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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Court grants General Kanene Bail

General News Court grants General Kanene Bail

FORMER convict Clifford Dimba, popularly known as ‘General Kanene’, has been granted K5,000 cash bail after spending more than a week in custody for allegedly assaulting a woman.

Dimba, a Lusaka based musician was jailed by the Lusaka magistrate’s court after he was found guilty of defiling a girl under the age of 16, but was recently pardoned by President Edgar Lungu.

In the current case, Dimba was accused of allegedly assaulting 38-year-old Mordrine Chisenga of John Howard Township and had been in detention since his arrest.

Principal Magistrate Kenneth Mulife granted Dimba bail after the complainant, who was supposed to testify to prove allegations by the State that he was interfering with witnesses, failed to appear in court.

Mr Mulife last week ordered an inquiry to prove allegations by the State in its objection to the court granting Dimba bail on grounds that he was interfering with witnesses.

He said it would be in the interest of justice for the State to prove the allegations and adjourned the matter to yesterday while Dimba remained in custody.

However, when the matter came up, the State informed the court that the complainant, who was supposed to testify, was not before the court.

The State which attempted another adjournment, informed the court that the arresting officers had made efforts to contact the complainant but could not be reached by phone.

The State asked the court to adjourn the case to Friday to enable it get hold of the witnesses.

Dimba’s defence lawyer Nicholas Chanda objected to the application saying the court would never see the complainant as she and Dimba had reconciled.

Mr Chanda submitted that his client should be admitted to bail because the complainant would not be found alleging that she had since received K1,200 to close the case.

He alleged that the witness presented herself to the police to have the matter withdrawn in the interest of reconciliation.

Mr Chanda said that in an event that the State failed to bring the complainant to court, Dimba should be granted bail as he was of fixed abode and the offence was bailable.

Mr Mulife said the failure of the witness to come to court even when Dimba was in incarceration raised suspicion.

He granted Dimba K5,000 cash bail and ordered him to provide two working surities with fixed abode in the like sum but in their own recognisance.

Mr Mulife adjourned the case to November 24, this year.


    • Alarming poverty levels there. Just K 1,200 ($85) can buy justice in Zambia. Shame! Kanene himself said that she was going to drop the charges and here we are. This case is a non-starter.

  1. I grew and lived in these kombonis. Ka nene and the victim know each other well. That was just an assault which these two can solve after insulting each other by exposing things hidden using their frog cloacking voices. It is Part of the “normal” life I once witnessed and lived with. Only that this dim backup needs to grow up

    • @Careless Whisper, wouldn’t you like it to change by applying the law? The most dangerous mindset is “it has always been that way”.

  2. The complainant not showing up and the defendants lawyer confirming that she was paid 1,200 ZMK not to show up, isn’t that evidence of interference with the court process?

  3. Cage him imwee ba court! This guy is an *****,a he goat and together with those that gave him a chance to society,come 2016 we will make sure u pay m****** I mwee mwatuchusha pafulaa

  4. I thought assault was a criminal and not a civil case?? So am perplexed by the fact that Kanene’s lawyer had the audacity to state in court that a K1,200 settlement was made and the witness won’t come??!!!

    This is total baffunary in our legal system. The victim should be cited for using state resources (Police Service) to win a personal settlement.

  5. He is not a former convict as written above, he is still a convict. The conviction remains even if pardoned out of jail.

  6. Just send that defiling woman batterer back to jail! This nonsense of forgiving white-collar money-pinchers and phallic-oriented criminals must come to an abrupt end with this one! Come on – JAIL THAT ONE!

  7. Kanene is supposed to be given another custodial sentence. He is the type of person who is highly uncivilized, boastful for nothing and possibly illiterate. The animalism that he exhibits speaks volumes that he might even be mentally deranged. Such a moron is a danger to our society and it’s my ernest appeal to the civil organisations and all parties involved to follow up this matter to the letter.

  8. President Edgar Lungu is a complete joke. If this happened to his daughter it would be a whole different ball game. We have proof Kanene battered a lady (pics in media), before his wife and prior a young girl so what more proof do we need? The person who pardoned him is quiet so what does that tell society? Lungu is responsible for Kanene’s actions through the “Vicarious Liability” and Kanene’s lawyer should know this. This is unbelievable and to show the people running the nation lack simple brain power. They have no leadership and no vision to lock up a vicious felon!

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