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UPND is Strong enough to unseat PF with no help from alliances-Kakoma

Headlines UPND is Strong enough to unseat PF with no help from alliances-Kakoma

Charles Kakoma
Charles Kakoma

“WE have the strength to win the 2016 general elections even without going into an alliance with any of the opposition political parties,” United Party for National Development (UPND) spokesperson Charles Kakoma has said.

Mr. Kakoma said his party was stronger after gaining ground in most of the ruling party’s strongholds and that nothing will prevent it from assuming power next year.

He said while it was important for opposition political parties to work together for the common good of the Zambian people by ensuring that the PF was removed from Government, the party was strong enough to unseat the ruling party.

Mr Kakoma said Mr. Munkombwe’s assumption lacked merit because the opposition was not depleted and that it was wrong for him to say that opposition political parties were preoccupied with fighting each other at the expense of strengthening each other.

“If Mr. Munkombwe believes that no opposition can win next year, we are here to correct him that if all these other opposition political parties will not manage to remove the PF form Government, UPND will do it whether alone or through an alliance.

“We are the strongest opposition party as at now and we have the strength to win an election next year,” Mr. Kakoma said.

He said it was nothing strange to have a single party winning an election in Zambia because history had demonstrated that nothing was impossible as Zambians knew what they wanted, adding that his party was open to working with other parties.

But Lusaka Province Patriotic Front (PF) youth chairman Kennedy Kamba has charged that his party would win with or without the opposition forming an alliance because it had delivered on most of the promises it made to the Zambian people in 2011.

Reacting to veteran politician Daniel Munkombwe in yesterday’s edition of the Daily Nation who said no opposition political party was capable of removing the Patriotic Front (PF) from government unless they formed an alliance, Mr. Kakoma said his party did not need an alliance to win next year’s election.

“History is very clear about what has happened before on the political arena in Zambia because some parties have demonstrated before that they can win as single entities without working with any other party.

“In 1991 the Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) came into power without merging with any other party. The same happened to PF in 2011; so what will prevent us from winning?

“We have the political strength to win next year but we value working together with others because we have a common goal and our goal is to liberate Zambians from economic mismanagement,” he said. But Mr. Kamba said Mr. Munkombwe was right in his observations because there was no credible opposition party in Zambia.

He noted that Zambia’s unprecedented development under the PF Government would be a yardstick for measuring the outcome of next year’s elections, adding that PF was not worried about the 2016 elections because it had done a lot to deserve another mandate. “With or without an alliance by the opposition, we will still win because people have seen what we are capable of doing through the massive developmental projects we have initiated and those we are implementing throughout the country.
‘‘We are winning the 2016 election, no doubt,” Mr. Kamba said.


    • Mr. Kakoma, don’t even talk about next year, even today, if general elections are called you’re assured of a landslide victory. Edgar and his PF, in their so-called strong hold of Copperbelt were booed and jeered when he and Chimbwi attempted to address the miners. No one wants any association with this clueless, thuggery bunch anymore. VIVA HH, VIVA UPND!

    • I think i now Love Edgar Lungu.. he really is humble.. Just when the economy is crumbling he humbles himself and calls for national prayer… just when the energy crisis is deepening he humbles himself and appoints a journalist and a clergy to run the Ministry of Energy… and amazingly the Kwacha has adopted his traits and it is now behaving in a very humble fashion in comparison to other currencies… humble yourselves all yeah Zambians for the problems thou art facing are Global…

    • Kakoma is right and any level headed political genius knows this will be the hardest fought election ever in the history of the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise. It will be won by whoever has the best ground game not wits.

      The notion that he who wins State House next simply exhales a gale of fibs and just shoulders his way through until his electorate, some hapless citizen, surrenders is not only preposterous but also gullible.

      This coming up election is unusually serene. Buyer (Presidential Candidates) beware … I rest my case.

