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No need for President Lungu to hold press conference – Chanda

Headlines No need for President Lungu to hold press conference – Chanda

Mr Amos Chanda
Mr Amos Chanda

Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda says there is no need for President Edgar Lungu to hold a press conference on how he is addressing current challenges facing the country.

There have been calls from various stakeholders for President Lungu to hold a press conference to indicate how he will bring back the country’s economy on track.

But Mr. Chanda says the Head of State in his speech to Parliament highlighted how his government is handling the current situation in the country.

Mr. Chanda has told QFM News in an interview that the measures President Lungu highlighted in his speech are the measures government is putting in place and will be supported by the budget speech to be presented to Parliament today by Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda.

He says there is nothing more President Lungu can say at a press conference that was not included in his parliamentary speech.

The Presidential press Aide has however, indicated that should need arise; State House will not hesitate to call for a press conference.


    • Of course there is no need for Lungu to give a PRESS CONFERENCE! It will be a complete NON – EVENT.

      Other than holding a “day of prayer” he has got NO ANSWERS. So what can he say at a PRESS CONFERENCE?????


      Displaying complete ignorance (and maybe a Jameson hangover too) in public would be very embarrasing!

    • The Press releases, the Speech in Parliament and the budget address to the nation are all read out after being crafted by technocrats. People may want some clarifications and to have a one on one with their President on some of those issues and you say there is nothing more to say? No wonder we no longer have circuses in our country, there is one for free performed by our employees. This should not be funny.

    • During the campaigns, he wanted to hold 3 or 4 rallies in a day talking about what he’ll do once in power. He even hired 5 helicopters from SA. Now, he just travels outside the country like the country is on fire. Let him come back to us next year August. We are ready for him.

  1. Those in group 4 never wanted to answer any questions the teacher asked. I am glad I was in group1. So please, hide ECL as much as he wants.

    • Right now am listening to HH who is on Radio Phoenix. He is answering all questions and offering solutions to the challenges the country is facing.

    • But PF are a fun of global trends and globally the trend is for presidents to hold press conferences.The global trend is to reduce cabinet. So it seems PF will only chose those global trends that support the their inefficiencies . Edgar has no vision and now it shows.

    • @Ndobo, Chellah was arrogant which is better than styupidity. I can’t drink in same bar as that Amos Chanda, alitumpa sana umu guy uyu.

    • Honestly this government is dull , why won’t a president answer questions ? BBC interview he chicken out and now he does what to hold a press conference . Why his he forcing people to for prayers , well the economy and load shedding finish after 8hrs of prayers ? That’s why the call Africa a dark continent . It’s not tribal or political but this PF government is ZERO.

  2. Firstly he doesn’t want to address challenges through a press conference because the PF doesn’t know how to resolve them. Secondly he doesn’t want to face questions from local and foreign journalists as he won’t know what to answer.

  3. You are embarrassing all Diploma Journalism holders from Evelyn Hone College with that grade 9 thinking,see why people are insisting that some offices should be held by a varsity graduate! That cheap thinking, In that so called Parliamentary rhetoric, was there any room for people to ask your supreme leader questions?



    • Kambwili’s questions were answered very well. I was so impressed with HH. He is very specific on what he wants to do for the nation.

  6. it just confirms that president talks and everyone should listen no questions are allowed which makes him a master of the people that voted for him very bad quality for a leader I feel ashamed to be a Zambian when the likes of chanda, kambwili, mumbi, chama open their mouths SHAMMMME!

    • How Lungu can perfect this talent of surrounding himself with *****s suprises me.You mean even choosing capable pipo is beyond him?

  7. This Chanda guy is just dull.He is the one who even contributed to the fall of the Kwacha through his immaturity during that ‘Sunday Interview’, where he sent the Forex market panicking through his senseless ”Currency controls” spurts.

  8. It is quite a paradox in Zambia. While jobs are hard to come by those with jobs are playing dildo with them. What a pity.

  9. When are the people of Zambia going to get a chance to ask their president questions? You’re a president for Christ sake journalists speak on behalf of the majority allow them to ask you questions.

