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Artist of the week : Gospel singer Chileshe Bwalya

Headlines Artist of the week : Gospel singer Chileshe Bwalya


Gospel singer Chileshe Bwalya is our Artist of the Week


How she started singing:
“I can remember as far back as when I was 3 years old in kindergarten and through primary and secondary school. However I started ministry when I joined Miracles By Fire in October 2012. It’s one thing to sing because you can and another to sing because you understand why God gave you the ability to do so. I had the ability but I just no purpose, Prophet Mwale and Prophetess Mwale have played a great deal in helping me grow. I did sing for friends and tv commercials and radio adverts but now it’s for Jesus.”

“God has given me so many plans. We embarked on a mission to create a Holy Ghost Network of worshipers and believers to spread the word. My responsibility at the moment is to equip and prepare with other believers for Gods work. Right now we are focusing on spreading the gospel. We plan on advancing the gospel into every area of media movies, tv series and music.”

chileshe bwalywa

Chileshe Bwalya’s  debut album ,Talitha Cumi , was well received by fans of gospel music  and shot to number 1 on the Sounds Top 20 local music chart. 
The title of her album, Talitha Cumi, is an Aramaic phrase which means “Little Girl Arise.” The album ,which was produced by Ikonik studios and Ben Blazer contains 12 songs.
Chileshe shared in a Weekend Mail interview that Talitha Cumi refers to resurrection or the birth of the album as a testimony of how God has raised her from death to life.
“Even the concept of the album is like a resurrection and I am basically referring to situations that point to this,” she said.
The album features songs about marriage, broken homes, lost dreams and songs of worship, all of which reflect the album’s theme of resurrection.
Chileshe began recording the album in the first quarter of the year and wrote some of the songs on the album with some help from other artists such as Ephraim, who also features on the album.
Chileshe has so far had the privilege to perform alongside more established gospel acts such as Ephraim, Damiano and others.
She cites prophet Humphey Mwale as her musical inspiration adding: “He is the one who taught me a lot in terms of music.”
While pursuing a solo music career, the calm toned singer is also a member of the Miracles by Fire Praise team, whose debut album, The Anointing, occupied the number 1 position on the Sounds Top 20 chart earlier this year.


Her Vision:
“Mathew 10:7-8. I was fished out of darkness through people who submitted to Gods word. There are many out there who are the way I used to be. I just want them to know the God that I have come to know. People need to be healed through the word of God that is in the music. Its every Christians responsibility to spread the gospel.”

Charity work:
“I am fortunate enough to belong to a ministry that believes in true religion according to the word of God (James 1:27) there are a couple of projects that the church (MBF) has embarked on to help school going children “AMAKASA PROJECT”
It’s aim is to provide shoes for school going children as many do need assistance in this area, and Miracle Hands also to help widows sustain a living and support and partners with 4 orphanages, one for children living with HIV/AIDS, another for disabled and mentally challenged children aged 13yrs and below and another drop in centre to help children attain quality education .”



“Paka Tu Myumfye” Featuring Ephraim

Tefyo Nali


Ambuye Ngenani







  1. Claiming to Holly and changed now ….ati alileka Ubuchende!! But she is still exposing her breasts to attract attention from young boys!! Her Gospel is taking her to their “Holly Ghost sure” to burn for life!!

    • Your lady you are gifted with a voice, powerful message in your songs, calling and excellent winners’ goals driving an effectual ministry. To you Grace abound and keep growing in your ministry and enjoy your newly blessed marriage.

      Though Satan and his Coterie of lost souls belabor to defame your works, their devotion of smearing the redeemed will always fall flat and remain inanimate until they encounter the Damascus experience by God’s Grace.

    • She should consider employing an international language for her music to sell beyond the selfish bemba speaking people otherwise she wont make enough money from her gospel music business. Zambian gospel business is saturated with bemba songs like hers.

  2. She has a good singing voice . Keep it up mama , spread the gospel, don’t mind the haters they will always be there.

  3. Defenders of the rubbish, young lady if you want to sing gospel turn away from your worldly life and worldly style of singing. What the world need today is heartfelt gospel singing not the way you are advertising yourself like sex queen. Or marketing yourself for marriage, money making scheme.

  4. Why do we Zambians find it easier to give negative responses ?? Just give praise where it is due . This young lady is talented , and she is using her talent to spread the gospel. By hating on her you are not decreasing her God given gift for singing.
    Chileshe please ignore these the ignorant comments .When you are good ,you are good . The cream always raises’ to the top.

  5. Why don’t you sing about African consciousness to awaken your people…wasting your talent feeding the white supremacist monster.

  6. Your ministry blesses me so much!! I still remember when “Mumutende” was released last year, I was going through a tough time. And your ministry, with the entire praise team reminded me that in all the chaos, God was still in control because His plans are to prosper me!! Thank you

  7. Chileshe Bwalya girl your music ministry is everything!! Please do a US tour for us diasporans next year!! Tefyo Nali has been on replay since I got off itunes, the song is my testimony!! Keep it up and just focus on what God has called you to do there’s many of us who love what you do than the children of the enemy who are against.

    To you so called ‘Chilyata’ she does not need to advertise herself because she is a married woman in a Godly marriage. Dont let the devil use you, the devil will use you and destroy, that goes for you too so called ‘ss’

  8. Guys, why are you being nasty? If you are like me and Gospel music gives you the creeps, then just shut up. You don’t have to go nasty on the young lady.

  9. Comment: Chileshe Bwalya your Music is soul lifting.. Can listen to it over n over , Stay blessed .. Until we meet.. I have faith .. U have a Music tour n I will surely get to hear ur music ….it just speaks to Me..

  10. Comment:Heavenly voice and inspiring music. let them talk words are cheap. those critics am sure they wine and dine with the devil. mwalimpususha tata ndemitotela……………………….singing”””””””””

  11. Comment:may the good lord give you more days of your life by continuing healing the souls of many!!!!!that voice has power to heal!

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