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EU Heads of Mission meet UPND President Hakainde Hichilema

General News EU Heads of Mission meet UPND President Hakainde Hichilema

EU Heads of Mission with UPND President Hakainde Hichilema
EU Heads of Mission with UPND President Hakainde Hichilema

EU Heads of Mission from the EU, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Sweden and the UK met today with UPND President Hakainde Hichilema for an exchange of views on the current political and economic situation in the country.

This is contained in a statement released to the media by Germany Embassy in Lusaka.

Among the issues discussed were the energy crisis, the budgetary situation, the future of the constitutional reform process as well as the upcoming campaign for the 2016 tripartite elections, and the integrity of the electoral process.

EU Heads of Mission stressed the importance of a level playing field for all stakeholders during the election campaign and welcomed in this regard President Lungu’s commitment to a review of the Public Order Act.

The meeting between EU Heads of Mission and UPND President Hichilema is part of the EU’s regular dialogue with Government, members of the opposition parties and other representatives from Zambia’s political, economic and civil society community.



  1. My president, My party and my tribe…lol. Only joking… HH represents every tribe in zambia, big or small.


    • The meeting between EU Heads of Mission and UPND President Hichilema is part of the EU’s REGULAR dialogue with Government, members of the opposition parties and other representatives from Zambia’s political, economic and civil society community.

    • @Manomambulwa you’re in the company of people whose political DNA really represents what @ UPND Cadre from Ngombe compound has said………and we all know it cause the writting is on the wall .By denouncing @UPND Cadre,you might think you’re doing the right thing when you are actually offending the people he is helping to campaign and win an election…….cause like I have already stated,the political DNA of UPND is exactly what the @UPND Cadre has written.

    • Honestly I understand you’re joking but, there’s people who will take it seriously and say HH is a tribalist just like his supporters when he has never uttered tribal comments. stop saying anything tribal if you’re his supporter be cause you’re disadvantaging him.

    • @Politiko, non of what you have said. The article says “The meeting between EU Heads of Mission and UPND President Hichilema is part of the EU’s regular dialogue with Government, members of the opposition parties and other representatives from Zambia’s political, economic and civil society community”. So nothing new here!! It used to happen to Sata too when he was in opposition!

  2. Amazing how we have become a multi-colony of the Western countries.

    We must be a political and economic apprentice state to have all these masters supervising us.

    These kinds of visits happening on the eve of our 51st Independence anniversary don’t speak well of our self-determination, or do they?

    • How can we be ok when we have decision makers like Kambwili and the other hopeless thevies?? Just the other day lungu found critical equipment not working because of no fuel? And the others incharge of commerce did not know that we import eggs and chickens?? No chance with the current incompetence

    • Zambia is part of the global world, no nation is an Island, meeting other leaders elsewhere does not amount to being colonised or supervised already. Sometimes it’s a good ideas meeting other leaders to share visions and ideas.

  3. He he he! Even if they are most of the time resident up in the trees, even alpha baboons like Kashimba Chimbwili can feel the ground being swept from under their feet. If I were him, I would start preparing for time in jail or as a refugee somewhere in Katanga! And next time he wants to call a radio station to offer completely useless and unsolicited “advise” to HH, he had better think twice otherwise “konji ha inyelele hala silundwamanji – piss oneness in public”.

  4. when you see these folks leaning towards an opposition leader just know that he is likely to be the next president,remember hillary clinton meeting sata,their cable info indicate who will be the next leader,
    i want to thank bloggers who have debated on this site without insults or name calling.keep it up guys.

    • @Planzo: you are right! I remember the same EU heads being carted around polling stations by Guy Scott in 2011 which I thought was a wrong choice of party. The Europeans are gauging if it is worthwhile throwing their support in UPND’s camp. Already they have withheld financial support to the health sector because of rampant theft. They might as well withhold all support until 2016 elections instead of gifting these thieves with more money to steal.

  5. Forward we match! Thumbs up EU and those trying to quote that its the on going dialogue! Well have not heard of any other party apart from the mighty upnd! The people’s choice of 2016

  6. They can meet whoever they want, UPND and HH will never govern Zambia today and in the foreseeable future. Ati EU, let the go and sort the crisis in Europe especially Syria and immigrants. We all know that Europe is currently going through major challenges.
    How much has these colonialist stolen from Zambians? Do they even allow the AU to interfere in their member states? There is nothing to be proud of these colonialists.

    • Misconceived notion from staunch cadres contributing to the downfall of the nation. We can never say never, as no man has ultimate control over one’s destiny. If God says yes to one, no amount of hate, dislike tribal barrier or mischief will stand on the way.

