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Lucky Mulusa summons all mobile phone operators over poor services

Economy Lucky Mulusa summons all mobile phone operators over poor services

Mr. Mulusa and His Excellency Mr. Mwamba during the meeting
Lucky Mulusa

SPECIAL Assistant to the President for Projects Implementation and Monitoring Lucky Mulusa yesterday summoned the country’s three mobile phone service providers over the poor services currently being offered to subscribers.

Mr Mulusa said his office has received complaints from members of the public over poor service delivery, such as call dropping, freezing of calls and network congestion, while the providers have not bothered to apologise.

“Members of the public have complained of losing money through mobile companies and they do not get compensation. My office finds it fit to engage the three mobile phone service companies through Zambia Information Communication Technology Authority(ZICTA) so that together they can find a solution,” Mr Mulusa said.

ZICTA director general, Margaret Chalwe-Mudenda, said as a regulator, the authority would continue to engage the three companies to ensure customers received value for their money.

Airtel managing director Peter Correia said his company was committed to improving services to the general public and was investing in the improvement of the network in both urban and rural areas.


    • Since these days we compare with what is obtaining in neighboring countries, perhaps this is an opportunity to compare the tariffs charges in Zambia and our neighbors. We insist that ZICTA compels them to match the lower rates tariffs by mobile phone companies in the region. Hear what they say.

    • is now Mulusa above a statutory body? Which law empowered him to summon private companies regulated by an independent body? Are we witness the falling apart of the rule of law and now replacing it with the rule of Mulusa? questions and questions, no wonder the kwacha is distressed, with this kind of interaction with business house and you expect serious investors to come into the country. Mulusa, project implementation is not the same as regulating a business sector.

  1. Not only shoddy service but expensive the whole lot of them. Give licence to more providers please. Tanzania has just awarded the sixth provider, a Vietnamese company.

  2. Is the man trying to make himself a ‘useful’ *****? This doesn’t look like is area of responsibility. Too main Kambwilis in PF. Mulusa has lost his neck within three months!

    • …exactly…this does not seem to be within his area of jurisdiction going by his official title….what we need is someone to explain to us why Vodafone has not been allowed to register and operate in Zed…..

    • He doesn’t have a job description. What then can he do? lay his hands on anything not in order the PF way.

  3. “…Projects Implementation and Monitoring…” Mulusa has got these really big wings! Or maybe Airtel, MTN and Zamtel are still projects!

  4. In what capacity did Mulusa call the 3 mobile phone service providers? Is it not within the mandate or capacity of ZICTA to ensure that all public complaints about poor service delivery are taken care of? Bear with me if am ignorant.

  5. Has ZICTA slumbered for State House to push for improvements in service delivery? Plz ZICTA take full responsibility.

  6. You have institutions that are staked to do their job and you are ignorantly overstepping them…why not go and see ZICTA?

  7. well done mulusa, if no one is taking the responsibility of protecting consumers you do it to show up these lazy people. Zambians are just too used of meritocracy and non performance.

  8. This is getting ridiculous. This is what comes of handling these people with kid gloves. Show them they cannot do what they like just because they are claiming to be investors! Also fire that incompetent woman Margaret! She clearly failed to do her job. I’d bet my last ngwee she’s in the pockets of these providers. Otherwise ZICTA should have fined them heavily for continuously providing shoddy services for such a long time.

  9. Mobile phone services are unbelievably poor and expensive in this country but is Mukusa the authority? In Zambia these days anyone can stand up and warn, threaten, direct, caution anyone. You have ministers treading on each other’s toes.

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