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Older woman ‘takes over’ marriage

Headlines Older woman ‘takes over’ marriage


A LUSAKA housewife has narrated how an elderly woman did a ‘coup d’état’ on her marriage when she left her matrimonial home to visit her relatives in the village.
Tomaidah Mwale, 37, of Chipata township told the Matero local court that the elderly woman whom her husband, Lucas Zulu, 39, had brought into their matrimonial home to keep him company while she was away has refused to leave.
Mwale told senior local court magistrates Lewis Mumba and Pauline Newa that she heard about her husband’s affair with the elderly woman, from her in-laws.
She was narrating in a case in which she sued her husband for divorce. The couple got married in 1995 and have three children together.
“I had left to visit relatives in the village but while there, I started receiving phone calls from my sisters-in-law telling me about my husband and his various mistresses, one of whom had even moved into our matrimonial home.
They requested that I return to sort out the problem at home. I returned to find an elderly woman had taken my place in my own home. In fact, the woman has a daughter of my age,” she said.
Mwale said Zulu’s mistress vowed to remain in the house claiming she is his legitimate wife.
She complained that since she left her matrimonial home, Zulu has stopped supporting her and the children.
“Currently, three women whom he had earlier taken as his ‘wives’ have run away from him taking all the property we bought together. He is now with his fourth ‘wife’. We had nothing when we got married, but when he started having money things changed between us,” she said.
She begged the court to dissolve the marriage because of the emotional, psychological and physical torture she has suffered in her 20-year marriage to Zulu.
“I want a divorce and I want custody of our three children,” she said.
But Zulu who admitted to being a serial womaniser refuted claims he has stopped supporting his children.
“I only stopped supporting the children after Mwale told me to stop going to her place because she wants to remarry,” he said.
The court reserved its ruling on the matter for November 4 next month. However, Zulu was ordered to pay Mwale K1,000 monthly as child maintenance starting October month end.



  1. LT are becoming like their dwarf sister Daily Mail! stale news,I hear there was a snake charmer who disappeared in thin air at Lusaka Central police last week!

    • I’m with you my brother. This trashy business by LT is not going to endear this site to me. If they want to report on court cases, why not pick more respectable cases like those focused on social justice? They are always reporting about some bottom feeding morons on this court segment.

  2. Chipata chaps with such behaviour. Tomaidah, how long did you go for a visit, is it less than a month? If so iwe Lucas Zulu what makes you go for old women, have you visited the herbalist to have goat’s sexual power. Zulu, mind you AIDS is real. Reconcile with your marital wife and repent not to go astray again. Uwakalema takaleka!

  3. That older woman was given the business, now she can’t leave hahahaha.

    ” had brought into their matrimonial home to keep him company while she was away has refused to leave. ”

    I am laughing so hard.

  4. U Women Why Cry Now U Left & Went For Good Without Caring .Who Knows Maybe U Are Also Married To Another Man. Its A Lesson To Others. Care For Yo Husbands Do Not Think When They Stay Home ,they Are Stranded And No Woman/girls Are Eyeing Them. U Must Have Been Treating Him Bad Or He Is Not Normal Bcoz Things Being Ok Its Him To Remove This Lady But He Has Accepted Even To Go Fur A divorce. He Has Madeup His Mind Sorry To The Children .Plz Do Not Be Stuborn For Sake Of Kids Fast For 3 Days,praying Then Go And Apologise And If He Refuses Leave Him He Will Come Back On His Own.

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