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MMD does not have a working relationship with PF, Sunday Chanda told

Headlines MMD does not have a working relationship with PF, Sunday Chanda told

Copperbelt Information and Publicity Secretary Peter Phiri
Copperbelt Information and Publicity Secretary Peter Phiri

As Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD), we advise Patriotic Front (PF) Media and Publicity Committee Vice-Chairperson Sunday Chanda to keep his mouth shut on issues concerning us. We say this because Chanda has gone down the path of lies and deceit. He is claiming that the MMD still has a working relationship with PF when the truth is that our shameless former president Rupiah Banda is the one they are working with. To quote Chanda’s own words in response to a recent statement by our Nalikwanda Member of Parliament Professor Geoffrey Lungwangwa:

… we want to assure Professor Lungwangwa that PF is living party, it is growing and swallowing other parties and not vice-versa…. If indeed PF has been swallowed by MMD, how then is he outside because he is a member of the MMD! And just in case he has forgotten, the PF has a working relationship with the MMD which was reached at last year. Professor Lungwangwa can do a reality check with both Dr. Nevers Mumba and former President Rupiah Banda regarding this arrangement.

However, Zambians know that Mr Banda, the muselela kwakaba Sangwapo President betrayed and destroyed his own party the MMD and has taken his poison into PF where his stooges are being appointed into Cabinet and other positions. Chanda should stop this nonsense of trying to hoodwink Zambians with cheap political statements that even a grade five can see through. We have stated before that we are not working with the PF.

While Chanda is busy claiming that PF and MMD are working together, his own Party Secretary General Davies Chama is saying that MMD is dead. So why is PF working with a “dead” party? Who goes to bed with a corpse?

They say our party president Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba is a finished politician who should go back to the pulpit but they were busy quoting him in state media for supporting the recently held prayer and reconciliation day on 18th October 2015. Who quotes a “finished” politician?

The PF publicly pretend that Dr Mumba is nothing and should be ignored but they keep responding to his statements without directly mentioning him and they use some of his points in their own statements. This is complete and total hypocrisy of the highest order.

All this demonstrates the low mental capacity of some leaders in PF since they cannot even manage a simple thing like being consistent with their statements. They contradict themselves every day with their thoughtless senseless nonsensical statements and they think no one has noticed. Some of them produce verbal diarrhea which is only fit for the toilet.

The PF say we are finished as MMD but they keep trying to poach our MPs, Councilors and anyone they think is influential in our party. They even went as far as bribing our Solwezi West by-election candidate Fordson Malishinyi to withdraw from the race held on 24th September 2015. If MMD is dead and finished, why bribe its candidate? Since they claim they are popular, why didn’t they just go head-to-head with us and defeat us in Solwezi?

The inconvenient truth is that PF knows that MMD poses the greatest threat to their existence and chances of winning in 2016. Their own former president late Michael Chilufya Sata in 2012 said that PF was sitting on a big MMD volcano. He understood that it could erupt anytime and completely destroy the PF.

That was why he did his best to kill the MMD with all sorts of dirty underhand methods such as trying to de-register the party, poaching its MPs, bribing MMD National Executive Committee (NEC) Members to fight our president Dr Mumba, threatening our financial donors, petitioning almost all our 55 parliamentary seats, illegally confiscating 100 MMD vehicles and running a vicious propaganda campaign against the MMD and our president while dragging him to court on trumped up charges.

We have news for Chanda, Chama and all other PF leaders who try to cross our path. As PF you have been found wanting by the Zambian people after being weighed on the scales. Your government in 2016 is going to collapse like a deck of cards. It shall happen suddenly and without warning like an earthquake and you are the same people who shall abandon your sinking boat and try to get positions and favour in other political parties but it will be too late.

Zambians can see through the smoke and mirrors of PF and they know that it is the worst government to have ever managed Zambia. Most Zambians now regret experimenting with new untested political parties and they realize that the so-called “devil” they knew was actually far better than these smooth-talking politicians who promise heaven on earth and other ridiculous impossible things.

We urge Zambians to remain steadfast and hopeful that Zambia shall be saved from total collapse and decay under the government of Dr Mumba.

Peter Phiri
Copperbelt Province Information and Publicity Secretary


    • MMD is finished, Nevers Mumba is not a factor in today’s Zambian politics. Come 2016, just months away, MMD will be wiped out of Zambia’s political scene. How could Nevers, of all things, score just one percent of the total vote in the 2015 sangwapo election? Mr. Peter Phiri, please explain that.

    • Who is in MMD?
      Mutati alibutuka, Kachingwe alibutuka, Namugala, Dora, Rupiah, Shikapwaya, Lusambo, etc bonse balibutukamo. Mwashalafye Mbula buyo, Ma Oranges and Young George. Never cannot lead a party. He is a total failure and no one in this country would like to associate with failure. Na ba Mbulabuyo nabo bene balabutuka!

  1. I like this hard hitting ninger……..indeed bausee, your party has been trumped upon and tossed around like a coin by these mafiasos called PF to the point of extinction. Its by God’s grace that ba Mumba is still standing and going strong on considering the heavy blows he has received from PF and their unprincipled ally in RB

  2. Even if MMD cannot win power next year but PF will definitely fall. It is true there is a crack and PF will collapse like a deck of cards. There is a pending crack in PF. It is a matter of time. Individuals in this party are just waiting for the right time not the wrong timing of GBM.

  3. Comment:stop dreaming please!!!! The mighty PF will win the General Elections, enough of this day dreaming, in Jan, 2015 you had the same dream of Flighthh2015 again another dream of flighthh2016? By the where is flighthh2015? Any one to update me? NEZ answer me!!! Its simple maths for any1 in Zambia be the President, one needs to be in charge of C/belt n Lsk this other Provinces is just an addition, now you have one MP in C/belt n one in Lsk then you dream of becoming the President sure!! What a Joke!! The truth is Upnd will win some seats in C/belt n Lsk but PF will still on top in this Provinces. Let’s go to strongholds, PF has Luapula,Northern, Muchinga, Eastern n part of Central n UPND has N/western, Western, Southern n party of Central. If you compare total number of Registered…

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