  10. What a sham!! Can you run a country for 9 months without explaining anything to the media? As others have observed, a parliamentary speech is not a press conference – it is a speech and some people hide in speeches as no one can ask them anything after that. Please like others have observed, if Lungu knows what he is doing then he should find time to explain to the nation how he is governing the country. I thought having been a Minister for 3 years,National Secretary of the Party and a Lawyer, it was going to be easy to navigate the remaining part of PF’s term in Office but alas!! Sorry his approach to leadership is loosing him support especially among those who believe in interactive leadership!

    • His mentor the illiterate dictator died without holding a press conference,but before he became president his hobby was going on let the pipo talk.

  11. mediocre leadership. Can only read a speech prepared by someone else. How can we have a leader who cant articulate and defend his policies.

  12. Yes. The President explained his vision for the next 50 years going to 2064. Amos, that is what the Govt is working on, right? Chopeti……!!


  14. Mr. Chanda,

    You are right.
    Our dear, “wise”, “humble”, “anointed” and articulated Leader shall at all times been protected from ridicule which may arise from his response. After all, who are we to ask questions? Just, as Hon. Kambwili already has explained, a bunch of 5tupid people which believe in election “gimmicks”
    Well done Mr. Chanda.
    That is how “democratically elected” statesman should treat electorate.

  15. The president needs better advisors. Such statements are better not said at all. However he remains the best option for now.

    • No Lungu is not the best option, never. You are just a disgruntled PF cadre without the sincerity to confess your mistake of voting for a cretin.

    • @ Kashimba Chimbwili

      Voting for a cretin?

      Soon this cretin will be just an emptytin. Or maybe after he gets kicked out of office just an excretin!

      What a load of sh!t.

  16. Yaba! It’s amazing that there such government officials who feel that the President does not owe the citizens of this country an explanation on how the Government of the day will get us out of this quagmire .

    I wander in the same vain , whether we need such a President at all. He run away from a BBC interview – an opportunity to showcase your statesmanship (if you have any)- to come home , BRAAI and PLAY POOL. The country is on fire and at crossroads , wake up.

  17. Mr. Chanda,

    This is called accountable governance. Its leadership when you allow citizens, think-tanks, associations and other interest-groups their RIGHT to ask their LEADER questions about how he is governing them and HE defends his position, decisions, actions and vision. Its what all progressive and functional governments do. Why the fear?

  18. Amos should not even have wasted time telling us this. We know the president cannot face the media because he cannot articulate issues. The best he can is read something that has been prepared by someone else. I wonder where we are heading with this mediocre leadership which is just of people with rhetoric. EL lacks charisma and it will definitely work against him. Chabulanda saana ba Chagwa mwe!

  19. Come October 18 all bars will be closed…..the brewing industry contributes to employment and forex. A one day stand still means huge losses ! Good luck to the kwacha!

  20. So how will the press be afforded the chance to ask questions, and or seek clarification on certain matters??What did we do to deserve such mediocre leadership!! A few days ago Obama held a press conference for over an hour despite the STATE OF THE UNION address he regularly gives, manje kuno ati there’s nothing more to the parliament speech (that was prepared for him by the way) , eish!

  21. That’s what mediocre leaders do. What else do you expect from a no vision leader. Sometimes I wonder the kind of *****s who are supporting PF. You guys are worse off than a dead sperm.

  22. I listened to HH on radio this morning. All what this liar was saying is book theory! The man even went on to the extent of lying that ZESCO doesn’t have qualified engineers, how dare this man insult Zambians like this? We all very well know that that UPND has a list of its tribesmen they want to be at the helm of ZESCO, its well known. ZESCO has been run by competent Zambian engineers from time immemorial and for HH to come and lie to the nation is criminal!
    It is infact HH who failed to appreciate the question from honorable Kambwili about the lead time of building a new power station. The minimum it takes for any power station worth its name is FOUR years and it involves a lot of things like new transmission lines and substations too.
    Additionally, which investor will invest his…

    • Competency is critical for the execution of a role, and not education. That is why abasungu ask you to demonstrate how you will manage a situation, albeit your certificates.

      So ZESCO is run by incompetent engineers.

    • Competence is more important than education. The reason why abasungu will ask you to demonstrate how you manage a range of situations.

      Education will help but we will not run companies by displaying your certificates, but performance.

      ZESCO has incompetent engineers as attested by the body representing engineers.

