A clergyman in Kasama District has called on Zambians to embrace the spirit of hard work if the national prayers everyone underwent on October 18 are to yield meaningful results in future.

Speaking in a sermon, Kasama’s Saint John’s Parish Priest, Gervas Nonde, said he was happy that people responded to President Edgar Lungu’s declaration of national day of prayers.

Fr Node stated that it would be therefore important that people become extra hard working as depending on prayers alone can make others start misinterpreting the work God.

He said people should put it in mind that God helps those who help themselves, hence the need for Christians to avoid the spirit of laziness.

The clergy observed that prayers can be done every day but without personal commitment everything would be meaningless.

Fr Nonde added that after national prayers some people have become reluctant thinking God will provide everything for them even if they do not work.

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  1. Firstly, of course Zambians must work hard and not just believe that Jesus will solve all their problems. Secondly, for people to work hard they must be allowed the opportunity. Thirdly, before working hard people must know what they are working for and what they are trying to achieve, otherwise they will continue labouring for the slave master (local and foreign) for a pittance. Policy articulation and constitutional reform is a must. If I go further I might get to the point where we should eradicate foreign gods, but this will make people literally mad, so I will end here.


  2. The priest was just short of saying prayer is nothing, hardwork is everything. Can prayers strengthen the kwacha? Praying is not enough. In the world there are atheists countries who believe in idols and yet they have better performing currencies through hard work. Zambians can pray all they want-1 week, 1 month or even 10 years but if they remain lazy and corrupt, nothing will change for the better. Wake up Zambians!


  3. Faith without action is dead pray with actions.those prayers were jst political why am saying that becoz pipo who arranged this prayers and fasting they re the pipo attacking innocent pipo calling others names so u never see change if u will nt work



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