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King Mswati III to grace Independence day celebrations

General News King Mswati III to grace Independence day celebrations

KING Mswati III of Swaziland will grace this year’s Independence Day celebrations on October 24, Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba has said.

Mr Kalaba said in an interview in Lusaka on Tuesday that King Mswati will arrive in the country on October 23 to officiate at Zambia’s 51st Independence Day celebrations.

“I want to confirm that His Excellency King Mswati of Swaziland will come and officiate at this year’s Independence Day celebrations.

“His Excellency will arrive in the country on October 23, together with his delegation,” he said.

The minister said King Mswati’s visit will strengthen the existing warm and cordial relations between Zambia and Swaziland.

The minister called on Zambians to thank God for “His infinite wisdom, love and mercy for guiding the nation peacefully from the time the country attained independence in 1964”.

This year’s Independence Day will be commemorated under the theme: ‘Laying the foundation for a smart Zambia, finding forgiveness.’

Mr Kalaba said the theme urges all the Zambians to unite and leave the past behind and embrace positive attitudes in all endeavours in building “a Zambia we want”.


  1. This Swazi ídiot who takes multiple underage girls and rapes them under the dubious guise of royal matrimony. I wish ka Lungu had the sense of banning his sorry áss from ever stepping on Zambian soil.

    • This SERIAL RAPIST that has left Swazis in poverty while he acts like IDI AMIN has no place in Zambia.

      He belongs behind BARS for human rights offences and crimes against humanity, not being dignified at our Independence celebrations.

      Swazis are treated like slaves in their own country, not even allowed to form trade unions to ask for basic rights, and while this man lives in luxury, they are dying of HIV with no medicine because he has spent the Nations money ON HIMSELF!

      Someone should just shoot this swine.

    • “I want to confirm that His Excellency King Mswati of Swaziland will come and officiate at this year’s Independence Day celebrations.

      So PF is a bunch of illiterate and ignorant fellas. I thought Kashimba Chimbwi was the most ignorant. Now we have Kalaba? Kings are addressed as Their Royal Majesties – not their excellencies, swine!
      Learn from me, it’s His Majesty King Mswati.

  2. We call ourselves a Christian nation and we will be holding national prayers and fasting services on 18th October 2015. Five (5) days later, we will be calling a multi-polygamous person to grace our national independence celebration!! I am failing to reconcile the two or am I that daft! As a nation, we do not seem to know what we are doing or what we want to achieve with these prayers and fasting other than pretending that we love God.

  3. multi-polygamous person also gives brides to interested members of the royal clans. Anyway no man woundnt like to be in his position of marrying a new bride every year and the state pays all the bills!

  4. Of all leaders sure? we are trying by all means to protect the girl child then you bring a King who does not uphold the values we are trying inculcate in our culture. One step forward, two steps backwards. Prof Luo and Veep should have opposed this when it came up for consideration. As advocates for the protection of girls we must protest peacefully within the confines of the law. By so doing we are sending a message to the world on our resolve and we may just protect those girls he abuses.

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