    • One annoying thing from both Charles & Kennedy is that they are talking as if its the two of them racing on a track. They forget the third & most important player who’s the electorate. You need to constantly work on reminding us to follow you. The moment you detach from the electorate & become arrogant is the moment you will fall.

  1. Only a Tonga can rule UPND says HH. And the rest of Zambia say no Tonga or Lozi will ever rule Zambia because of their selfishness and greed. Ifi batonga fyaliitemwa.

  2. Mr Kakoma at the end of the day it is the majority Zambians that will decide. Keep in mind that Tongaz are a minority Zambian.

  3. What is happening today? Has the Green Party Leader Peter Sinkamba already started distributing his home grown dope to opposition leaders or what?

    First it was Kabimba asking to bail the Post and now Kakoma thinking he can win and outright election victory without help from any Opposition or Alliance? No party has ever scored 50 +1 in Zambia after Chiluba? And these people think they can do it? I wouldn’t be that arrogant? Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

    2016 will be a different beast and for your own information huge voter turn out will not only happen in Southern Province. It will be country wide and the truth will be revealed.

    • A merger between say UPND and FDD would pretty much guarantee an opposition victory. Going it alone is risky. MMD in 1991 was a different election altogether. PF in 2011 was the result of coming close in two previous elections. UPND has not come close again except for the one time under Mazoka. I would say Mr. Kakoma must swallow his pride for the sake of all of us who are fed up with the spectacular collapse of our beloved Zambia

    • FDD is a spoiler all the way… I would not even think of them. By the way, there is no other opposition in Zambia other than the ever growing UPND. MMD is in the doldrums, Rain-ball has no following, Green party has no following, Narep only exists on paper…. come on guys… only UPND is the opposition in Zambia….. whats going on with you… guys!

    • But you know what will happen! Major clash of egos ‘tween HH and Tinkerbell Nawakwi! They’ll pull each other down for Leadership and the name calling will put public off. It just won’t work even if they swallowed their pride to try. PF again. They are organised, and the last year has been about meeting the challenges of volatile Markets, China, USA have put a spanner in all economies. Hardly PFs’ fault.

  4. Honestly, you are not a standout party (welcoming all these recycled politicians has not been a wise move in my opinion) BUT you have my vote for 2016 because the PF and EL seem incapable of making solid, well thought out, intelligent decisions.

  5. I drove my collora to some rural area and found the tarred roads campaigning for pf. I was very surprised.

    • SM and The Mambas – So, it is very difficult for you to understand that a good road network is a catalyst for development in those areas? You “eat” the road by being able to access inputs and transport your produce to markets (if you are hardworking). If you are not hardworking, you urinate on the road.

  6. At the moment, it is just PF vs UPND or Barcelona vs Real Madrid. It is a tough game indeed; but let us wait and see. PF is relying upon EL to score while UPND is relying upon HH to score !! The stadium is at full capacity and supporters from both sides are shouting lets go! Lets go! We are remaining with about 10 months before the final whistle! UPND has lost twice to PF but this time around UPND has improved tremendously and it is number two on political ranking. New players like GBM, Mucheleka to mention but are a few are in the first line up.
    Is the game going to extra time or straight into penalties incase nobody scores in 90 minutes? Please someone pick it up for more commentary!

  7. we are not surprised with the statement coming from UPND , They have been claiming to won the elections in 2001 and 2015 through opinion polls and their pride. to tell you the truth zambian politics is not only about paper policies but also other issues like tribal of which our friends in the in the other camp are known to lovers of their tribe only and they have a mentality of only our own can change things and this can be seen through their voting pattern in their province.

  8. Dear Mr. Kakoma, your illusion is something that only you believe in. The truth is that will be too good to be true, because it won’t be true. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Thinking that HH will be President next year is more delusional than me thinking that Beyoncé Knowles will fall head over heels in love with me. But then again I probably have more of a chance.

  9. Kwena abantu tabalapila. For how long are you going to be held in derision? 2016 is a different ball game. You had the best opportunity in 2015 January and start celebrating even before we could vote. Welcome to the most embarrassing election you have never faced Mr Kakoma. Don’t be cheated that UPND has penetrated the PF strongholds just like PF should never be deceived to believe that they can amass votes from Southern Province.


