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All Parties that haven’t submitted returns must be deregistered-Mwila

Headlines All Parties that haven't submitted returns must be deregistered-Mwila

Home Affairs Minister Davies Mwila
Home Affairs Minister Davies Mwila

Home Affairs Minister Davies Mwila has directed that all Political parties that have not been submitting financial statements and Annual Returns must be deregistered.

And Mr Mwila has since directed the Office of the Registrar of Societies to issue default notices to all defaulting Political Parties and Societies concerning the penalty charges.

Mr Mwila says out of the 52 registered political parties, only 26 have complied with the law while 18 political parties have defaulted.

And Mr. Mwila has further advised Political Parties and other societies to ensure that they register their branches in all provinces where they are represented in compliance with the Societies Act.

The minister has warned that those societies that will not comply with the Law risks being deregistered.

Mr. Mwila also revealed that the Office of the Registrar of Societies in collaboration with the police and other security departments would soon commence the random and vigorous Inspection of all societies across the country to ensure compliance of the Act.

This is according to a statement released by Ministry of Home Affairs spokesperson Moses Siwali.

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  1. Thia is an abuse of the Police Service. Instead of chasing criminals and thieves, the police is reduced to chasing political parties – what an Ars.e Davies Mwila is!
    He and his other PF Cohorts need to spend his energies to bring the Kwacha back to normality not thid nonsense!!

    • Mr Mwila, the country is going through a tough economic period and all you think of is controlling the opposition. What kind of leadership is this? Please assist the President to sort out the economy. Stop scheming and start working.

  2. Four yrs ago pf said mmd was deregistered but the registra of society disputed and said theirs are procedure b4 degistration.ministers in zambia have no serous work to do only politicking.

  3. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargghhhh! When will these dimwits ever start to do what they are being paid for!?! This govt does not seem to have a system. Ba gwila apa, then paja and nothing ever gets done!

  4. So this Home Affairs Minister is DIRECTING the Office of the Registrar of Societies; we seriously have governance issues in Zambia that need urgent root and branch reform. So if there are issues with the ruling party how can this selfsame Office be not biased if its taking orders from them….some is clearly very wrong here.
    Moreover this just shows what is priority to this govt; not crime, corruption in ZP, abuse of power by the police, if this empty tin we call Home Affairs is concerned about such issues…we know the lazy Bum in State House we say he is doing a good job.

  5. Just register we want money. If your branch is not registered especially Kachema party in Northern, Luapula, Muchinga and eastern they will be non operational

  6. The last time I listened to Davis Mwala was when he banned us from parking our spaciios and kocikkala at the police stations. Any update on this ba Davies?

  7. Pay, pay do they have to pay every year, and if so where does this money go? In your pocket and the pockets of your comrades, animal farm

  8. “You are attacking me for taking 115 people? Just go to our neighbours Zambia they took 256 people and their President hired a private jet that took him all the way to New York and waited for him right there for the return trip,” said a visibly-angry Mutharika. Malawi’s president arguing that he was not as extravagant as our president. Even our neighbours realise we are careless in the midst of economic challenges. He should talk out why his boss is wasting our money.

    • Everyone is laughing at us…And when you calculate how much it costs to keep an aircraft in NY for more than a week at the airport…the cost are doubled.

  9. MMD watch out. The guy is coming to deregister you. By the way the election is around the corner so you risk not taking part. State house is there for the taking ba power hungry Mumba.

  10. Bwana Mwila forget about annual tax returns.What about quality of life returns to the Zambian voters who’s lives have gotten harder under PF since 2011?

  11. …..and the ruling party that has not “paid up” on all it’s 90 days promises should be deregistered before 2016 elections !

  12. @Justine Lukanga Kafusha, please be careful how you think, your life is shaped by your thoughts. Never say anything that is not true, have nothing to do with lies and misleading words. You can not hang out with negative people and expect to live a positive life, please offload your emotional baggage.

  13. Excellent. Some of these parties only cause problems in our country.

    To prevent trouble in coming elections we need to ensure only genuine parties partake. Causing last minute trouble is all some do…

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