Over 200 fuel tankers which were marrooned at Tunduma in Tanzania have started moving into Zambia as seen in the picture

Trafigura has dismissed claims that the one year contract to transport oil into Zambia is worth $20million.The Petroleum Transporters Association of Zambia (PTAZ)signed a one year contract which was said to be worth more than US$20 million with Trafigura Oil Trading Company to transport oil into Zambia.PTAZ spokesperson Benson Tembo said the local transporters were expected to transport 38 million litres of oil estimated at US$4.6 million into Zambia by October month end.

A statement issued to Lusakatimes by Zohra Mcdolley -Aimone,Trafigura Oil Trading Company Head of Corporate Affairs – Africa said that information is not accurate. The facts rather are:

• An agreement valid for one year has been signed between Trafigura and PTAZ. This agreement is conditional to the Ministry of Energy granting a contract to Trafigura to supply fuel to the country. The agreement is also subject to PTAZ meeting Trafigura’s HSEC requirements.

• The value of the agreement is dependent on Trafigura being awarded a fuel supply contract following an open tender process. The value of such an agreement can therefore not be determined at this point time as it is subject to the volume required to be trucked to Zambia.

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  1. This sort of information is confusing the nation.
    It is prudent for the parties concerned that is, PTAZ, Ministry of Energy and Trafigura to issue a comprehensive reportage to the nation over the total bill involved. Disputing the total bill that it can not be determined before end of october 2015 is being economical with truth.
    The nation is watchimg this dispue which has all the signs of robbing the nation through corruption by selfish individuals. $4.5 million instantly jumps to more than $20 million means robbery and stealing from Zambians is active within the PF government and Trafigura.


  2. It’s confusing indeed. $20 million for one year or $4.8 million per delivery? Is it a haulage agreement or a procurement agreement?



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