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PF Government creation of ministries a dangerous way of mocking our suffering

Columns PF Government creation of ministries a dangerous way of mocking our suffering

File:Ms Christine Chisha forced to breastfeed her orphaned grandson as his twin sister waits for her turn in the arms of cousin.
File:Ms Christine Chisha forced to breastfeed her orphaned grandson as his twin sister waits for her turn in the arms of a cousin.The mother died after giving birth and the Department of Social Welfare was unable to help Ms Chisha with dietary support for the babies who were now severely underweight at 5months of age.

Whilst an “ingenious” plan to further siphon nearly 2 million kwacha monthly in salaries and allowances for the 5 new Ministries the woes of the average citizen seem to deepen daily. Commodity prices of basic commodities have nearly doubled in the last two weeks and still rising. How then would an average Zambian make ends meet? In any country when the ruling class oppress a population into a state where they can not afford basic commodities whilst they blatantly spend on luxurious lifestyles-chartering large jets, carrying a stadium of unnecessary individuals for conferences where they are of no use, they increase their emoluments (MPs), and now create new ministries, All out of OUR taxes. This is a very dangerous way to run a country experiencing an economic debacle as it opens up the country to violent uprisings.

We would like to continue with the peace we have enjoyed for the last 50 years. But the anger and hunger levels in this country only grow by the day. This rife emotion amongst the General citizenry is a very highly flammable atmosphere in any setting. The arab spring started with a youth setting himself ablaze because even after graduating from university, he could only help himself to a tomato business that could still not sustain him and his siblings.

All of us distaste chaos, but the irresponsibility in government’s handling of issues of importance is pushing citizens in the corner. Zambians are generally very peaceful but if you push even a rabbit in a corner it will bite you. Whilst the rest of us struggle with the most basic life needs,the government decides to mock us with basically flushing money down individuals toilets than putting money in issues of national importance like setting up systems for diversification of our economy into agriculture.

By year end we would have spent about 15 million kwacha on these individuals. Money that would have gone along way in improving our agriculture sector, a sustainable source of employment and a key contributor to stabilizing our economy.But instead the government figures that efficiency of how MINISTRY’S are run is a bigger problem than the millions of Zambians sleeping hungry.

Stop driving this country into chaos and actually listen to the peoples cries. In case you are not aware, I would like to inform you that We are suffering in this country. And your irresponsibility in the decisions made as a government only stirs anger amongst the majority of Zambians. You are driving this country to a destructive end.

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    • @ 1mbecile bob
      And you are lacking basic Christian requirement, compassion.
      Go and pray you greedy and selfish SOB.

    • PF govt is driven by greed. The government leaders should be the ones to start austerity measures like we see in countries where leaders have a vision. It is just criminal that amidst all this poverty Edgar and his government should be mocking the Zambians is such a flagrant manner.

    • @Sponge bob?? are you sure or you lack information. when a country is Strangling with your currency and export all messed up?? what would be your strategy??? cut costs right.. what are these guys doing increasing costs by creating unnecessary ministries.

      As Zambians we should get serious than just backing things coz we are benefiting at the expense of many poor people.

      PF are not serious, they lack vision and leadership. they are all like kids.. we should make sure they are out.

  1. This govt doesn’t care about the people of Zambia. They are just interested in remaining in power so that they continue to enrich themselves. No wonder we have had so many by elections from 2011 to date and they are busy campaigning instead of working. Honestly how do you go and charter a plane for $300 000 at a time when you are having a budget deficit? How can you carry entertainers and cadres to New York at the expense of the poor tax payers? That is so wrong!!! They need to be voted out before they ruin the country any further.

  2. @ben the t-shirt she is wearing is ivory coast and that other chitenge is Ghana or Cameroon. That to me is a picture from one of western African country. We have people in Zambia you can help who may be in similar or worse conditions than that woman from Ghana . unless you are particularly interested in her but I doubt it if LT can even have contact details of photos they just copied and pasted .

  3. @IQ138

    I agree with you.

    The lady in photo is not Zambian.
    Why cant LT tell us contact details of her or that of an organization one can contribute money to for infant feed formula.

  4. The photo narrative has moved some of us to the core.

    Please LT give us the contact of the woman or the NGO.

    Even though breast feeding is good, but sucking milk from emaciated elderly breasts cannot be condoned in a country with rich guys like GBM and HH.
    I am in a diaspora. But I could afford and start dispatching a box of baby formula for 5 years.

    Editors note:

  5. We need to CURE THE DISEASE, not just treat the SYMPTOMS!

    What is now preventing a better life for ALL ZAMBIANS is the incompetent and irresponsible PF Government that is squandering our childrens future by MASSIVE BORROWING, UNNECESSARY WASTAGE of state funds on political projects, CORRUPTION, and MISMANAGEMENT of Zambias economy.

    All of this is not by accident, it is intentional so that the GREED and SELFISHNESS for money by those elected to serve the Nation can be fulfilled.

    We need to call a spade a spade. This is CRIMINAL, and the culprits must be treated as CRIMINALS. It is simply not good enough to kick them out of office, and let them get away scot free with our stolen money!


  6. It is indeed reassuring to see some zambians in diaspora willing to support that old lady. Well done and may god bless you.
    To all well meaning people, That old ladys story was in the news some back and I am sure by now she has been taken care of.
    That you

  7. There is no need in calling ourselves Christian this or Christian that when our faith is dead. Read James 2:14-17.

  8. Hats off to LT, out of all the media houses and platforms in Zambia, they are the most neutral (not that they dont have any flaws). if you go ZWD = anti government 100% and pro UPND; Zambia Reports = anti UPND, Anti Kalusha and pro RB and whoever RB is supporting, anti Rajan Mathani; Post = we all know; Zambia daily mail, times = we all know they always see what the Post didnt and vice versa.

  9. LT I wote the story when I was i Kasama am now in Mansa. Am still in touch with Christine and she is getting by but still requires help from time to time. So Lusaka Times get in touch with me I forward you how to contact her and help her. The twins have grown but village life is tough for the gran and I used to help when I could when I was nearer. ****

  10. For one to breastfeed, they must be in post gravid period and this woman seems to have attained menopause. Is it another UPND stance of deceiving people like what Larry Mweetwa does on a daily basis

    • Thats what happens when all you read is Zuckerman- It’s possible to breast feed even post gravid. speak to your grandmothers sometimes

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