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First Lady attends the cremation of Murdered Chinese

General News First Lady attends the cremation of Murdered Chinese

First Lady Esther Lungu breaks down during the burial of the three Chinese nationals who were murdered on the Copperbelt. This was at Kitwe-Chingola road Cemetery in Kitwe on Tuesday, November 3,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
First Lady Esther Lungu breaks down during the burial of the three Chinese nationals who were murdered on the Copperbelt. This was at Kitwe-Chingola road Cemetery in Kitwe on Tuesday, November 3,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

The three Chinese business executives who were killed by bandits in Kitwe last week have been cremated at the Chingola Road cemetery.

First Lady Esther Lungu, who attended the cremation, said that the killing of three Chinese nationals on October 26 in Kitwe’s Garnatone area was regrettable.

Mrs. Lungu said that the Zambian people were devastated at the gruesome murder of the three. She said the death of the three Chinese nationals should not break the relationship between Zambia and China that has existed for decades.

The First lady said government is doing everything possible to bring the culprits to book.

Mrs. Lungu said this during the cremation of the three Chinese nationals at Kitwe Chingola Road Cemetery on Tuesday.

Mrs Lungu said that President Edgar Lungu is saddened that Zambians can behave in such a manner and has since directed the police to bring the culprits to book as soon as possible.

And Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Yang Youming has appealed to the Zambian Government to arrest the criminals that murdered the three Chinese nationals and take necessary action to safeguard the Chinese community.

Mr. Youming said China will continue working with Zambia to strengthen their relations.

He said the Chinese community is touched that First Lady Esther Lungu attended the funeral of the three Chinese nationals that were killed in Kitwe.

Meanwhile, Kitwe District Commissioner Chanda Kabwe said that three people have since been arrested in connection with the killings and will appear in court soon.

Mr. Kabwe also disclosed that the police have intensified patrols in Garnatone in view of the killings.

The three are Wang Gang, Yu Xiao Bin, Wang Hui of Golden King Investments, which deals in building materials, and employees about 70 Zambians.

First Lady Esther Lungu pays her last respects during the burial of the three Chinese nationals who were murdered on the Copperbelt. This was at Kitwe-Chingola road Cemetery in Kitwe on Tuesday, November 3,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
First Lady Esther Lungu pays her last respects during the burial of the three Chinese nationals who were murdered on the Copperbelt. This was at Kitwe-Chingola road Cemetery in Kitwe on Tuesday, November 3,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

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  1. Sad, but Esther should do what other Chinese were doing, not solemn face, because certainly this hurt the Chinese more than her.

    RIP, gents.

  2. No one deserves to be killed by anyone. hang the criminals and show their bodies to the rest of the country. Or give them life sentences. Condolences to the families of the deceased.

  3. Continue killing the bargers so that they know that we are tired of thier mistreatment. we have suffered enough economically under these *****s.

    • No, no, you never meant what you said, do an examination of your soul, you difinitely have one. You are a Zambian, the next day you may be in Canada, we do not expect the Canadians to brutally kill you because you are working from there. Love has brought you this far, be humane.

  4. This murder, just like others, was senseless and the perpetrators deserve the highest punishment possible. However, one cannot but feel that the Zambian representation at the highest level is a bit puzzling. I do not know how important these Chinese were, but would the Copperbelt Minister not have ably represented the President, it had to be the first lady?

  5. The killers are just intimidated by the influx of the Chinese population in the country. Sad as it is but we are more likely to see the increase in such crimes especially with so much unemployment in the country. Insala too much and now people are resorting to crime.

  6. Zambia is a beautiful place, and so are the people of Zambia, who are friendly and kind. It is sad to see these brutal characteristics emerging. Lets find answers to these happenings, before they escalate. A positive response is what we need, even in the wake of such pain. Condolences to the bereaved families.

  7. @ Saimbwende, even if the three Chinese nationals who were murdered were not VIPs you should know that their funeral deserved the highest level of Government’s representation the fact being that their deaths where not natural but murder by Zambians, killing any foreigner by the locals can spark a lot of international condemnations and we may end up loosing good international relations with other countries and in the end foreign investment may be lost just like that, so my dear, we must thank and commend the First Lady for representing us, at least this has shown our Chinese counterparts that as Government we don’t support such activities. RIP gents.

  8. I can see comment @anonymous is gathering cloud of anger from some sympathizers, lets not judge him, there might be a root of problem that caused their deaths. Chinese are terrible racists than you can imagine, I was in Beijing couple months of ago visiting a friend who is studying, I could see open separateness between Africans and Chinese students in university premises that forced me to ask some Chinese dudes about the situation, which they said can’t do things together because Africans are HIV positive, rape, thugs. Differently in the way we treat Chinese in Zambia.

  9. There is no sorry after death. Sorry will never bring back their loved ones. It s very shamefull for people of this country to kill people who came to assist them develop. Then why are they crying about the economic downturn when they do not seem to appreciate development? This is a wake up call for the leadership and people of this country that Security and safety in Zambia is fragile and they need to address it seriously. The Chinese people are hardworking and they came to develop this country and they need to be protected. Their Leader in this country has shamed Zambians and its Leadership to gave them a lesson at the funeral, and taught them that they ought to respect and protect them, for the so much work and contribution they have done for this country than to kill them , and he…

  10. I disagree a bit with Peter above, as I have learnt that some Zambians are wolves in sheep’s skin. I am Zambian myself and this country has never been safe for me, as people have mostly treated me with malice because of my frequent travels abroad and having lived and worked abroad. Then coming from the diaspora with things I worked hard for, I have become a target by such wolves in sheep’s skin. Some Zambians seem to have a hidden evil of malice envy and jeolousy of things they cannot afford, and if State institutions have allowed them to posses what they can’t afford or understand, such people end up attacking others in the communities, as they got away with such impunity before. Then even suc destruction, they know that the State has ni money to replace what they have stollen and…

  11. In response to Viyazi Tembo’s comment, the two countries, china and zambia ought to find out what caused those murders and work effectively at eradicating such cause if they are to deal with any motivated crime. Human beings are rational thinkers and they like to equalize their sufferings.I was deprived of my vehicle by a foreigner just because he was in the presence of the Minister of Security labour and social services. Yet I worked hard abroad and bought that vehicle from very far away and I have been degraded to an inhuman treatment, and I wonder what the Minister and the state think I am going to eat, Such foreigner hired my vehicle, but at a function officiated by that Minister, he gave my vehicle away as a prize to someone else.I have been deprived of my bussiness and the state…

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