warning that administrator should never abuse the authority.
    If this child was being looked after by the late Nsanda please continue or give her the share so she can manage it herself.

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