ZAMTEL has donated K240, 000 sponsorship package to the Zambia Squash Association (ZSA) for the Junior Development Programme.

Speaking during the official handing over of the cheque at Lusaka club today, ZAMTEL Chief Marketing Officer Evans Muhanga said the company is committed to supporting the talent of young children from the tender age.

Mr. Luhanga also said the donation demonstrates the confidence ZAMTEL has in the Zambia Squash Association Executive objective of developing vibrant junior programmes across the country.

And National Sport Council of Zambia Chairman Mwamba Kalenga urged young people in the country to take keen interest in nurturing their talent and desist from engaging in illicit activities.

Meanwhile, Zambia Squash Association President Norena Chiteba thanked ZAMTEL for the gesture saying it will go along way in tapping talent in the remote parts of the country.

Chiteba has however bemoaned inadequate squash infrastructure and called on the corporate world to assist in renovating the existing infrastructures and the construction of new ones.

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  1. ah? this loss making company?? , they need a donation of US$ 300 million and yet they are also donating to non productive ventures? thats the job of ministry of sports no wonder you are paying TAX


    • @ Betters, Its a sponsorship package. That’s how companies bring about awareness about their products. you have media at these events and they will be featured on breaks for programmes that are televised or presented on radio and all, thereby increasing the customer base. That’s what they are supposed to do to turn fortunes around if at all they will.



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