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TIZ happy with Kapoko’s sentencing

Headlines TIZ happy with Kapoko’s sentencing

File:Former ministry of health human resources manager Henry Kapoko (c)
File:Former ministry of health human resources manager Henry Kapoko (c)

Transparency International Zambia has welcomed the sentencing of Former Ministry of Health Human Resources Officer Henry Kapoko to two years imprisonment by the Lusaka Magistrate court for abuse of authority of office.

TIZ Information Officer Charles Chulu says the sentencing of Mr. Kapoko will send strong self-control signals to would-be offenders.

Mr. Chulu said TIZ does not rejoice in seeing people going to jail but strongly feel that society needs leaders who are champions of integrity, accountability and transparency.

“As TIZ, we strongly believe that it does not pay to involve oneself in criminal activities but rather the results are always unpleasant. In this light, Zambian people expect their leaders of Mr. Kapoko’s standing to abide by the Zambian laws,” Mr Chulu said.

“We further hope that the lesson of sentencing of Mr. Kapoko will compel public officers to refrain from engaging in similar criminal offences that in the end deplete public tax payers’ money.”


  1. Can’t agree with TIZ on this one – contrary the lesson from the sentence to the public service worker is that when you steal K100 you will be jailed for 2 years, you steal about K4m (Liato) you will be jailed 2 years and steal K27Billion (Kapoko) you will still be jailed 2 years – something lame about the law here!

    • I would be elated if Rupiah Banda was handed a similar sentence in the Nigerian oil deal. I still can’t believe that he was left off the hook for theft of such huge sums of money.

    • I hope Kapoko dies in jail quickly since he also killed l people when he stole money intended for heath care. Make sure he doesnt receive any medical help in there!

  2. this is just a token gesture by PF trying to dupe us into thinking the president is serious on fighting corruption, we want the big thieves investigated like the unaccounted $25 million KK air port money, the accounting for the $500 million unaccounted kariba dam money.

  3. Ba LT you should always give a brief back groung to the story, some of us do not know what happened, how much Kapoko stole and when. Poor reporting.

  4. EL ALONE WOULD HAVE MADE HIM WALK FREE .BUT WITH COMPANY OF RB THE NUMBER ONE ENEMY OF SATA AND TO ALL THOSE WHO SUPPORTED SATA. KAPOKA IS ARRESTED. We all know how Kapoko helped Sata’s campaigns financially . By 2016 many of Sata’s supporters will face the wrath of RB through EL

  5. There must not be honour among thieves. Stealing from the poor masses, and using part of the loot to help is still criminality, and must not be encouraged. Think how many innocent people were affected by his evil actions.

  6. Where was this chulu guy from TIZ, he makes timely, objective and Sensible statements.. Always spot on..Goodwell Lungu is a sympathizer of the ruling party especially under president Edgar Lungu so whenever he makes a statement, one can tell that this man is just saying but doesn’t believe in what he is saying. His post at TIZ compels him to speak the way he tries to speak on corruption related issues to do with the PF

  7. Corruption shall never end in our beloved country Zambia because there is no one able to end it and this is the reason why our country shall never prosper because everyone think only for themselves whenever they become leaders of our country.

  8. Corruption shall never end in our beloved country Zambia for there is no one to end it and this is the reason why our mother Zambia shall continue to be poor for there is to make her rich because everyone thinks only for themselves when they become leaders.

  9. corruption is on every level in Zambia, most people in govt institutions are very corrupt, its actually disgusting, but bottom line, most people in these office and Zambia in general don’t have morals.

  10. This has been long overdue. This chap should have been rotting in prison as we “speak”. He certainly did “kill” many Zambians by his despicable actions. I hope all proceeds of his criminal activities have been seized by the state. It should also have been “with hard labour”. Hope he comes out reformed.

  11. TIZ is entitled to call for trial for any accused persons in the country. TIZ must remain clear of political games by presuming the innocence of accuses persons until such paersons are proven guilty by a competent court. However, jubiltation at one outcome over another is not non partisan. It is like congratulating a court officer for fixing a personal enemy. Poverty resists wealth and vice versa. When a person starts to prosper, then you see all sorts of accusations. Let kapoko appeal to the Supreme Court.

  12. And the recovery of the money(Tax payer’s money?? a sad day for our court justice system. Lyato forfeited his loot? how about this chap.

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