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Post Newspaper Should Pay All Taxes Within 90 days, High Court Rules

Headlines Post Newspaper Should Pay All Taxes Within 90 days, High Court Rules

HIgh Court
HIgh Court

The Lusaka High Court this afternoon ruled that the Post Newspaper should continue to operate but ensure that it meets all its tax obligations within 90 days.

High Court Judge Mwinde Siavwapa granted the order of stay on the basis that not doing so has the potential to lead to the closure of the paper.

Judge Siavwapa ruled that the Post Newspaper should remain duty bound to continue to paying its tax obligation s for as long as it remains a going concern.

The court also ordered the Post to make itself current on its tax obligations with ZRA.

Last Friday, the ZRA, in the company of armed police, made several attempts to close down The Post under instructions claiming payment of K16.9 million as penalties and accrued VAT and PAYE, an amount which has been disputed by the newspaper.


    • What is happening to the post newspaper should be a lesson to everyone including those in government today. Days are numbered. Ba M’membe under Sata thought the clock had stopped moving- but as always the Zambian people watched patiently. Nomba who is laughing?

    • There was a time when everyone in diaspora wanted to read the latest issue of the Post online but what did Fred do? he started charging and censored comments..he got arrogant and greedy..just like he has done with paying bills. Only a fool would empathize with this man.

    • There was a time when everyone in diaspora wanted to read the latest issue of the Post online but what did Fred do? he started charging and censored comments..he got arrogant and greedy..just like he has done with paying bills. Only a f**l would empathize with this man.

    • They thought kissing Sata’s asss was going to protect them for ever. Michael this Michael that. You brought in this mess now deal with it.

  1. Dear Post Newapapers

    Tomorrow am coming to donate at least K10,000 towards this tax bill of penalties and interest.

    You will never walk alone!!

    • We now know the post have an interest in who is in government, if not they would have been paying their taxes. Donate your money to the poor unless you are also involved.

    • Mate,

      Who says Mundandu family is in abject poverty.

      Watch the space….the Post will survive, flourish and harangue PF and Lungu.

      We are donating to pay the tax ransom!!

  2. Shame on the minions, they have lost another battle. Not a fan of Fred but he is a necessary evil in country’where there are plenty of illiterates who think closing a newspaper to collect tax makes sense. How do you get more eggs after killing the chicken.

  3. Are we going to see the ZRA pursue all companies who owe taxes with the same vigor? My guess is no. The Post can be shut down today but the suffering of the masses won’t and that is what is going to undo the Lungu regime.


  5. So so ultimately each one of us has a responsibility to give to Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser. There have been many immature statements on this forum regarding unsettled tax obligations owed by the Post Newspapers. There are alot companies that have received Demand notices from ZRA which are working silently to pay to the treasury. Yes the Post is an important player in the dissemination of news, but that does not mean they must not pay taxes. These days even the churches are paying taxes on imported motor vehicles, what more a business entity. Come on pay and move on in any case we are doing business in the same environment.

  6. Double standards are sign of being retarded. Unless ZRA goes after Daily Nation, New Vision, Daily Mail, Times of Zambia, ZNBC, with the same venom, they will be practicing embarrassing double standards! Like it or hate it, the Post, as silly as it is, has the right of existence in this country! If you can’t appreciate this basic principle, then you are Jihadist! The Post should be given a tax payment plan that is consistent with its cash flows!

  7. I commit to support the Post financially. I am not a fan of Fred but I want to ensure the Post survives for the sake of democracy, accountability and transparency. I will pay K24,000.

    • Spot on…..I am around that ball park figure too!!

      I love the brother who has assured the Post that they won’t walk alone!!!

      Alluta Continua…!!!! Amandra ……. ngawetu!!

  8. Humbly appealling to government also to consider paying retirees penalty for their delayed benefits as their dues have since become valueless.Courts please also help the poor.

  9. its irritating and emabarrasing to be zambian,look at how petty our leaders are every one knows that the post is being persecuted beacuse they are anti the new PF,can the now efficient ZRA tell us how much Times of Zambia and Daily mail owe them?

