Kabimba and Fred M’membe found with a case to answer


Wynter Kabimba and The Post owner Fred M’membe
Wynter Kabimba and The Post owner Fred M’membe

Rainbow Party President Wynter Kabimba and Post Newspapers Editor-in-Chief Fred M’membe have been found with a case to answer on two counts of Contempt of Court and Publishing Defamatory matter.

This relates to a newspaper article titled “Lungu’s Govt is Framing Nchito to Cover Rupiah’s Criminality – Kabimba,” published in the Post Newspapers in February this year, for which former President Rupiah Banda dragged Mr. Kabimba, the Post Newspapers and its Editor In Chief Fred M’membe to court.

When the matter came up this morning for ruling, Lusaka Magistrate Kenneth Mulife placed Mr. Kabimba, the Post Newspapers and Mr. M’membe on their defence after being convinced that the prosecution had established a Prima Facie case against the trio.

Magistrate Mulife further proceeded to set December 14th and 15th as possible dates on which Mr. Kabimba, the Post Newspapers, and Mr. M’membe will commence their defence.
And speaking shortly after the ruling, Mr. Kabimba described the decision of the Court as part of his party’s struggles to ascend to power.
Mr. Kabimba, who spoke confidently, encouraged a crowd of cheering supporters and party members outside the Lusaka Magistrate Court not to lose faith promising that the Rainbow Party will transform Zambia once it forms government.

He states that his party remains committed to the agenda of the Zambian people.

Mr. Kabimba has however, reminded his party members that this agenda can only be executed through them and through the good leadership of the party.

He has since called upon his party members to go out across the country and mobilize the party if they want to see the Rainbow Party bring about change in Zambia.



  1. Kabimba to transform Zambia? kikikikikikikikiki. In his entire political career, he has never won any election, let alone be nominated. From ZRP to PF he never won anything. If he failed to won at constituency level, will national elections be easy for him? kuwaya waya fye.
    Next, let them pay the money they owe us in the name of DBZ.


    • Where is Kabimba finding the balls to talk with authority about forming govt so soon. It’s too soon for Zambian’s to forget that the man is very arrogant, full of himself and just unsaleable. He was rejected in his own constituency. He only tested parliament as a result of Sata’s nomination. He has never won an election in his political life or a case in his professional life as a lawyer. Only M’membe thinks Kabimba can make a great leader.


  2. Mr Kabimba we have only two most attractive political parties in Zambia namely EL -PF and HH-UPND.
    Whether Rainbow campaigns or not a lose is a must.



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