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President Edgar Lungu calls on eligible citizens to register as Voters

Headlines President Edgar Lungu calls on eligible citizens to register as Voters

President Lungu address arally at Freedom Park in KItwe
President Lungu address a rally at Freedom Park in KItwe

President Edgar Lungu has called on eligible citizens, especially the youth to register as voters ahead of the 2016 general elections. Speaking when he addressed multitude of youths at freedom Park in Kitwe, President Lungu said the by registering as voters, the youth will be asserting their rights in the governance of the nation.

President Lungu said that he wanted to work with the youth in developing the nation saying yesterday’s rally marks a great awakening for the young citizens in the country. President Lungu thanked youths for rejuvenating the spirit of participating in national issues. He said youths are the engine of national development. The President said youth empowerment should be actualised and that it should bring about meaningful benefits.

President Lungu said the ZCCM shares for the Black mountain in Kitwe will have to go to the people in the area. He urged leaders at the black mountain to ensure that everyone benefits from the Black mountain.

And the President said KCM management has assured him that no one will be retrenched. He has since urged the labour movement to defend the interests of the workers. President Lungu said that he has taken a personal stance to engage mining houses through dialogue to find a lasting solution to the challenges facing the sector.

Meanwhile, PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri urged youths on the Copperbelt to denounce regional politics. Ms Phiri said that all youths in the Province should register as voters. She also said that all suspensions in the party have been lifted.

And Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Chishimba Kambwili said challenges such as load shedding and depreciation of the kwacha cannot be blamed on Government because they are a global issue. Mr. Kambwili who is also Roan Member of Parliament said those politicising the challenges are not helping matters.

Copperbelt Provincial Minister Mwenya Musenge said that PF is silently working hard to upgrade roads on the Copperbelt.

Meanwhile Local Government and Housing Minister Steven Kampyongo said that he will work with marketers to spur economic growth adding access to land will be a priority for ordinary citizens.

At the same rally, Mines Deputy Minister and Wusakile Member of Parliament Richard Musukwa said that Government will only side with investors who have the interest of the nation at heart and not those laying off workers when things get bad.

And State House Minister Mulenga Sata said that the visionary leadership of late President Michael Sata is being manifested through President Lungu.

And PF Publicity Committee Vice- Chairperson Sunday Chanda says the youths on the Copperbelt are ready to give President Lungu a fresh mandate.

Pf Rally in Kitwe at Freedom Park on Saturday
Pf Rally in Kitwe at Freedom Park on Saturday

PF Rally in Kitwe at Freedom
PF Rally in Kitwe at Freedom

Pf rally in Kitwe at Freedom Park
Pf rally in Kitwe at Freedom Park

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  1. This issue of regional politics really beats me. Don’t we see PF being voted for massively in Luapula? That is not regional only in southern. How many seats has UPND in Luapula, Northern and Muchinga? At least PF has a seat in Southern. Please you can lie to people who don’t reason not me. All I need is leadership that is responsive to now and future generations. I am sick and tired of politics of irrelevant matters. We are all suffering both the ones that voted for PF and those that didn’t, regional or otherwise. The best way you can eliminate the regionalism is by equitable resource allocation and making sure the development is everywhere. I know some of you will say whatever you want but starting from Chiluba, we saw how a road from lusaka to Kitwe had to have a bad stretch in…

    • Ba PF you are pooping on Miles Sampa’s parade. After he obtained that $20,000 dollar certificate from the Harvard Kennedy School, he was certain of a full cabinet position but here comes Dora Siliya in her blue lace tightly snugging her soft bums…..eish the man is crying like a baby!

    • It beats you because you have never come to terms. When we say regional party we when to say where he comes from people don’t vote for anyone apart from him. And to make things comprehensive, he himself said it. Why do you guys in the diaspora who work part-time jobs think HH is the best when he is not. He is a thief who has stolen from the Zambian.

    • Visionless PF!

      Its PF bandits destroying the country playing regional politics. Mumbi Phiri as usual yapping. Bandit Kambwili, just admit that you PF hypocrites have failed & finished. The economy & kwacha is beyond PF BANDITS control for they are visionless. PF bandits should be ashamed that the Zambian economy & kwacha are the WORST WORTHLESS PIECE OF Failures. Kambwili is blaming the world economy to the visionless PF cadres economy, SHOCKING!
      5 months left for PF cadres to be BOOTED out democratically. PF has failed in everything, & everything under PF bandits have been the most worthless in the history of mankind.
      The Skeleton Key

    • When is election date kanshi?
      ECZ is being unfair to allow PF to launch rallies for 2016 elections. Look at all the campaign posters etc.
      Nawakwi should lead the lawsuit against this government practices, they lied that Edgar went for work, but infact he went for campaign. Biased ECZ.

