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FDD Will Hold a National Convention in March 2016- Nawakwi

Headlines FDD Will Hold a National Convention in March 2016- Nawakwi

FDD president Edith Nawakwi
FDD president Edith Nawakwi

FDD President Edith Nawakwi has announced that the Party will in March 2016 hold a National Convention to elect new leaders at national level.

Speaking when she witnessed Ward elections in Mtendere Ward 30 on Saturday, Ms. Nawakwi said it was not the individuals being used by detractors who will decide whether she is the right person to lead the Party but the convention were she was elected.

She explained that what was happening in Mtendere Ward 30 was also happening in other places across the country as the Party was determined to go for a convention before the 2016 elections and show detractors that FDD was a democratic party.

“We dissolved the structures so that we get ready for the convention and in between the convention the party is run by the National Policy Committee and I want to take this opportunity to announce that the FDD will have the National Convention in March 2016. bakatifunse tizaka yanka, olo ba Changala bakatifunse tiza ba yanka.” (They should ask us we will answer them, even Mr. Changala should ask us we will answer him.)

She called on members to guard against bad seeds in the Party who claim to be FDD while dining with PF adding that some people claiming to be members of the FDD like Mr. Changala were just being used by detractors of the Party as they did not even know where the new offices for the secretariat are located.

She explained that when the Party went to the last convention in 2005 leaders were instructed to go into an alliance and that she has to report what has happened between the last convention and the next convention.

“Don’t listen to individuals saying I’m Changala, I am so and so I’m FDD its all lies these people are PF. My friends, in 2005 we went to a convention were you elected me to lead this Party and we were instructed that we go into an alliance. I still have to report to the convention what has happened between that convention and the next convention. Its the convention which will make the decision as to whether am worthy of continuing with running of FDD as a political party not any individual.

“Some of the people you hear and I want to signal out Mr. Changala here, don’t even know that we shifted from Independence Avenue and we are now at 7456 Twikatane Road Rhodes Park. They don’t know because there usual places is somewhere else so I want to tell you that as we are here more people are mobilizing in other Provinces, we have teams in every Province and the ward conferences have started.” she said.

And Ms. Nawakwi has called on people not to use emotions when voting as doing so has lead to untold misery in the country.

” We are suffering in this country because we are using emotions to choose leaders. We vote for individuals using our hearts instead of heads. We should stop voting for people because we feel sorry for them like the mistake we made last January. We did not scrutinize the individual capacity of the candidates but used emotions to vote for Edgar Lungu and you can see for yourself what has happened to the country,” she said.


  1. Your party Edith was founded by principled members who refused corruption and an democratic way of doing things. They refused to be drawn into the third term saga which meant a prolonged stay in leadership by one ftj. For you to announce that you are going for a convension is welcome and democratic. We just hope that other parties can copy your decision.

  2. Nawakwi you are towing the right direction. Get lady go. About the prayers in Zambia you are putting GOD in a difficult situation. What happens if the Kwacha does not start to appreciate and the load-shedding doesn’t come to an end? The neutrals in the Christian faith will stay where they are. In the scheme of things what is the relevance of the economists?

  3. @analyser
    you got it all wrong and twisted. The prayers are not meant for the kwacha or the economy. Go back to the parliamentary speech ecl made proclamation about the prayer and fasting. You will find your answers there waiting.

  4. A feedback report to party members after 10 years? Oh my God! Does this woman really knows what she is doing or wants? Someone please tell me.
    Additionally the office door doesn’t inspire anyone. Are these the standards in the opposition, it’s really sad mwebantu.

  5. The bitter lady is thinking that she will win. You and HH are just the same there is no difference. You are both bitter and confused. You never did anything when MMD under the leadership of FTJ appointed you as a Minister, but instead you misappropriated the resources and other MMD officials. We are grappling with power because of foresight from you, when you’re energy minister by then. Anyway, you won’t win come next year mama nkaka.

  6. I have a feeling Nawakwi is the next Zambian president. However, she have to change her atitude towards men. Not only women will make her the president but zambian people.

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