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We have strong youth empowerment policies, go and register as voters- HH tells youths

Headlines We have strong youth empowerment policies, go and register as voters- HH...

UPND Rally
UPND Rally

We have strong youth empowerment policies in our party such as provision of quality and affordable education, skills training and targeted loans facilities that will support investment in many sectors such tourism, small scale mining licenses, agriculture and other areas, says UPND President Hakainde Hichilema.

Speaking when he addressed thousands of Lusaka youths yesterday at NASDEC Sports Complex during the UPND concert dubbed ‘Youths Rock the Vote’ Mr. Hichilema bemoaned the high levels of unemployment among the youths in the country as reason for bad vices in society.

The UPND leader who was accompanied by his two Vice-Presidents Dr. Canisius Banda and Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) said Zambia need the UPND’s robust economic expansion and diversification programmes that will also give them decent job opportunities.

He called the youths across the country to be responsible citizens and refrain from being used as tools in political violence, avoid hate speech and language so as to promote unite and peace in the country.

Mr. Hichilema also appealed to the youths to go to various centers and obtain NRCs and Voters cards as a step towards ending unemployment, poverty and education.

Speaking at the same event UPND Vice President for Politics Dr. Canisius Banda thanked the youths for supporting the UPND but that they should vote out PF in 2016 as only UPND has a clear vision for job creation.

Meanwhile his counterpart for Administration GBM said that PF has failed to govern the country and has no message to sway Zambians anymore.

Mr. Mwamba, who just returned from Southern Province for party activities, told the youths that PF has failed to provide leadership hence laying that UPND is a tribal party.

He called on the Zambian youths not listen to tribal rhetoric being peddled by PF but look for the knowledgeable and capable UPND leadership.

UPND Rally
UPND Rally

UPND Rally
UPND Rally

UPND Rally
UPND Rally

UPND Rally
UPND Rally

UPND Rally
UPND Rally

UPND Rally
UPND Rally

UPND Rally
UPND Rally

UPND Rally
UPND Rally

UPND Rally
UPND Rally

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  1. “IFINTU NAFILUBANA, let those who think they’ve better brains come FORWARD, tubofyeko amano yabo….” (sic) – President EL quoted from Post Newspaper

    Zambia FORWARD.

    Viva #FlightHH2016, Viva UPND.


    • shuwa shuwa! how can someone call someone who is a vice president of another political ati chi GBM,,,, What is if said `ka chagwa lungu ka chakolwa ka lantendeka,,, how wil he feel??!!!

    • Youths in Zambia have always been shortchanged If truly political parties have real youth policies why not start with your management boards? Is there a party with anyone less that 30 on their management board?
      Next those that eventually form government are busy distributing jobs to the FBI ( friends bululus and in-laws)
      when all is said and done look at the landscape of appointments in government parastatals and foreign service it will be the same family names that surface time and again. In the end we go back to the cycle of recycled politicians.
      Look at all the political parties now, same names always next year will even be worse as they all start to parade their large bellies near state house as if mirroring the ones in Addis Ababa drive.

  2. Hh stop lying you presided over the sale of the mines and other parastatals what did we see out of that Apart from ending up yourself rich and becoming stubborn . You can only lie to only those who give you favour for be
    ing trible mates.

    • Give it a rest man. Tamumfwa abunangani saying the same unsubstantiated mess? Showing us the proof would most likely win me over to your arguement not rhetoric. Its like saying ati this woman is circumcised without showing me the proof. First of all it matters none to me if she is and secondly if it did matter i would require proof. Show me ichinena in short.

  3. This man really admires to be in State House. No wonder the Sekwibas, Chisangas, Sichinga and many more who were not Tongas were chased away from this part. What more when they come into power ll other tribes be given chance if come to the thrown. This knows very well that the current problems the country is facing they Groble not only here in Zambia but everywhere. But he wants to crimb on that. Its shameful for this selfish man.

    • Whether you shout from the top of Mount Everest, or from the bottom of the deepest seas about HH selling the mines, you are just wasting your time. It is HH 2016.