  11. Is it true that Mr Samuel Mbilishi (Cabinet Minister and MCC during the Kaunda regime) passed on last month and the PF government did not accord him a state funeral? How unfair, especially that mere kaponyas are given state funerals.
    As for the issue at hand, PF will not have it easy next year. Things have taken a downturn in Zambia. If anyrhing there is nothing to write home.

    • The Kwacha was at 5000 to the dollar before the rebasing nonsense – who told you that a currency appreciates when you rebase? What has changed on the ground to support a strong Kwacha?

  12. Munkombwe is in fact the one who made UPND lose January presidential polls because of his divisive language. UPND was on course of winning the elections until at the last moment when the old man messed up everything due to his uncontrolled tongue. HH 2016

  13. UPND, think twice before u say anything on 2016 elections. 2011 PF had proper leader SATA. HH is a satans no matter the economy of zambia is to day UPND and HH wont win elections 2016. HH and his party are SATANIC and zambian dont want to die premature death like what happened in MWANAWASA who killed the all his family including the mother, ZAMBIAN are saying NO,NO ,NO, NO to HH AND UPND SATANIC. It better pipo vote fro FDD or GREEPARTY these parties are christians.

  14. The only time UPND will form government is when the realize their weaknesses and confess to the rest of Zambia. UPND is a tribal Tonga under5 party. As usual they will win in Southern province and lose anywhere else.

  15. Kakoma is the man who can’t even win in his home village. As a matter of fact he shamelessly surrendered his constituency to the PF candidate, only a few moons ago. Now what can he tell us?

  16. Kakoma sung that same song during the January elections but what happened?
    UPND will be in opposition for a longtime to come.

  17. I think UPND and their supporters are useless! They are giving useless examples, you are not MMD or PF. Tell us how you are going to win the Elections, don’t tell us how others won the elections. UPND can’t win elections because it is full of dunderheads.

    • Zambians lets be serious this old fashioned story of Tribe and election victory ,which has plunged Zambia deep into economic doldrums should be condemned by any well meaning Zambia. We need to elect a leader with the necessary capability to develop this country.PF has failed if we allow it to continue ruling beyond 2016,Zambians should expect the worst including civil war. We shall see if people will eat tribe. HH is the man and its a must win to save Zambia.


  19. When you order food in a restaurant and u are served there and then jst know that u have ordered simple meal but if u are kept for longer just know that yours is a special one.You may have failed at one time but don’t get discouraged for yours is a special one.Brother Kakoma you are destined for it.When God says yes no one can say no.

  20. Free fall kwacha at its best. It is hot and nabody can control it till nature take its course of action. Every opinion is right to the originator, don’t just yes/no give reasons for your utterance….

  21. iye tata ehh,look who is talking,isnt this the Kakoma that lost his seat to a fuel attendant? I think upnd members need more sleep coz their dreams are not manifesting correctly.

  22. I think PF will win. They have 4 strongholds-Luapula, Muchinga, Eastern & Northern, while UPND has Southern, Western & NW. Central is 50, 50. GBM cannot win Northern for UPND. PF will not lose votes in Lusaka & CB terribly.

  23. That’s a foolish statement from Mr. Kakoma. We need every Zambian who love this country to vote for UPND. Mr. Kakoma is becoming proud for nothing and has started behaving like a PF cadre. We are looking for a party that has a heart for the people and ready to develop this nation. A party that will listen to its people. It is not a question of just winning the election, but what that party can do for a nation. We are not looking for people who are corrupt, who will do half baked or substandard job in order to get a cut. Therefore, Mr. Kakoma should stop ranting like Hon. Kambwili or Mr. Sunday Chanda.

