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Nevers Mumba urges fellow politicians to reconcile

Headlines Nevers Mumba urges fellow politicians to reconcile

MMD President Nevers Mumba
MMD President Nevers Sekwila Mumba

MMD Leader Dr. Nevers Mumba has encouraged fellow politicians to use this year’s 51st Independence anniversary to forgive and reconcile with one another.

Dr. Mumba said the only way Zambians can face the economic challenges head-on is through unity.He said political leaders should therefore use the independence commemoration to reconcile and work together for the development of the country.

He added that failure to forgive each other while claiming to be Christians is a mockery.

Dr. Mumba said that while political leaders may differ in opinion, it is important that they work together for the good of the people rather than dividing the people.

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    • And they are working together. The oppositions by providing checks and balances vigorously are working together with government. Radio stations by exposing the ills done by the govt are working together with govt. CSOs by defending the masses e.g. adoption of constitution are working together etc.

    • Njala ya munyopola Never! He can see now Dora eating and also trying to get to the table. UNFORTUNATELY for Never, Dora is electable but NEVER will not even win a ward seat.

  1. The only reason Nevers wants to work togather is because he wants a position! He has realised that Chi RB is controlling MMD and taking it ku Prayer and Fasting!

  2. There can be no reconciliation if there is no confession and there can be no confession if there is no humility. It all starts in that line. However, how can a country enjoy peace when there is name calling insults from our leaders, tribal remarks and treatment among Zambians and nepotism.

    • YEs and soon other opposition and Lungu will start giving “independence” messages. They will realize independence day is only tomorrow!

  3. Left right foward. Ba sekwila, listened to the radio interview after pf stole your solwezi West candidate

  4. If Edgar is not able to see the mistakes he is making and admitting those mistakes, be ready to change and genuinely work with the opposition, reconciliation remains a nice word.

  5. Show leadership Nevers by reconciling with the people you suspended in your party. Where is Muhabi, Nyangu, Chituwo, Musokotwane, Mutati, Lugwagwa, Kaingu? Have a public reconciliation with these people before you can talk about opposition leaders to reconcile. Start with your own house. infact it would make alot of sense if you stepped aside as MMD president. I can assure you MMD would perform much better with you no longer the leader. YOU HAVE FAILED BROTHER! How do you sleep at night knowing fully well you have assisted in burying MMD.

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