    • I know I fool by what comes out of he’s mouth…. I do not support upnd but come on man we all can see that zesco has failed. stop smoking that glue… its not good for you. the problem that zesco is facing did not just start over night if really we have people you say are competent this problem would have been avoided and please don’t tell me about the rainfall rubbish …… I strongly fell your the ***** misinforming people!!!!!!!

    • @ Ghettho Power
      Don’t misinterpret what HH was talking about on Radio Phoenix today and start misleading people, the problem with you PF supporters is that you don’t want to accept failure!!…The theory you are talking is what needs to be in practical terms and those are the plans HH keeps referring to and it’s because of this lack of planning that has today put us in a precarious situation.Had the PF put what is in theory into practice, we wouldn’t have been so badly affected by the Dollar appreciation.Mind you MMD survived the worst global financial crisis…ask yourself why?

    • You can call them all the names you want! These guys have proven how hardworking they are! Bali na ng’ombe zoona that you cannot even begin to count!
      I would rather have a hardworking kachema lead the nation than have the situation prevailing right now. No vision due to ma jemason, dimwits!

  23. Yeah Edgar is now feeling the heat.He did very little to get where he is and was literally put their by opportunists.The time has now come sir to pay back to the pipo buying those suilts and Jameson.Do the honourable thing and leave office.You are not up to the job,and you may pay a heavy price for allowing to be used by the likes of Chikwanda for example.

  24. Contd
    Additionally, which investor will invest his money in a scenario where the price of sold electricity is cheaper than the cost of producing it? Its not right for HH to mislead the people. Tariffs in Zambia are very low thats why not many power stations have been built over time despite the growth in GDP.
    So to me, HH is just a total liar and wants to cheat those that may not know the truth on the ground.
    As for the fluctuation of the Kwacha, HH needed to be bold enough and state the truth. Zambia is predominantly a net importer of goods and services, meaning we need more forex to buy things from other countries. Now what is really happening to the two biggest economies in the world today? America has reduced importing its oil from other countries and its economy is recovering. It…

    • Ghettho power… you sound you are from the ghetto really. Use your brains you Machiavellian. It is you who is misleading us…. Your Minister CK just displayed how hollow he is and I fear for my country…..
      Empty tins….. indeed!

  25. Contd
    America has reduced importing its oil from other countries and its economy is recovering. It means less dollars will be floated to the outside world. China too which is the biggest buyer of Zambians copper has slowed down and agin meaning less forex inflows to a country like Zambia which is still relying on imports. What does this translate to, of course its the effects we are now experiencing.
    For a man who honestly believe he can run a country like Zambia, not a kraal, he need to be sincere by stating that Zambia needs to become a balanced economy, i.e you balance the imports with exports because each one has its pros and cons. Fortunately for me and many Zambians, we are in the position to explain by applying knowledge and reason to our current challenges. HH is a mistake in…

  26. contd
    HH is a mistake in every corner and I wonder how he even runs his business. If HH strongly denies this posting I challenge him for an uncut debate so that people can see through his lies. How does HH compare Botswana’s forex reserves to Zambia? What Botswana’s population in comparison to Zambia? Who run the Botswana’s economy? Why is the Rand accepted in Botswana and not the Pulla in South Africa? Ba HH, you can mislead your followers and not some of us. We are more educated and well read than you but don’t just like yapping. President Lungu is doing great given the global trends at the moment, period!
    Its time PF started defending President Lungu from these pathetic liars!!!! When the Kwacha gains against other international currencies, what benefits have accrued to the…

  27. contd
    When the Kwacha gains against other international currencies, what benefits have accrued to the ordinary poor Zambians? NIL!! So be careful with liars like HH and his cartel group. PF Government must just set its eyes and double up on delivering development to its people and ensuring that more is locally produced to compete with imported goods because that what matters and not this nonsense of the Kwacha thing. I have already seen that cement is doing great on our market and cooking oil called ZamGold! The opposition is so scared of the development taking place in Lusaka and have no clue of how serious the PF is on developing the rural areas. So PF guys just focus and hard work, let HH come wake up to a very rude shock in 2016!

    • Rubbish! What are you saying here apart from waffling? Indeed find something better to do than contaminate our straight thinking minds. We deserve better deconstructions than these fallacies you are vomiting with Kambwili!

