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Be Forward ‘lost’ my car after payment

Columns Be Forward 'lost' my car after payment


Dear Editor,

Please allow me space in your publication to air my grievances with Be Forward JAPAN.

I bought a vehicle from Japan through Bforward. I sent funds through FNB and Beforward confirmed receipt and gave us a shipping date enroute to Daresalam. However, close to the shipping date, they changed saying that the ship was not yet full and as such couldn’t leave. They then advised a new departure date.

After several e-mails and phone calls, BForward then informed me that the country of destination had been changed from Zambia to Uganda and that the vehicle was already delivered. They couldn`t even explain clearly who gave them instructions to divert the vehicle to Uganda and why they kept saying it hadn`t left. There after I discovered that the vehicle ordered had also been changed from a Mazda Versia to a Toyota Vitz but bearing the same invoice number .How this happened only BeForward knows.

I was then advised to report to InterPol so that this Vitz could be traced in Uganda. Now it has become my problem to trace the Vitz while Bforward takes no responsibility at all. It appears,the fact that they are based in Japan, they`ll have no legal consequences and such they take advantage. Their BForward Zambia office is apparently just an agency and is therefore not liable for Japan`s dealings. Our police is also not very helpful. It appears one has to really be super connected for them to do something.

I would like to warn other members of the Public to be extra careful when buying anything from Bforward. I am told this is not the first time they are doing this and they always get away with it.

Most people will relate how hard it is to buy a vehicle from monetary point of view and to have it stolen is just hard breaking. I hope and pray that one way of another BForward will be brought to Justice.

Thank you

Peter Miyoba

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    • Yes you seek legal advice. From what I know, you can sue in Zambia since that is where you are domiciled. Then your summons will be sent to Japan by your solicitors. If they don’t respond or act in reasonable manner by hiring Zambian lawyers to defend them, then the court can determine the matter in default. In which case your solicitors will then engage a japanese solicitor to effect the court order. Remember if they lose the case all this will happen at their cost. SEEK LEGAL ADVICE!!!!

  1. If its true that could be sad and a unique one. I have bought vehicles through the Zambia agency along cairo road and they are very good. You get a tracking form till the vehicle lands. I don’t know or understand how that happened. They have been very good. It could be that maybe you paid wrong agents or bought through a wrong BF. Japanese don’t still.

    Sorry anyway.

  2. This is not the first time I have heard this. Others have had their vehicles towed from Dar or Nakonde to Lusaka because they were defective.

    Buyers be ware of Be Forward.

  3. The is a lot of issues with beforward. I have used tradecarview with no problems. One thing to avoid is communicating with sellers via email. Most of these are Nigerians that come up with all sorts of tricks numerous to mention here. Tradecarview you create a user name and password were you login to trade. Never communicate via email because email get intercepted or can be from a fake site.

  4. Sorry dear but I have been buying from them (cars for re-sale) and have never heard of a missing car….there is always the first time but i hope you will have a breakthrough in the case….sad reading indeed.

  5. It is very very heart breaking for something like this to happen and as you rightly put it, saving up to buy a car and have it go missing is very unfortunate. Surely, they should be responsible until the vehicle is handed over to you? Hopefully insurance covers this if it was included in the purchase price?

  6. Trade carview is more secure,because the seller doesnt get the money until the vehicle is shipped and BL produced and availed by shipping line.
    SBT is also very good!

  7. It is Nigerians who pretend to represent Be Forward.Look at their website,there is a warning against responding to fake e-mails representing them. Sad story.

  8. Sad story. However in June 2015 I bought a vehicle for my wife through B Forward Japan. The vehicle arrived safely at Nakonde in July. I had very good interactions with their Lusaka and Nakonde offices. Since this was the first time I was using B forward, I found their car tracking system a useful tool as I was informed at every stage with car documentations uploaded on their system for my download before I finally received the original car documents. This said B Forward should still help our colleague in resolving this matter. They cannot simply fold their arms if indeed they did receive payment.

  9. Kwati pali naka motoka. Aka less than $200 eko you are busy on an anthill blowing your trumpet. Kanye kapoli iwe

  10. I have bought more than 7 vehicles from Beforward and i have never had a problem with them. When you buy from Beforward, the vehicle has a warranty until it reaches Nakonde. When you pay through Zampost, the vehicle has also comprehensive insurance if you use them to deliver up to Nakonde or your home.
    There are a lot of fictitious accountsaacount

  11. Beforward come out and answer these questions here. Obviously you have a lot of support in Zed but this could evaporate with such stories

  12. Peter, that’s an extremely sad story. I have dealt with these guys and never had any problems. I really hope you never went to a rogue website. There are a few fake Beforward websites which appear genuine. The authentic website is www dot beforward dot jp. Scammers may omit one “r” from the word beforward and to an unsuspecting eye, that may appear genuine.

    • You could be right here. This guy, Peter Miyoba, says BForward and sometimes BeForward. These are different names. He could have been conned by Nigerians who know how to scam. He should have read and heeded the warnings on the BeForward website before remitting the money. You just miss out one letter and you’re dealing with scammers.

  13. I find it strange that people still buy cars from Japan even when the were reports of nuclear exposed vehicles being offloaded to developing countries after the tsunami…how can waste money on those vehicles when you can get reliable MOT tested vehicles cheap in England.
    The author does even tell us what he ordered and when, his name to valid his story for all we know he might be another competitor.

    • Imwe ma Zambians! A new car is a new car. Stop buying these death traps. No amount of money will get you a new life!

    • Its a neo-colonial mentality to all the time want to trade with your former colonial master, to rely all the time on your former colonial master for everything. That way he continues to control you even after your so-called independence. You will notice that those who were colonised by the French have a tendency to think everything they do even illegal migration, should be centred around France. Those colonised by the Portuguese also think Lisbon is their nucleus. Japan is at least an alternative although not exactly what is needed for Africa. What is needed is for Africa to make these implements itself. What stops us? Lack of belief in our capacities. Governments in Africa should be working on this. It is 50 years after we chased the coloniser. Had we been serious we should have by now…

    • @Emancipate… – Are you new to this platform? You clearly you don’t know what is taking into account in manufacturing cars from new, even the power demands are simply not there to start, that before I even get to how many people can effort one and the raw materials.
      If you want to fight neo- colonialism start with removing Religious Education (RE) in schools and encourage knowledge of self…what impact do you think black kids have when the see their parents hanging a picture of a white fictitious man called Jesus and worshiping to it.

  14. Had we been serious we should have by now created citizens who are proud to be Africans but we have Africans who are only ready to denigrate their continent and to admire mightier nations from the grandstand. The governments create citizens who want to spectate not to take part. Governments perpetuate neo-colonial mentalities by still clinging to Europeanised education systems instead of focussing on creating graduates who look to themselves for solutions

  15. I always recommend SBT JAPAN !

    SBT is the best option to import vehicles , they care about customers and there needs.

    they give good quality vehicles and competitive prices

  16. I don’t think u used the right be forward I have bought vehicles from them I never experienced any problems. Sorry my brother.

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