    • Micheal Bwalya, since we are looking for a party has a heart for the people, the best way to do this is to have a LIVE television debate for ALL the PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES. This would be where they will sell their ideas and PEOPLE WILL BE ABLE TO JUDGE FOR THEMSELVES

  24. Kakoma should’nt talk like he is holding my voters card.2016 will be a huge and competitive battle ever.Small parties will suffer with no voters.The battle is between PF and UPND.20 jan presidential bye election was enough to teach doubting thomas that anythin is capable off winning.PF was suppose to humble itself,the party was almost thrown into the dustbin.Roads couldn’t speak for PF.

  25. Kakoma stop daydreaming please. That kind of thinking is a recipe 4 political suicide and landslide electoral loss. Stop deceiving our able and adorable leader his excellency, professor HH that he has arrived and all is well with him. He stil has a long way to go owing to the large number of illiterate and gullible electorate in this country. Munkombwe much as u may not like him, its prudent and politically necessary that u consider his advice or jettison it at yo own peril. This man hs bn in the game long before kakoma was born. U must also understand that the PF are not sitting idle in view of next years selections not elections bcoz there r no elections yet in zambia. They r campaigning and yo part is ndwiiii, just holding senseless media briefings ku rented secretariate, wake up!

  26. Just a reminder to upnd,are you aware that the 19000 to 0 voting in one constituency, has brought pain in some people, on the ground they’re saying even us in 2016 we shall give them(upnd) 0,
    Honestly speaking how do you vote 19000 to 0. So if you are given a 0,pls don’t cry foul because upnd you started it. Pf is winning in 2016.

  27. Its just an unwise statement from upnd, the statement discourages other opposition parties in workn together with upnd, it also deprives zambians who see talent and integrity in some individuals not only in upnd but other parties, imagine chipimo. nawakwi,antonio, h,h, milupi. magande. mutati etc workn together, so mr kakoma your statement is like too selfish and its time we got weary of these tendencies in our politicians . Also try to study the nature of our politics that even the economy shud they wish to blame the opposition they wil do so. if they can blame God, who is upnd?

  28. Upnd you are wrong, zambians ar more interested in sponsoring ideas than a party, come up with selfless ideas and zambians wil sponsor you, however at the rate u ar going ecl is quite fast, its on the economic side that PF have challenges but on the political side they ar investing heavely, and come 2016 the popular though sometime deemed corrupt wil be shielded and upnd wil depend on the integrity, zambian circus. wher ar the miyandas? and upnd did u hear of any voices from your grassroots from copperbelt or lsk,

  29. The citizen you made me laugh… its extra time and UPND has a free kick just outside the 18. Kaizer brought down Cornelius during a UPND counter attack. UPND players rush in the box.The referee has seen some pushing between Chishimba and Geoffrey. UPND are warming a player, its the young Miles on his debut game for UPND. Richwell is being substituted. The towering Hichilema is in the box joined by Canisius. Edgar is tight with Hichilema. Given is on the far post to protect keeper, Muenga. I see Scot in the stands, this game is well attended, Kenneth and Rupia are also present. This should really be the last kick in extra time. Garry prepares to take the corner, he has a deadly left and has scored from similar positions before. Jonas, the UNPD keeper runs across the pitch to join his…

  30. We are indeed tired with this ‘poor family’ pf both financialy & their spiritual stand with our mighty God whom we have believed. Indeed the ascending of ecl to plot one was demonically arranged as it started right their at Kabwe party convention with his demonically duped colleague Miles Sampa. Initially ecl satanically embloyded himself to the same Malawian sangomaz whom he called recently into state house to help him induce zambians be infavour of him & his ‘poor family’ (pf) as we are aproaching the cruecial year ever 2016. This is the same reason why the dove refused to fly away in the hands of ecl during his enauguration in heroes stadium, the spirits of our mighty God was anoid for mother Zambia to be ruled by a satanist ecl. Our Gods had indeed prefered Miles Sampa to ecl…

  31. A lot of pf guys who voted for edger, in particular because he has failed the presidency in Zambia,are very bitter saying any thing pf is of the devil,among them selves they say they can not say time was wasted when,2hours ± ,restrained a friend from takin her life for the bitter part of belonging to a party responsible of all evils in Zambia

  32. As far as we know politics, UPND is far from forming govt. You can keep on bragging as you have always been but winning 2016 tripartite elections is a far fetched dream. If we can analyze properly, UPND have more work to do than PF regardless of these economic challenges PF govt is facing. I can see an easy PF victory come next year.

