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Kitwe Pastor whose church was burn’t down conducts service

One of the flat burning in Kabwe. Residents almost beat up men from the fire department for arriving at the scene without water
Fire broke out at Kabwe’s Railways Quarters Compound destroying 8 apartments. Residents almost beat up men from the fire department for arriving at the scene without water.

FAITH Deeper Understanding Church and Ministries, whose building was razed and set ablaze by unruly residents in Kitwe’s Buchi-Kamitondo Township last week on Thursday after news went round that its pastor, Apostle Anthony Musuku, had turned into a snake, has continued going strong.

Apostle Musuku and his members this week on Sunday defied all odds when they went ahead to conduct a service at the very site where the congregation suffered an attack at the hands of ruthless residents who besieged the church with the view to lynching the pastor.

This was barely three days after the attack by the uncompromising residents who also fought running battles with the police on their way to burning the church structure.

With all eyes on the church following last week’s news of Apostle Musuku having allegedly turned into a snake and setting ablaze of the church building structure, the congregation on Sunday refused to succumb to the attack by going ahead to conduct the service, which was interestingly massively attended.

Samuel Mvula who is a Church elder said hundreds of people, with some only interested in seeing Apostle Musuku in personal after his news of having turned into a snake, popped up.

Mr Mvula said in an interview with the Times of Zambia yesterday that the church and its pastor, Apostle Musuku were still in the ‘game’ and going strong.

He said after the church structure was razed, the church mobilized and erected a temporal shelter at the same site where the initial building infrastructure was razed.

Mr Mvula said the church on Sunday used the same temporary structure to conduct the service which was led by Apostle Musuku.

“We had a service yesterday (Sunday) which was conducted by Apostle Musuku and we had a large gathering with some people, of course, only interested in finding out about our pastor,” Mr Mvula said.

He said this week’s Sunday service was a demonstration that news of Apostle Musuku having turned into a snake was a mere fabrication.

He said Apostle Musuku and the church would remain focused to God’s cause of taking salvation to people.

Apostle Musuku who commands a big following with the population of his congregation situated in Buchi-Kamitondo believed to be well over 1, 000 people and is known to possess healing powers has come to the limelight after a mob of unruly residents last week stormed his church building with the view to lynching him for having allegedly turned into a snake.

Efforts to get a comment from Apostle Musuku by press time failed.

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  1. @Pretty you said things do and where so in support of the thugs that took the opportunity to vandalise and loot. can you see what happens now. so he even turn back into a human. No man biologically can metamorphosis into another creature. These church conmen have brain washed millions to live well. Its all poverty hunger and theft opportunity from the thieving Zambians that are growing at an alarming rate starting from the top. If people want to pray lets pray in humble situations as Jesus did. These thieving pastors will all run away from the profession if we take them groundnuts as our tithe. I believe in the real god

    • @Cat power, I don’t really understand your statement which reads “you said things do”. Anyways, I didn’t mean to come out in support of the lynching or looting but rather to state that black magic does exist and that is MY opinion. You may be right that “biologically no man can metamorphosis into another creature” BUT spiritually I think it can be possible. To that effect I wrote “…….. These things happen. Black magic exists and it has nothing to do with illiteracy and poverty.”

  2. The Loch Ness monster, the legend of the Yeti and most other things that only a select few SAY they saw always end up cheapening belief systems nowadays. In the age of mobile photography and video capture the least we should be treated to is some picture evidence (with warnings of disturbing images as has become usual). In the absence of this, this becomes another burning at the stake for strongly argued evidence based on too many factors. @Pretty, I respect your opinion, but I also think we need to examined the often nuanced aspects of such superstitions.

  3. Quite an interesting article clearly although witchcraft does exist the problem is there is an over exergeration of its powers. Just because someone very close talks about it doesn’t make it true. Unfortunately witchcraft is mostly a result of poverty and illiteracy. Why would you want to build a vehicle that only travels at night when you can make more money from NASA selling them one that will reach space?
    The mind is easily deceived no mattter how well educated one is.

  4. Are u sure the is human? Musuku turned in a snake,we were told! Bt u guys so called reporters whts yooa job? To tell the pipo lies? We will bit u up for these stupid stories u and ur foolishness.

  5. I have promised my self not pray in make shift churches, most of these prophets are mere magicians
    who is trying to confuse dull chaps like musuku’s congregants…@Zebige black magic is there mwana
    go to Malawi and chew someones wife ukalufya ibolo that’s when you will believe that black magic exists..

  6. @Pretty. The Bemba saying is simply emphasising the importance of evidence to back up our claims. It is not good to cling to opinions that are unsubstantiated by reason or evidence. It’s the same thing with ‘innocent until proven guilty’. Evidence is required for reasonable beliefs or opinions or else they will pass as figments of your imagination.

    • @Comment reserved, Thanks. I didn’t know that “kabwalala ni pakuboko” is the english “innocent until proven guilty”.

      But with the unfair legal system in the whole world, for me whether it be “innocent until proven guilty” or “kabwalala ni pakuboko” only God and the person involved knows in his / heart the truth. The fact that you are proven innocent doesn’t necessarily mean you are.

  7. Why do people waste time discussing tales?. Everyone in the congregation has a phone camera, where are the pictures?. A fact is scientifically proven information. Here we are dealing with either silly hallucinations or illusions. Because both are not real and are only mind based, so there is no need to spread falsehoods. Let people concentrate on finding solutions to the poverty, disease, ignorance affecting the nation. Please do not make Karl Max correct when he said Religion is the opium of the people. Be as simple as Jesus was, he refused to perform miracles as a way of converting people.

  8. Rumours and rumours of war! The way this issue spread last week in Kitwe was unbelievable. It’s ok for someone to be accused of being a witch, false prophet and so on by a mob as long as the accused is not you! How do you defend yourself before an angry, hungry and out of control mob?

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