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Zambezi River Authority says Kariba dam spill gates were not opened

Economy Zambezi River Authority says Kariba dam spill gates were not opened

File:Flood gates on the Kariba Dam wall between Zimbabwe and Zambia open ceremonially on February 20, 2015 after the two neighbors signed $294 million in deals with international investors - JEKESAI NJIKIZANA/AFP/Getty Images
File:Flood gates on the Kariba Dam wall between Zimbabwe and Zambia open ceremonially on February 20, 2015 after the two neighbors signed $294 million in deals with international investors – JEKESAI NJIKIZANA/AFP/Getty Images

The Zambezi River Authority have dismissed reports suggesting that it opened spill gates this year at the Kariba Dam which has caused low water levels that have affected the generation of electricity.

The River Authority has clarified that the current power deficit the country is facing is not as a result of the spilling of water at the Kariba dam.

Zambezi River Authority Public Relations and Communications Manager Elizabeth Karonga said the opening of spill gates at Kariba Dam is part of the normal reservoir management.

She disclosed that River Authority last opened the spilling gates at Kariba Dam from 4 to 15 January 2012 adding that since 2012 the spill gates have not been opened.

She stated that spilling of water at Kariba Dam is done to adhere to the rule curve and protect the wall of the dam.

Ms. Karonga said this in response to a ZANIS press query.

Zambia is faced with an estimated power deficit of 560 megawatts and has been importing about 240 megawatts of power from neighbouring Mozambique to cushion the current electricity shortage that has hit the country.

The power deficit has resulted in ZESCO conducting massive nationwide load shedding of up to 8hours a day.

Government has since put in place measures aimed at addressing and normalizing the situation by 2016.


  1. So what you guys are saying is that the Engineering Institute of Zambia did their investigations and compiled their report and that their findings that the Spill gates were opened for 87 days resulting in a loss of a year’s worth of power generating water was a work of fiction? They never talked to anyone at your organisation and just decided to come up with this report?? Am confused.

    • Even yourself in your own wisdom are you sure the spill gates can be opened for 87 days!!! That is a period of 03 Months how possible. This propaganda will not help anyone dubiously enter Plot 1. One Zambia One Nation.

    • @Dudelove. The EIZ report clearly said that the gates were opened in 2011. So what this lady is saying in actually authenticating the EIZ report.

    • Fellow bloggers, what is this story about the dam walls not being strong enough anymore to hold the same capacity of water it was designed for? There seems to be a runaround about this drought versus maintenance/rehabilitation issue…

  2. we seem to have conflicting statements from ZRA, one that says that both ZESA and ZESCO failed to comply to their request or order to reduce their power generation but instead Zesco went 36% above and ZESA 16% from March. also the news that the 2 extra turbines that were suposed to be running only at peak hours were being abused by ZESCO by running them outside the peak period as well. so whether the spill gates were opened or not is not an issue here, the issue is that ZRA failed to enforce its orders and also the 2 generation companies flouted the agreement

    • There are no conflicting statements its people trying to use a wrong vehicle to Plot 1. It is a well known fact that the rainfall pattern in the region has changed, that is how up to now the rains have not started.

  3. who are the maggots trying to use that PF blunder as a vehicle to plot one.*****s!!! why can’t they copy manners from intelligent HH who doesn’t sink so low.education is a powerful tool

  4. The fact remains we are experiencing load shedding everyday. The questions are
    1. what happened to the water?
    2.Can one season drought deplete the water in the entire reservoir?
    3.How long can the reservoir take in the event of continuous drought?
    4. Did the EIZ contact ZRA during their investigations? If yes, how then do you have different views? If am to take a side, I would go with EIZ because their report makes more sense.

  5. You see how unbaked people can be. EIZ was clear about “overuse” of water by both Zesco & Zesa. Nowhere did they blame the current low water levels to opening of spillway gates. ZRA is not responding to EIZ. A scrupulous ‘author’ has written a hanging article to appeal to the minds of the gullible. Unfortunately the reality is that the loadshedding is on the drunks watch. We need solutions.

  6. Comment: but why cant they comment about the power being exported to south africa under what the term as term contract? ba pf, stop rulling through deception and hood winking the illiterate zambians. your days are numbered

  7. Must we debate this endlessly? The simple facts of the matter are that SATA and his PF appointed a bunch of useless incompetent cardrers to positions in IN ZESCO and they failed to understand the situation and were completely incapable of doing the job they were paid huge salaries for.

    And Lungu has been too dull to even see that and rectify the situation.

    Then they THEY CANCELLED the Kafue project that would have solved the problem.

    In short, these bungling idi.ots have fuc.ked up BIG TIME and are now blaming God and the weather for their total st.upiditu!

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