  10. To think this signals the demise of the post is being naïve. The post will survive this. But like I have said before this is time for them to reflect. How did they manage to pile on themselves so much chagrin from ordinary citizens? The moment they chose to sleep with MCS they alienated themselves from people who looked up to them for a voice. We will stand by you but never abandon us again.

  11. The number 90 has a special meaning for PF, – New Constitution within 90 days, More money in your pokects within 90 days and now the Post Newspaper to pay ZRA within 90 days. The fisrt two 90 days proclaimations were not fulfilled, I’m not sure if the one for The Post Newspaper will be fulfilled.

  12. Kikikikikikikikikikiki,People this verdict has not in any way resolved this puzzle. I feel 90 days is not enough to enable Mmembe mobilise k26 million and where is it going to come from?The company itself has liquidity problems nd to cough up k26million within 90 days is as good as procrastinating closure. Mmembe has met his match this time around! VIVA ECL!!!!

  13. WHY 90 day tax law is weak/selective law enforcer on the ground gives 10 days and u give 90 in football when there is a penalt ref points to the spot he dus not put it outside z box although he has powers this is to maintain order and enforce rules.i m not happy mwalufya sana post eyilelenga ukuti civil servants belafolabwangu. Zra appeal let them pay within 10 days

  14. In every country with its name the revenue section has mandate to conduct forfeiture exercises and or attachment of assets to recover what is due to the nation. In our country this boy (Mmembe thinks he can fool every one all the time. ” You can fool some of the people some of the times but you cannot fool all the people all the time” Sometimes even chance may not be on your side. In South Africa a youth league leader forfeited assets that included houses, farms and household materials because the courts found him guilty of tax evasion. Here in Zambia Mmembe has lived like a monkey in a Banana Republic choosing to eat all bananas. The reason people think Mmembe is being crucified is because this crooked boy has hit a rock. He cannot lie anymore only insults have remained in his useless…

  15. Fred M’membe you shouldn’t throw stones if you live in glass house…how can you be critical of the gov’t recklessness when you yourself your house is not in order and poorly managed….its laughable when I read yesterday’s post and M’membe’s childish rants, the man has never changed still misuses that paper as his toy…this is not a business with shareholders or a board no wonder its has not been paying up taxes and salaries.


  17. To support the Post, let well meaning and freedom loving people buy 10 copies each morning of the Post to distribute to far flung areas.

    Long live the Post; long live Freedom!!!!

    • The fact is that this newspaper bears a large portion of the blame for getting the useless Clown Sata and his ignorant, incompetent and corrupt PF elected. So Zambias current shambles and economic downfall is part of their responsibility.

      Waste your money buying 10 copies if you want, it is your (now almost useless) money.

      But toilet paper is still cheaper (unlike in Venezuela where is is unobtainable at any price ) and probably more factually informative too!

  18. …I was about to be sympathetic with Fred but then the sour memories of 2011 pre election dawned on me and I withdrew the sympathy….but then again I thought of the present Zed without the post,.., will mean we shall remain only with ZWD to get the other side of political news….I’m confused…I need help please….

  19. The best way to raise money for a company is not donations but floating the shares on the stock market so that zambians can have a stake in the post. If he sold shares to zambians Mr Mmembe will raise enough even to clear DBZ loan

    • You think selling shares in a company is as simple as selling Vitumbua in Soweto market….really laughable…moreover newspapers don’t sell anymore only our parents are buying them every morning, who wants to read yesterdays news with social media available in the palm of your hand.
      You telling me that you would invest your hard-earned money in a flea that doesn’t pay its workers and taxes..god knows what other bad debts and loans Meembe has in name of that paper.

  20. I have no sympathy for Mmembe, kabimba and their post. These are the pipo who waged a smearing campaign against HH, portraying him as a tribalist and pipo believed them. Mmembe and post, i dont like u.

  21. Mmembe wanted Mills Sampa for president in the 2015 elections of not paying taxes and debts. Now he is supporting clueless Kabimba.

  22. Ka Rowena I hope you are not being screwed by the homo. So you actually have cash to pay please pay quickly we need to pay our teachers. Membe walilawalila mwana

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