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First Lady expected in Saudi Arabia

General News First Lady expected in Saudi Arabia

First Lady Esther Lungu is tomorrow expected in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for a nine (9) day working visit.

According to a programme released by the Zambian Embassy in Riyadh, the First Lady is among other things expected to meet businessmen and women at Saudi Arabia Chamber of Commerce to discuss developmental issues in Agriculture and food processing.

ZANIS reports that Mrs Lungu is also expected to visit higher learning institutions to familiarise herself with how they conduct studies and to discuss possible scholarships for girl children in Zambia.

First Secretary at the Zambian Embassy in Saudi Arabia Evans Chitamaluka released the programme of the First Lady’s visit.

Mrs. Lungu will be accompanied by Health Permanent Secretary Dr. Peter Mwaba, Agriculture Permanent Secretary Dr. David Shamulenge, Education Permanent Secretary Dr. Patrick Nkanza and other senior government officials.

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    • Wrong Country to Visit?? Just wear your Abaya Mama, otherwise you will be locked up?? For those that don’t know ABAYA is the Arabic Black Dress for women?? as Saudi Arabia does not allow western clothes.

      What a shame, Zambia always goes to wrong countries??

    • How can you risk your wife to Saudi Arabia? Does she know how to dress, eat , NOT to say etc?? Of all countries, why Saudi Arabia, who cheated these PF?

  1. Accompanied by three men! Alungu namwe mwaibala bwa that ka song by late Paul Ngozi about the woman at Kafue fishing camp? So just like me she has also refused to attend your ka 18 October starvation miracle crusade! Sometimes I just wonder what roles these LAST ladies in state house are meant to do. The other she was parked for FREE(three) weeks in Barotseland

  2. Mrs Esther Lungu, this uneducated woman is surely costing us too much!!! What is she going to do in Saudi which the Ambassador and other Diplomats in Ryadh can not do??
    We know she is holidaying at our expense + daily allowances for 3 PSs and other unlisted staff at a time when the Kwacha has lost value!! Does Esther Lungu deserve this huge expense – a woman who has no official role in our Govt? Ba PF are worse than faec.es – sorry to say that but that is the right expression!!

  3. What is the first lady ‘s jo b description? No wonder they go back to their mother when THEIR husbands leave state house.

  4. This lady is the most clever of the previous first ladies we have had. She ignores critics and focuses on doing what is right for the poor woman and girl in society. I admire her courage.

  5. Or THEIR husbands die. The country is supposed to be reconciling and she flees? Why is she exempted from the process?

  6. She has neen sent by ECL to go and borrow money for PF Elections. ECL can not dodge from State House and so it is him who has sent the wife.

  7. Working visit as who? Where is Minister of Commerce, Finance, National planning. Better still permanent secretaries. If there is anything meaningful to be gotten out of the trip, it should be on a govt blueprint that can be referenced to long after the lady & his jameson are gone.
    But then we know she’s going there to ask their Boko Haram associates for campaign money.

  8. Truly laughable …..9 days working visit….Who is paying for this shopping trip?? Is the lazy bum sending her away so he can prepare himself for the fasting on the 18/10/2015 by partying with women and Jameson Irish Whiskey.

  9. So Ester will be visiting institutions and discussing scholarships for 9 days in Saudi Arabia in the capacity of first lady…laughable indeed. Who would want to study there in that racist, sexist Kingdom? I hope she will cover her weave or hair as well for 9 days….this is an example of precious dollars being misused on pointless and useless individuals abroad…merely calculate her self and entourage of say 8 being accommodated in a 5 star hotel for 9 nights add return first class flights as well.

  10. Should nt she have been around with her husband at the national day of prayers ? I find this very strange  and odd. At a time when the country has financial and deep economic problems, this woman who is just a house wife, can be touring the world and yet we have an ambassador or permanent secretary to do that govt job. Lungu is a wrong chap. He does not even have any sense of guilt and shame. I miss His excellency the late Dr Levy Mwanawasa SC, the third president of Zambia.

  11. We have always said Lungu is a moslem who wants to masquerade as a christian for political expedience while calling HH a freemason.

  12. It’s incredible how in this globalized world we can’t take advantage of technology. Why is Ester Lungu leaving to spend more money on something we are not really sure about. We have Skype, the Saudi’s can be supplied material she needs online. PF needs to stop this madness and focus on building within Zambia. 9 days spent in another destination is boosting their economy, let them come to us! If people vote PF come 2016, then they love misery. Someone with leadership skills and a true visionary would not allow for this to happen. Very unsustainable practices!

  13. The 18 Oct prayers will not work. The madam will not be around and God appreciates when you pray as a family. You can lie to some people………..

  14. Edgar is a Muslim that’s why he couldn’t disclose which church belongs to. I doubt if there would be someone to vouch for him if he said he was Catholic or from RCZ

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