    • Didn’t realise ECZ had announced the start of campaign season for the 2016 Presidential elections. EL you haven’t done anything for Zambia it is time for those with a vision to take over.All you have been obsessed with since getting to State house is the 2016 elections not even caring when our economy has been nose diving.

  2. Even after prayers the tone of PF leaders has not changed. If there is a God in heaven, am sure he will answer them appropriately for using his name for political mileage.

  3. Its day 4 of the president visit in the copperbelt province,what suprises me is that there are no notable defections so far recorded.does it mean that all are pf alread? Or the entire president has failed to convice the little that voted for mumba,HH,Nawakwi etc. Anyway i dont know wat this means!

  4. I feel pity for His excellence President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and the PF. This is because despite them wasting billions of tax payers’ money dishing out to people yesterday on the Copperbelt, majority of the residents still have insisted and vowed NOT TO VOTE for the PF and Edgar Lungu in 2016. And for this i feel sorry for our Beloved President Edgar Lungu because his loss will lead him to early grave given his sick condition. It is just early this year when the man collapsed in front of sexualy PF dressed women during women’s day when he spotted some PF regalia dressed women flasing the UPND’s symbol of forward.
    Fellow PF Members, 2016 will be worse and deadly for Edgar Lungu than it was for Rupiah Banda in 2011. Let all be praying for Edgar Lungu so that he doesn’t collapse to hell…

    • Let us all be praying for Edgar Lungu so that he doesn’t collapse to hell after the Chief Justice Her Lordship Ireen Mambilima declares HH as the winner of the 2016 elections with 54%.
      Edgar Lungu we love you so much as our humble but visionless brother, but sorry to tell you the truth and the fact that 2016 is not yours; but it is for the God chosen Hakainde Hichilema (HH). May God be with President Lungu as he winds up his respect as Head of State; the shortest serving Head of state in the History of Zambia.
      Thanks a lot Brothers and Sisters.

    • @ Hildah Malama,

      Obviously you know the inevitable is coming! HH will wiped very clean. The youth on the Copperbelt turn up in huge numbers and this is indeed giving your Under 5 polomwa day in day out. In the midst of the temporal challenges, the youth and NOT the eligible voters turn up in numbers to hear from their President.
      Thank God most of the opposition chaps dont even travel around the country to see how serious President Lungu is with development and no wonder some can even ever dream of Under 5 or any other opposition to defeat PF in 2016. Umwana ashenda atasha nyina ukunaya ubwali when there are better things out there!
      You will collapse imwe ba mubmwe get it from me! Did you see the turn out of voters in Chingola to welcome President Lungu?

  5. It is now clear that the 18th October prayers were called for political expediency and not to repent as a nation. Why does this chi Mumbi Phiri and Chishimba Kambwili talk so sarcastically? Chishimba Kambwili thinks Zambians are dull and can be so easily deceived. In as much as we appreciate global meltdown yet for Zambia it is beyond that. If the fall of our economy was tied to global trends then our Kwacha would not have fallen to other currencies like rand, Malawi kwacha, Botswana pila, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzanians shillings. A fwe months ago our kwacha was .57n to a rand but now it is around .90 yet Kambwili sings that all currencies are falling and it is not his government’s fault. Prices in RSA, Tanzania, Botswana, Kenya, Uganda have not so sharply risen as it is in Zambia where we…

  6. Some pf cadres amaze me, very addicted to regional/trible politics. Why didnt Mumbi think of taking state house to Mongu or Solwezi and campaign from there for 5 days? Pf has been selective in distributing national resources. As long as pf fails to sort out the poor status of the country’s economy, they will not win in 2016.

  7. Agony is asking people to register as voters and after heeding your call, they massively vote against you in the 2016 general elections because of your poor and vision less leadership.
    This is what will definitely happen in 2016. Please Edgar Lungu continue encouraging people to register so that you loss to HH with a wide margin so that your chances of collapsing for BP are minimized.
    Personally, i dont see PF winning next year, even if the kwacha had to appreciate by K1 to $1.
    The UPND should be happy with President Lungu’s call for people to register as voters; he is doing it for them free of charge.

  8. It is disappointing to note that the number of People that attended President Edgar Lungu and his entire PF Political revival rally in Kitwe yesterday is lower than the total number of the new registered voters for Choma central. I attended the PF rally yesterday and it was disappointing because majority of people came across all districts of Copperbelt Province but still failed to match the Choma or Mazabuka new registered voters.
    I am extremely worried for my party PF. All signs are indicating our exist.

  9. Meant to Say:

    I am extremely worried for my party PF. All signs are indicating our exit in government.

  10. @Hilda Hamalama (HH),U re just self gratifying yourself like many Kachemas about winning next year’s elections.These pics u re seeing shows that PF is very strong on the copperbelt.Realistically speaking,there is no UPND on the copperbelt.UPND is only on watchdog nd Southern province. How can you form government with only 27 mps all from southern province and a few from Bantu Botatwe regions.Keep cheating yourselves!!!