  4. Ba Simz, who hasn’t stolen in Pf. Just in Sept Edgar C Lungu organised golf tournament at State House where pf siphoned millions of hard earned tax payers money from Zesco, Napsa, Zamtel and other parastals. Those companies will be audited and ECL will be jailed. If HH store from privatisation of mines take him to court otherwise its an exercise in futility because HH was reporting to the board who in turn made final decisions. HH 2016

  5. Ba hh you have never been even a simple Councillor, not even a one term Mp you simply hijacked upnd presidency by chasing away the Patrick Chisangas, Sekwibas and bena Bob because of yiur regionalism if not tribalism. Leadershp is not like the way you want to lie to us. The current problems we going thru In the ciuntry its not only here In Zambia but its a groble thing. Due foreign and natural shocks. U should be a shameless politician who wants to take advantage even where its not necessary. And If you were to win ll you spare other tribes when we have already witnessed how the other guys from your area are insulting those who do not hail from from Your region Southern? You are not the saviour pls but simply an ordinary man like us, take it easy bamudala

    • Ba “Kaunda” since you are in the U.S please visit a few of their community colleges that almost every county has. They offer English courses for non-native English speakers. The course will help you brush up on basic English/spelling skills.

  6. Looks like we really have a “groble” problem here. We need to educate appeal to the close to 900k new voters to side with ‘abakwatako amano’ before the “groblists” send the country into an abyss.

  7. Looks like we really have a “groble” problem here. We need to educate & appeal to the close to 900k new voters to side with ‘abakwatako amano’ before the “groblists” send the country into an abyss.

  8. This is a very good message from UPND,this is what youths need to hear not insults and demeaning language against political opponents,I
    Like the cal,for unity and avoiding hatred, these are the solutions we want to hear and should UPND win,we then want to see whether their words will be translated into action
    If this is the message ,you have my vote.
    Let us give hope to the youths,let us inculcate good values in the youths,they are our future leaders,not bu kapovwa language we got elsewhere,…please continue but say only what you will do

  9. Well done HH and your team.let us build a nation premised on good values.
    This is what we want to hear from politicians.you have my support
    The youths don’t see a future,tell them what you will do and ask them to participate,also give them a forum to communicate to you what they need and you will be surprised with their input. Engage them,
    Let us change the face of politics ,issue based arguments is what we want to hear.You may not have agreed with Sata but he had a message which he sold very well.he brought a lot of excitement to politics ,and he won the support of many.
    Tuletemwana,tribal politics is archaic,we want a new Zambia that does not embrace tribalism.We are all zambians,.God loves us all.all these characters preaching hatred,let’s get rid of them,let’s embrace leaders…

  10. Is HH a leader or a manager?
    For those who are shortsighted ,HE Edigar Lungu has recently made profound statements and undertook radical steps to inspire and encourage the masses to me that can only come from a passionate leader.Leadership calls for risk taking,bring about unit,inspiring the masses, humility …May the Lord’s will prevail and the enemy of the state be exposed

  11. A voter decides to go and vote UPND, but when he reaches polling booth as he is about to mark his choice he developed cold feet about his choice and feels and marks his heartfelt choce.

  12. Comment:we have seen those rallies before but o we see is upnd folling time after time, remember loading sheding,dollar,copper prices is temperal

  13. I can certainly state here with all the confidence that Edgar Chagwa Lugu and the PF will win the 2016 elections because the President is serious about the affairs of Zambia. Whilst others may not like my comment, the truth is Edagar Lungu is now a tested, focused and committed leader without any doubt.
    If HH was President in the current challenges, I assure you that Zambians could have cried their lungs out. The man could have just been blaming others for the economic woes but with President Lungu, strategies and solutions are in place such solar milling plants which are now producing mealie meal at K45, importation of electricity to cushion the deficit, and the same time delivering serious development in roads, health, education, agriculture and other sectors.
    This is the more…

  14. contd
    This is the more reasons ECL will be reelected massively because the man is just a genius. The youth must never be cheated that because HH and GBM have money, then they have brains NO! If anything, I see them as a desperate lot who have already smelt defeat. Lusaka roads are now all tarred and who expected this? Its ECL and PF all the way, come 2016! Even with global melt down, the jobs of the miners have been saved by President Lungu’s candid leadership whilst HH and UPND chaps want the miners to lose jobs and become destitute.


  16. Please don’t put on a hard hat coz you are not saying anything about what is happening in mines and their possible closiers but only LUNGU is trying!

  17. ba Nellie its not a matter of spellings or going to college. But the kind of lcds we use. Some are narow and some wider dear. what is important is for u to get the meaning.

  18. Next year 2016 I ll vote for pf for continued development. I’m so impressed with what I’m seeing so far.. Lungu is the man for the poor. Yama hh some natural factors shouldn’t be so much politicized

  19. UFO – This is disheartening to hear some Zambians praising Lungu. I wish I was not part of Zambia to continue languishing like I’m today because of this foolish support. Some of us are just suffering the consequences of this foolish support.

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