  28. Press conference is an integral part of presidency especially in a democratic dispensation….even dictators like Idi Amin would find time to go to Uganda University and address students and there-after answer questions…
    ..press conference would not be confined to telling the nation how the president is handling the current economic impasse….there are a lot more questions on the minds of many citizens….if citizens cannot manage to go to the president/state house…then the president is supposed to go to the citizens through press conferences….
    ….this is proof enough that ECL lacks self confidence to face the media using such a platform like press conference….
    …we know that journalists who ‘welcome’ him at airports are a selected lot…just to ask straight forward…

    • con’t…
      …just to ask straight forward si11y questions…..
      …MCS can be excused for failing to hold one…infact it was a blessing in disguise not only for him but for the general citizenry…. no-one would have wanted to face the embarrassment….but what excuse does our so called LEARNED president have to give…??…it is an embarrassment to the so called learned fraternity…..eeish

  29. I cant believe what is coming out of the mouth of this man and we Zambians just keep quiet. The biggest problem we have in Zambia is we the electorates become doormats once we elect politicians to higher offices and we forget the fact that its us who make them what they are. I think we need to put pressure on the ECL to address the nation to calm our nerves because we are in the dark- we do not know where we are heading to. By being quite we are sending a wrong signal to ECL.

  30. @ “Getto” find better use of your time. It is vanity for you to wast your time twaddling justifications for your incompetent president. It is unheard of for a president to refuse addressing the media. It is very unfortunate that you have convinced yourself that Zambia is doing just fine and you want to blame the US and Chinese economies for the poor performances of the Zambian Currency.
    Take the “drivel” to the cadres at the tarven were they are most likely to sympathize with your excuses for failure. I hope they are paying you very well for your shameless vomitt you have typed here.

  31. Yes thanks for the up date. However your Excellence please consider what the people are saying just to interact with the journalist so that a few question can be asked. Zambia should be ruled on auto pilot

  32. Common sense: In parliament MPs cant ask the president specific questions. A press conference is a two way process where journalists ask pertinent questions relating to national affairs. It gives the president an opportunity to nail down what he outlined in parliament. It is even good for the President. What is difficult?

  33. Kachemas,PF will do whatever it can to remain in power,even rigging than to allow pompous people in corridors of power. When I hear Hakana Hukupepa(HH) speak,all I get is pomp and know it all syndrome,but the has never held before any government office.What he utters is purely text book crap. Wait and see,2016 will be another crashed flight HH 2016.

    • Government is/must run on the premise of profitability, just like the private sector. If not then we have what is being experienced now in Zambia.

      I think HH has run private entities profitably. The acumen is there Ba Tata. Government has less financial discipline.

    • @ Hakana Hukupepa
      Just admit that your PF Govt. has failed, if you went to school then you should know that everything we were taught in secondary school,College or University comes from the text book you keep referring to and it’s that same knowledge obtained from the text book that needed to be applied in real life situations but vaku kangani!! ,from the time PF took over power they have just been stealing instead of working on the fundamentals of economic management…..stealing through Road contracts.Mwaona manje ka!!!

  34. Even when its the people who have demanded to be addressed by the president. there will still be no need for him to do that? Is that your position?

  35. Well, you voted this man into power — he told you he had no plan.
    You finally notice that he has no plan and you act surprised.

    Wake up people.


  36. Well spoken Amos BUT nature does not allow a vacuum. When Lungu does not speak, that’s when you get chickens like you, Mumbi Phiri, Chimbwili Kashimba, etc talk NONSENSE and SH.IT that sends Kwacha tumbling even more!!
    By the way, what has happened to Lungu’s Tribunal against Nchito? He said nothing about that one in Parliament…..!! How about the current ridiculous prices of Fertilisers – I didnt hear anything about that too AND the looming strike by Doctors, etc?? Are you sure Lungu’s speech in parliament has got all the answers?

  37. HH elections are one year ahead of us you have just lost about 10000 votes from zesco workers because you will fire them now say each of those 10000 has 10 voters in their houses how many votes are you goner lose? Think badala last elections it was Ratsa ZRA now you have added zesco kaya fili ukotuleya

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