  33. Comment:all thoz praisng pf and lungu are bewitched, truly hw can a nomo person born of man stand pombolicaly to praise these *****s, lets b serious.who tod u dat upnd is only 4 tongas u fool? Its for all of us. U are very stupid.u will b suprised next yr .its not abt a 0 to 19000 revenge u embacile bt its abt serious buisnes unles ngati ulibe bana cpuba. We are wining as upnd.am in coperbelt.

  34. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah….but what would impress us more is if you could assure us that you are also strong enough to accept defeat, because you’ve failed to develop this skill and caused lots of bother to date. We are a bit sick of turmoil in opposition politics.

    • PF Again. Major clash of egos ‘tween HH and Tinkerbell Nawakwi! They’ll pull each other down for Leadership and the name calling will put public off. It just won’t work even if they swallowed their pride to try. PF again. They are organised, and the last year has been about meeting the challenges of volatile Markets, China, USA have put a spanner in all economies. Hardly PFs’ fault.

  35. Why Mr. Kakoma is against alliances is because of fear of sharing positions because each PARTY would like to get the best but there is always one BEST. Already you can see that the coming on board of GBM has actually displaced the contenders for the position of vice president. Those that have been with the party from the beginning are “sacrificing” but silently bearing the pain. Its a matter of time one shall open up. Should another with sound money join the UPND, Bandas vice presidency shall be at stake.

  36. Edgar has not failed the presidency but you in the opposition have failed him. Imagine up to now you cannot accept that he is what he is and was made by us the majority. It is high time we started contributing to the growth of our Nation than just waste your valuable time on who is to blame for the shortage of enough water at the Kariba, who is to blame for the fall of commodity prices world wide and so on. This life can only be lived once on this earth and that is the life you have lived today! Make your positive contribution for the sake of tomorrow if it will come your way, God willing.

  37. UPND in Southern province are openly campaigning on tribal lines as usual and i can foresee other tribes ganging up just to teach them a lesson in 2016.Imagine they are registering even children who are underage to vote using the nega nega formula.

    The old man Munkombwe is a genius and Kakoma is just day dreaming.

  38. Comment:well spoken old daniel you do see between lines though missed out. your grandsons have been forced to register nrc prematurely even eligible applicants by age born 1999 others 1979 as first registration why rush and why very very late. check new voters comparing age and how they look on photos. arrest all fake applicants. they are too deparate history doesnt change things today is wysiwyg

  39. Comment:voting partain shows how selfish they are and they show that malpractice during registration and voting is so high there is no prvince in zambia which is one party than southern check results since formation of upnd. this is dagerous to our peace. may god deliver us

  40. Comment:i like tongas unity they are just a small group otherwise the dundumwezi formula they use would have made zambia a one party state in this generation sibuku ngo uweza makhadi paku vota akwamba njanza kumbele kamunjila muvote. check this 2016 you will believe what i ve written prove me wrong if you do not see it

  41. I hope you have entered an agreement with Daily Nation to be using their stories but if not, I will personally bring this issue to the attention of management. There is no incidental inclusion in this story and that is not fair for us who look for these stories. Am not paid by Lusakatimes and there is no way you should be using our stories unless you have enetered into an agreement with management. Even ZANIS doesnt give stories to media houses for free; you have to subscribe. I have observed thius over a long period of time and it is not fair. These stories dont come on a silver plate. Sometimes we are insulted, harrassed and threatened just to write a single story yet you have the luxury of getting the story from pour website without putting in any effort? Let us be professional and…

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