  11. @UPND Senior Member, u re a kachema nd stop mascarauding as PF. We know that u re sick nd shocked at the support PF is still commanding on the Copperbelt. You thought our support waned due to the crisis in the nation.To your dismay,people have not bought your lies nd your “southern province” party is headed for another heavy thumping.Kolopa.com,nafuti,nafuti,nafuti, 2016.

  12. Wise people are never influenced by vain things, even trickery. Wise people do not comfort themselves with virtual images but analyse, derive, predict and test outcomes. NEVER COMFORT YOURSELF ON THINGS THAT YOU HAVE NO CONTROL OF, EVEN IF THEY SEEM TO BE ON YOUR SIDE. The PF seems excited at yesterday’s rally but if they are wise, they should stop halucinating.

  13. Businesses have collapsed in zambia. Marketeers are equally feeling it and will not waste their vote on a party (pf) that is failing its people.

  14. ….ECL was quick in mentioning that KCM has promised him that they will not retrench anyone but deliberately ignored to mention what he promised KCM in return….tax concessions etc

  15. Ba lungu can win in 2016 election but It’s so sad again to have party problems bcoz hatred.Lungu we love you but on Sampa we told u that please make him a minister and have more time with him.You can be a great team with Sampa and HH cant match you.Matero pipo love Sampa and notherners are now believing that u don’t Sampa coz he competed with u.Twayamba ukusanda if u want to destroy PF the way u have failed the economy.We need Sampa to be in gud terms with you otherwise PF will say Bye bye next year.U’re so immature in politics and don’t even think u can do it without Sampa.Don’t be cheated.A great leader should love his enemies and be a slave of others.PF needs Sampa in 2021.Please work with him and stop getting advise from pipo who can’t even sell you.Sampa knows how to campaign and…

  16. ECL was given a clear mandate by the Zambian People, he was put in State House to WORK but I think ECL is just having fun and enjoying life. ECL seems not to be seeing what we are seeing. We have massive loadshedding, massive water rationing, high inflation rate, expensive farming inputs, poor roads, poor infrastructure, high levels of poverty, high levels of unemployment, the list goes on and on…

    • But you have your tribal MPs in Southern Province from time immemorial, what have they done to change anything? Everywhere one goes in Southern Province, its a sad story despite UPND chapas boasting that they are intelligent.
      ECL has been in power for only eight months, have you seen how he has transformed Lusaka in particular and Zambia in general? By the time time we get in 2016, I see someone honestly conceding defeat early, watch this space! President Lungu is sharper than your eyes can ever see, believe me!

  17. ECL has lost touch with whatever is going in Zambia. A true leader needs to address real issues. ECL should tell us what his Government is doing about Load shedding and things like that. Everything in Zambia is very costly nowadays. We, us Zambia are paying these guys alot of money per month for them to be bird viewing in State House. It is unfair.

  18. It is only in Zambian where an engineer who lives in the diaspora thinks and blogs like he knows everything. My diasporan friends baffles me, they’ve that inferior complex that you can’t understand!! They’re all over online commenting negative about Zambia as if they know-it all. Where is patriotism? Where is the love? You are the kind of chaps living on part-time jobs cleaning toilets but we are here making it and contributing to the development of this great country.

    • @Buju
      You sound bitter not to have been in diaspora, in diaspora with cleaning toilets we manage to make a decent living and send money to our families in Zambia . Yes if they are all over online commenting negative about Zambia, it is because there is nothing positive about what PF are doing.

    • Its very true, there very few chaps in the diaspora who earn 1,500 pounds or equivalent. When they come here to visit after saving for donky years they get a shock of a lifetime how the patriots living in Zambia have made it in local investments.
      Which Zambian in diaspora leaves and owns mansions like we do? We know why they are bitter because most of the are just toilet cleaners and old home maids. Its hand to mouth kind of living. When we go abroad, you will be luck to meet a Zambian who will take you to where they stay, its pathetic and sad no wonder this hatred. They wanted “good life” in diaspora and the reality has caught with them. They are looked down upon like trash!!!

  19. Time will tell whether camping has managed to hold PF stronghold. If copper belt gets divided, that is the end of PF in 2016. In Lusaka, they have no guarantee that 100% for PF. It could get divided.
    Sampa I think is positioning himself as potential PF leader in case PF loses in 2016. His mobilisation strategy for PF is aimed at cementing himself as possible future successor of Lungu. My view is that he needs to be in PF central committee also.

  20. People who attended the rally were drawn from all towns of CB otherwise PF is just one term project. Zambians are feeling the pinch of ever increasing prices of essential commodities. Pf exit is looming 2016. CB won’t change the country’s political landscape because the people there are also hit by economy

  21. But this edgar cant even talk abt loadshedding,mine job loses,high cost of living,farming imputs bt jst want to make people believe him that he has come to mourn with them.


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