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Zambians invited to buy Shares in ZCCM-IH

Economy Zambians invited to buy Shares in ZCCM-IH

ZCCM-Investment Holding has called on Zambians to buy shares in ZCCM-IH.

Company Chief Executive Officer Pius Kasolo says government is selling 28-million shares it holds in ZCCM-IH to Zambians both locally and abroad through the Lusaka Stock exchange-LUSE.

Dr. Kasolo says the objective of selling ZCCM-IH shares to Zambians is to enable them take an active role in the running of Zambian big mining companies.

He says the buying of shares in ZCCM-IH by Zambians will close on November 30, 2015.

Dr. Kasolo says President Edgar Lungu has emphasized the need to ensure that Zambians both locally and abroad have an equal participation in running the mines.

He says ZCCM-IH will work with the ministry of Foreign Affairs to ensure that the information about the sale of shares in ZCCM-IH is disseminated to all Zambians abroad.

Dr. Kasolo says ZCCM-IH is aware that a number of Zambians that have expressed interest to invest back home and called on them to take advantage of the opportunity to own shares.


    • Zccm IH is not a branch of pf party but govt. It was and will ever be there just like minerals in Zambia. Investing in it has nothing to do with political inclination. No one is forcing you to invest in Zambia it’s your choice badala. If it was a company run by a Tonga you would ‘ve done it without questioning the benefits of your investment.

  1. Watch events in the political environment before you act. Yes the govt may be selling these shares at a loss but that is no reason for anyone else to take risk.

  2. The way you PF are stealing the money from govt entities, it is scary. Look at Zamtel, ZRailways, etc. Even money from the Euro bond has disappeared. Citizens, invest at your own risk!!

  3. Are we going to benefit from selling this shares? Our late president Mr sata was against this, A good parent always leave some for young ones. Things is not okay.

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