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Government has no plans of buying a luxury jet for President Lungu-Wina

Headlines Government has no plans of buying a luxury jet for President...

President Lungu with Vice  President Inonge Wina at State house
President Lungu with Vice President Inonge Wina at State house

Vice President Inonge Wina has revealed that Government has not procured any presidential jet for President Edgar Lungu as reported by some online media outlets.

Mrs Wina told Parliament this morning that Government has no intentions of buying a jet for the Office of the President.

She was responding to a question from MMD Sinda Member of Parliament Levy Ngoma who wanted to clarify reports that Government has proposed the acquisition of a new long haul G5 presidential jet at a cost of K50 million to avoid commercial flights by President Lungu and his delegation.

‘Zambia is now becoming famous for speculation and speculative information and we adopt that as the gospel truth. As far as i Know, this Government has no plans to procure a jet for the President,’ Mrs Wina said.

She added, ‘ Mr Speaker, we have a bulky yellow book, if you can peruse through the yellow book and tell me where that money will come from, then i will agree with you but as for now Government has no plans of buying a plane.’

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    • Have noticed every one in the photo aprt from the Shiela (girl body guard) looks anemic? Mmmmm, ifintu nafilubana. We lesa

    • This is the time to develop wizard airforce. Don’t we always hear after flying sorcerers, engage them for a customized jet for the nation. This is where you Zambians appear foolish believing fo..olishness.

    • Even if PF want to buy one, do they have money or it would be another Kaloba? PF please respond on matters which puts bread and butter on the table for the people of Cooperbelt.

  1. Uko..!!! HH find a simple message to take to the people not just saying UPND will win the election, UPND can do it by itself, UPND is better than PF, or Zambians are tired of the PF… How have you arrived at such a conclusion.? Do you have figures to support these claims.? Politics is about the numbers not the holier than thou approach.

    • Big L
      Ever heard of ostrich’s head in the sand story? It’s people who suffering that will send this inept government to the rubbish pit not HH and his party . MMD were stronger than PF and had a stable economy behind them but look were they are today. It’ll be a miracle if PF bounces back next year, I’ll wouldn’t advice you to stake your house on them.

    • Imwe Mbuzi statistics and details are beyond your scope of comprehension, his stick to shouting slogans like ” ifintu ni Lungu chabe” or ” Pabwato”.
      The wise don’t need further proof PF are miserable failures

  2. Southern province people have registered as many voters. and i hear they want to give HH 100% votes. These people from this tribe are a very big problem they are not a kind that you can trust

    • Don`t worry about Southern province, EL is winning 2016 elections. EL has atleast 50% share of votes and opposition political parties will share the remaining 50% .

      Please don`t hate the Tongas, they are good people and it is their right to give HH 98 % votes in 2016. Not very long ago, Tongas were not even insulting, it is now that they have joined the bad wagon because of politics. But there are some Tongas who not defiled.

  3. Wina azalila! … Am Tonga but won’t be used by funny characters just to champion their selfish agendas. Will vote for Lungu & the PF. My village has now been linked because of the tar road made by the PF. We are now able to take our produce to the market without any difficulties. Besides the available primary school has been upgraded to a secondary school. And the same upgraded school is seeing a face lift with new infrastructure.

  4. Useless veep responding to irrelevant issues…why not update us on your new ministry of national planning? You are happy to get two salaries for doing absolutely nothing.

  5. This Lungu guy really wasted an opportunity to be a good president. He should have taken the stance Mwanawasa took of not caring whether people hated him or not. Ka Lungu is the sort of chap who gets physically ill when he hears people do not like him and that is why he feels he owes everyone a favour as evidenced by half his cabinet being MMD. These are the traits of an extremely weak individual. Not presidential material at all.

  6. Am half Bemba half Chewable and my entire family is voting for HH in the next election 2016…Lungu and PF have disapointed us big time…we all voted for him on January 20 but this time we are giving our votes to Hakainde Hichelema

  7. UPND,how many times re u going to learn about realities of elections in Zambia? keep on bragging nd bluffing about winning next year. We know of “nega nega” ambush u unleashed in January,but be lest assured that we will counter that with our weapon of mass destruction known as”wako ni wako”. It will be Southern Province versus Eastern Province. ECL 2016,nafuti nafuti!!!

  8. I think mama Inonge will make a great president when she takes over Mwati niba Lungu? Bena bafwayafye fyonse fikapone from heaven. Kwacha appreciation must come from heaven. Kariba Dam water must come from heaven. Awe nibakawayawa twavotele mwe!

  9. Be mature in the way u post your comment some one is clarifying reports by some Online media but u are busy disrespecting the vice president who is your mother sure.akulu imwe mukule muzelu.

    • This stupit woman is NOT MY MOTHER! If she was I would commit suicide in case I inherited her stupitity!

      At one time I thought she had some INTEGRITY and HONESTY, but seeing her uselessness and inaction in the face of a DISASTROUS CRASH of the Zambian economy I have lost all respect for her. She is complicit in this PF nonsense that has brought Zambia back into generations of poverty and must accept a large part of the blame for getting an id!ot drunk elected as President.

      Just another PF kaponya milking the Zambian people for as much public money as she can before getting kicked out in 2016!

  10. U just have a wrong impression of Tongas.These ar very good and hospitable pipo ask anyone who once worked among them.Those comments of propaganda are just planned and twisted by typical tribalists themselves.It’s not reality.They’re good at analysing quality but de quality they see happens to be in a fellow tribesman hence perceiving them wrongly.They actually voted for Chiluba 100% and not the 98% u are talking about for HH. Please just spare them and u will prove it.Remember they are also created in the image of God.

  11. What is wrong with buying an executive jet?
    These are HARD-WORKING political leaders who take their office with them.
    In addition, Zambia is rich in mineral wealth, it can afford it.
    Give them credit for being proactive guys…THEY HAVE THE COUNTRY AND ITS PEOPLE AT HEART

  12. Ba Levy is now chief speculator – ati legislator — my foot!! It is lies in the morning, afternoon, night, in sleep – and so on by the gutter press and their sponsors. You don’t build a country on such behavior.

  13. A few pipo I be spoken to including the “KGB” have indicated that the “big Man” has been given a full dose of “Donchi Kubeba”!!. If you tell him,you loose his recognition and your job, so ,you sing a song for so that he sleeps deeply! How do you explain the total silence of his ministers and deputy/ provincial ministers?!! Congraturatios Your Excellence ,keep it up sir!!!

  14. my prayer for Zambia is that the next Zambian President will be sober enough not to preoccupy himself with undoing what previous govts did, but be proactive and visionary, not pleasing his cadres but work to improve pipos lives! Pliz Mr president to be, we can’t eat tribe,relationships, politicking,insulting hatred, etc, Fight corruption earnestly, pipo are suffering currently am telling you!! ” Bootlicking is a leaders’ grave”! Let your leaders/tell you the truth,, many leaders are insecure, that’s why peronnaly I support, 50% 1 voting, whether wit a rerun or coalition gvt system!! God Bless Zambia!!! Am a ? registered voter, are You?

  15. These tribalists vote 100% UPND despite the good developmental projects in Southern prov and yet they want support from other regions.It wont work for them no matter how much yaping they do on socio media.

  16. And this woman says there’s no such provision in the bulky yellow book! Have you forgotten that there is $185million from the chinese for security wings capital expenses. Just wait and see.

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