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CBU Lecturers end their work boycott

General News CBU Lecturers end their work boycott

FILE: Students from the Copperbelt University protesting against management
FILE: Students from the Copperbelt University protesting against management

LECTURERS and academic staff at the Copperbelt University (CBU) have called off their work boycott.

Copperbelt University Academics Union (CBUAU) president Mwiya Songolo said in a statement released in Kitwe yesterday that the lecturers have decided to resume work for the sake of the institution.

Minister of Higher Education Michael Kaingu on Monday threatened to facilitate the sacking of all the lecturers and academic staff if they did not call off their work boycott by yesterday.

Mr Songolo said: “We have decided to take this decision simply because of the fear of God, who has entrusted us with the responsibility to be stewards for over 10,000 souls who are lovely students.

“It is important for the nation to know that the fear of man has not caused us to rescind our decision but the fear of God,” Mr Songolo said.


  1. Songolo has just made an ar$ed statement! Cowering knows no dignity. With very little prospects you could see yourselves heading for the brick wall in that tightly controlled environment…

    • It’s the fear of Michael Kaingu that has made the supposedly highly educated university lectures to curl their tails between their legs and make a mad dash to work.

    • This must be an under-the-hood move. The VC must have been forced to resign but to make it all seem politically correct, he will volunteer to retire. You will see, it’s just a matter of time.

  2. Comment: At last you are thinking. Think about your family before you make positive decisions. Now see how you look.

  3. Let professionals remain professional. The behaviour of Lecturers and university of CBU staff can not be differentiated from that of mere street vendors. As professionals, you are supposed to be objective and not emotional in the handling of your issues. Like courts of law, they use facts before them to arrive at judgements and so you should in the quest to remove the current management if need be. For now, its good for both the country and students for you to resume work. We salute that decision

  4. …at times one would wonder the quality of the finished product….the grade of our graduates from such institutions with such a bunch of deluded incorrigible instructors….please ba LT, just blacklist any more news from these characters…within three months, they have been on and off the same issue for more than 6 times….eeish..twanakanabo..

  5. If you know that you will not get to where you want to be, don’t start the journey. The effort can be costly. This is just a thought on what has happened or will most likely happen in future. Indecision on the part of the lecturers and academic staff needs to be scrutinized. Should the citizens be sympathetic to them the next time they decide to down their tools? I for one will not be.

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