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Man arrested for attempting to sale his biological son for K15 000

Rural News Man arrested for attempting to sale his biological son for K15...


A 28 year old man of Chipola Village in Mbala District of Northern Province has been arrested by Police in Nakonde District of Muchinga Province for attempting to sale his biological son at K15, 000.

The incident has been confirmed to the Zambia News and Information services- ZANIS in Nakonde today by Muchinga Province Police commissioner Auxensio Daka.

Mr Daka said Keleby Sikafunda attempted to sale his biological son aged 11 years old.

The Police Commissioner said the incident occurred on Tuesday this week around 11:00 hours at Chozi village in Nakonde District along the Mbala road.

Mr Daka said Sikafunda was apprehended by Police officers who pretended to want to buy the child after which Sikafunda started negotiating the price starting with a price of K15, 000.

Mr Daka said Sikafunda has since been arrested and charged and is currently in police custody awaiting to appear in court soon.


    • @Nubian, is it because of the Edgars team with likes of Kaizer, Davies Chama, Emanuel Mwamba Sunday Chanda… truly those would have been worth sold off when they were teenagers, today they would have been in jungles of South Sudan.

  1. The correct verb to use in this story is “to sell” not “to sale” – ask any Grade 7 pupil to confirm this.

    • And they don’t even know when to stop. It’s sale sale sale throughout the entire article. Anyway, I’ve gone on record many times to admit that we are among fellow Zambians here. And as such we just assume that English was made to be broken. As long as the sound is close enough. sale-sell, sun-son, court-coat-caught… hey anything goes.

  2. …some stories awe sure….the reporter starts the story from the middle to the end….how did it start..?…did this guy advertise that he was selling his son….?…or did the wife report of his intentions…?..what led the police to this emotionless creature of a man….??

  3. Abena Mbala, ninshi kanshi! It is not too long ago when it was reported that a man had been arrested for attempting to sell his daughter…. Ala kufyala no ku sunga!

  4. Whatever the reason, it is not good to sell human beings, especially biological children. I heard of a similar story in NW years back, of a woman who was trying to sell her children, in that case out of inability to take care of them. Only after that did the people step in to help! Do we really have to wait until our neighbours start planning to do such inhuman things to see that one needs help, away from the press? No, let us be compassionate, despite the dollar. Imagine, one of those who were to be sold may be Musamba – very productive!

  5. Could you please make the correction. It’s “SELL” not sale.
    They have a sale at the shopping mall.
    He wants to sell his nice sports car.

    Thank you!

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