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Cooperatives under presidential milling plant starts producing Cheap Mealie Meal

Economy Cooperatives under presidential milling plant starts producing Cheap Mealie Meal

Mr Amos Chanda
Mr Amos Chanda

The Zambia Cooperative Federation (ZCF) has started offloading mealie meal on the market in Kasama at a cost of 45 Kwacha a 25 kilogram bag. The staple food is produced under the newly built presidential milling plant. Mealie meal prices in other parts of the Country are as high as 80 Kwacha per 25 kilogram bag.

ZCF Director General James Chirwa says President Edgar Lungu’s milling plants initiative has started proving critics wrong. Mr. Chirwa was speaking in an interview with ZNBC news in Lusaka.

Meanwhile, State House says President Edgar Lungu has intervened in the escalating mealie meal prices in some parts of the country and has instituted measures to bring down the price of the country’s staple food.

Special Assistant to the president for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda says an agreement has been reached between Government and the Food Reserve Agency-FRA where the agency will from tomorrow offload maize to millers at an agreed amount.

Mr. Chanda was speaking in an interview with ZNBC News in Kitwe. He said President Lungu will further invoke more measures to bring down the price of mealie meal if the latest intervention by the head of state does NOT produce results.

And President Lungu has sent a message of condolences to the family of three Chinese nationals who were murdered in cold blood by their suspected employees. Mr. Chanda said the head of state will on Monday, meet the Chinese Ambassador to ZAMBIA to personally deliver his message of condolence and assure the Chinese community in Zambia of their safety.

He said Mr. Lungu has further given police a special instruction to ensure the protection of investors and their property. Mr. Chanda said security will be heightened to ensure that there is no repeat of such killings.

He said President Lungu has also hailed the police for acting swiftly to arrest the suspects.

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  1. Is this a subsidizing effort or is it the Eurobond paying for this appeasement? I hope that spares have been stocked for that rainy day after the 2016 elections when that will not be an issue…

    • Prices of K80 quoted by millers is the real price reflecting the real operating cost. The k45 price is the price mealie was 3 years ago, so With the inflation that has hit the country over the years, how does one justify a price drop of down to K45?

      This is not the real price and is just a gimmick emanating from subsidies provided to millers by Ka Lungu from borrowed money. The country is still in debt, so this will still come back to haunt the same poor people being offered the cheap mealie meal when they are taxed heavily by Lungu his bid to pay back the debt

      Zambians are too smart to be mislead by this poor campaign strategy.

  2. Chiluba did this with chani fisheries for his third term bid but it did not work.
    Some of us who have been here longer know all these tricks and i hope people will see the lies behind this all thing and if by mistake you vote for them net year all these milling plants will disappear only to re-appear again just before another election.
    So if you are wise enough do not be mislead by this.

  3. UPND,u re banking on the current crisis to spur your Tribal party to victory,just wait nd see.We re putting the foot down,it is another kolopa.com come next year!

  4. I understand its a political move,why kasama not choma?this is aimed to windhook foolish voters who dont reason beyond their nose;lets see this is another eurobond being wasted to deceive pipo,wait for projects of such calibre ahead of 2016 elections

  5. Only a fool would believe that mealie meal can be produced that cheaply. If Lungu thinks he can hoodwink people by using government money to subsidise mealie meal this will backfire on him because it will just weaken the economy further and impoverish the already suffering masses who in turn will in anger vote him out in 2016. He surely is a very desperate man surrounded by hapless advisors.

  6. Kasama residents dont be fooled its a political gimick.can u at once prove that u hav brains by votingout this finished so called pf.put tribolism aside and think of the future of your children nd your childrens children.remember a bag of mealie meal cannot bringbac the falen kwacha,it ll not reinstate miners who hav lost their jobs.to by a bag of mealie meal u need to be workng or doing business.in order to do business u need to hav a stable economy in the country.dont be cheated just stand on your principles and remind them their failures if they come cloz to u.vote hh 2016 for a better zambia.

  7. Wonderful, I will buy it all at K45 and sell it all at K80 per bag, thereby doubling my money almost instantly. Nice work if you can find it

  8. Comment: The K45.00 price of mealie mill is not sustainable .I wonder what has come over Mr James Chirwa to mislead the ZCF fraternity when he knows that the cost of production for a 50kg bag of maize in Northern/Muchinga Provinces in the 2015/2016 season is K118.00 at 60bags by 50kg per Ha . ZCF data is 45bags by 50kg per Ha in the provinces. Is he promoting farming as a business for the co operatives or preparing his adoption nest in PF like one Roy Mwaba while in ZCTU.

  9. All you want is things to be bad. Even the most increase of transport and esential comodities are not justified. for your information power in this milling plant is free. if you buy a bag of maize at k70 you produce one and half bags of 25Kg

    • if you sell at 45 per bag, that means you are selling out of one at 45 plus 22.5 which is 67.5, this is less that 70, you are operating at a loss.

    • Power is free?

      Are you really so dull that you think people are giving away solar systems for nothing? They will have to be paid for. From the price of the Mealie meal. Or our taxes. Or the EUROBOND kaloba.

      Think further than your nose!

      And understand when someone is telling you LIES!

  10. Comment: Do we read and remember? ECL said he was going to set up solar powered milling plants in all provinces. And this is what is going to exactly happen. Any thing good is bad for upnd maniacs.

  11. Comment: Kindly re read my observation . Its the cost of producing a 50kg bag of maize by peasant farmers in the 2015/2016 season in the provinces mentioned which is a raw material for the cheap mealie meal price offered.

  12. I have said it before and I will say it again, Zambians are ungrateful people,you are complaining of high prices of mealie meal,When ECL was campaigning he spoke of solar milling plants to be established in all the ten provinces in order to reduced the price of mealie meal, Zambians what is wrong ! The price of mealie meal is up you complain, the price is reduce you complain eh…..is this madness or what ! Pls can we stop appreciating people when they die. To the pf government bravo, hope for more solar milling plants to open. For upnd clap for the pf government.

  13. It can only be K45 until the election.

    Immediately after it will go up to K200 to try and recover all the money lost through selling at below cost. And to pay for the solar mill!

    Wake up you pfools, nothing is for nothing, this is just another donchi kabeba from crooked lying politicians

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