      We need all to rise above petty political inclinations based on tribe or regionalism and begin looking at candidates based on their qualities, capacity to perform and manifesto package, that could help raise the standard of the citizens and the nation at large.

      We’re all one people, in one nation made by one God, and there’s yet more that unites us than that which divides us.

  7. The imperialist and colonialists at their best! Africans will not accept to be slaves to you murderers again, never! Instead of resolving your own huge challenges like Syria and the weak Euro to the dollar, you start pocking your dirt fingers in our affairs. How long will you want colonise Africa? That China has come on board to work and genuinely develop Africa hates you imperialist so much. How much investment have you put in the energy sector of Africa? Just imagine the if the far East Asia hadn’t opened up to the world, where would Africa be today these so called EU? Just to make those excited UPND baboons understand, how many things do you use in your home which are made from EU countries? Could you even have been driving today? Have your roads been transformed from craters to all…

  8. It’s very important for HH to interact with Lusaka-based Western diplomats; they should be informed about the chaotic governance issues in Zambia.

  9. The EU heads of mission will not be voting in 2016. It is the Zambian voters who will determine the outcome of the elections regardless of what the EU heads think. In this regard, the demographics don’t favour HH and the UPND. Where will HH get the votes to offset ECL and PF’s demographic advantage? What happens between now and the elections is also very important. What happens if the massive road construction projects continue and the envisaged shift to alternative power supply sources mitigates the problem of load-shedding significantly? What if kwacha stabilizes as we export some of the excess power supply to countries with power deficits. What will HH’s campaign message to woo votes be if such a scenario unfolded?

    • Very true, and well informed and educated citizens zealous to see Zambia move forward will be voting for teams with vision, intellect, wisdom, vibrancy and capacity to perform while stanch conservative cadres will go for the status quo as to them what matters most is simply the tribe and region of the one on the realm, regardless of vivid signs of failure to govern.

  10. Africa must wake up and unite. These crooks are big thieves. They want to hold our countries at ransom by making our brothers rise against one another by trying to belittle our our integrity.
    That China has come to genuinely work and uplift the lives of our people, they don’t like it. So their agenda is to get some weak and mentally corrupt chaps like HH to be on their side so they continue bringing their deadly and exploitative companies to ransack our wealth and export it to their countries to support and create employment for their children.
    This is their modern slavery to unsuspecting countries and if they can work with chaps like HH, to them it’s manner from heaven. Why do they want to promote homosexuality in Africa? So that we stop producing children and our population…

    • Kikiki ba mposa mabwe – i agree with almost all that you have said. but why dont you advise pf also not to join hands with them. what i dont agree with is the direction which your sensitisation has taken. its not just HH, it is also ECL. tell him also, failure to which this abstract to your thesis on this matter will prove useless and subjective.

  11. Ladies and gentlemen when a change of government is looming,you don’t need to be told.When you look back to Sata vs RB it was almost too obvious,RB wasn’t only fighting Sata but fed up Zambians against the MMD aswell.I don’t think its the case now,whether its the queen herself that HH is meeting.

  12. Keep on dreaming with yo lack of vision among pf leaders loading,kwacha fall,miners loosing jobs,d/ministers sitting without any tangible contribution to cabinet debate,blotted cabinet,low salary increments to civil servants ranging frm K150-500, when money is useless being spent on buying voters,discarding pf founder’s men frm major appointments,fake prayer & fasting decree,reduced fisp beneficiaries,late payments of farmers sold maize to FRA, and many more shall contribute to pf massive loss to upnd,count my warning

  13. The critical mass of the electorate in the northern and eastern half of Zambian must be very careful not to hand over their God given right to be treated fairly. Never mind the men meeting HH; they actually mean nothing to the ordinary Zambian and these men know it. Zambia has more NGOs than start up businesses which is a sad indictment on those who claim to be our partners. I will come back to talk about technology transfer – that is our bread.

  14. I totally agree. Let’s guard what is ours for the sake of our children and a promising Zambia. These cartels don’t sleep but we are very much awake.
    God bless Zambia and President Lungu

  15. Comment:A a lot of people loved PF to da point where their neva left a room 4 dissapointment,same applies wen u r in a relationship wid a woman u need 2 leave room 4 dissapointment,now look at wat is happenin in our country economic wise,anyway I understand ur disapointment and da only way 2 getover dat disapointment is to vote for UPND 4 economic liberation

  16. The president with vission not moving blindly, insted of discussing crisis in our country but we are beasy bribe pipo in the country.

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