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Bowman Lusambo and his team clears garbage and installs borehole in Kabushi

Headlines Bowman Lusambo and his team clears garbage and installs borehole in Kabushi

Part of the equipment used to clear the garbage at Kabushi market
Part of the equipment used to clear the garbage at Kabushi market

The Bowman Lusambo Kabushi 2016 team this week heightened its development works in Ndola’s Kabushi Township which has continued receiving great commendation from residents.

The team led by Kabushi parliamentary constituency aspiring candidate Bowman Lusambo rehabilitated a disused borehole at Kabushi market which has been out of use for three years.

This is part of the Bowman Lusambo Kabushi 2016 familiarisation tour of the constituency which has seen him visit all the eight wards in the area.

Last week, a football tournament was held at Milemu grounds in Kabushi which saw hundreds of young people take part with thousands of Ndola residents turning out to watch the games.
This team, the team unblocked, flashed and repaired the pump to the borehole and the water has now started serving residents in the area and surrounding places.

The team further cleared heaps of garbage that had piled up in Gabon area at Main Masala market to the delight of the marketeers and the local people.

And commenting on the development, Mr Lusambo who is also MMD vice Presidential aspiring candidate pledged to construct five more boreholes in Kabushi constituency.

Mr Lusambo revealed that his team, working with the local people has identified three sites in Toka ward, Mzazala market area and the hostels are where the boreholes will be constructed.

He said the two remaining sites will be identified through a collaborative effort with all those interested in developing Kabushi including area MP Dorothy Kazunga.

‘As the Bowman 2016 team, we have decided to leave the two projects for the boreholes to the people interested in working with us in Kabushi. We are inviting them to partner with us to change this area. We are also inviting Madam Kazunga to work with us in Kabushi for the remainder of the two boreholes. We will pay for everything but we want that collective spirit from all stakeholders in the area,’ he said.

He added, ‘we want to promote community led development processes here in Kabushi where the people are the masters and we are the servants. The people should be deciding their own development priorities.

Mr Lusambo said his team decided to focus on addressing the water and sanitation situation in Kabushi because it is the most pressing.

‘We know there are many pressing demands here but after we engaged the local people, they told us in clear terms that their main problem is the lack of water, uncollected garbage and blocked drainage system and these are the things we have been working,’ Mr Lusambo said.

And information obtained from Ndola shows that area MP Dorothy Kazunga approached Ndola Town Clerk Ernest Sumani and Ndola Mayor Samuel Munthali to bitterly complain about the works being undertaken in the constituency by the Bowman Lusambo Kabushi 2016 team.

A fact finding team from the Ndola City Council was then dispatched on Thursday to Kabushi constituency which ascertained that the development works were within the law and that residents were appreciating the works.

The local authority has since commended the Bowman Lusambo Kabushi 2016 for assisting the council carry out development programs in the constituency.

Bowman Lusambo with Masala residents
Bowman Lusambo with Masala residents

Bowman Lusambo watching his hands after water started flowing after three years since the borehole broke down
Bowman Lusambo watching his hands after water started flowing after three years since the borehole broke down

Bowman Lusambo and his 2016 Campaign Team inspects works at the market
Bowman Lusambo and his 2016 Campaign Team inspects works at the market

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  1. I praise him for improving the lives of the local residents even though its because he wants to stand as area MP. At least the residents will benefit from the works he is doing. The residents must ensure they get more out of him before he becomes MP.

  2. Campaign period is the only time electrolates should demand for what they want to see in their area not receiving bribes and shake shake chibuku. Make sure these hyenas are milked because once you elect them and they go to Lusaka you will only see them back after 5years.

  3. This what every Jim and Jack is supposed to be doing in Zambia not just because he is aspiring to stand as an MP. Sadly, when he wins or loses he will disappear as is the trend. Basically we do not need to be in MPs to do good works for our communities, what this team is doing is much more appreciated than what he will be doing in parliament.

  4. Student of Julius Malema… So on whose ticket will Lusambo be standing? Will wait and as others have said hope this is not just for the campaigns but to instill confidence and community responsibility (‘we want to promote community led development) to the people of Kabushi and Zambia in general. High time that was the motto to every project undertaken….

  5. Excellent leadership Bowman, you have the potential and the love your home. That is what it means to be patriotic, keep up and bring more development to the people once you are voted in 2016. Those of us whose role is to speak truth to power will remind you of the need to keep your promises.

  6. Malema could be doing the cash part. Has Lusambo ever been known to be awash with currency of any sort, all the years he has been a leech to some party bigwig?

  7. Okay, now we are raising the stakes higher… Have Zambian politicians realized that the Zambian vote is worth spending on??? Nawakwi is doing her thing, and now Bowman!!! Except, they are not spending their own money…..


  9. upnd wanted to do the same thing but a certain minister musenge said they should do it in southern province.so upnd start also using the local aspiring candidates as project implementors while you do the financing.

  10. Good work Lusambo although it is being done for 2016 elections. But looking at the garbage tells me that Zambia has become a garbage nation. Sorry to say this that no wonder many Zambians now look so old or ugly living and smelling such filth day in and day out. Maybe Mushota has made the right decision to stay in Scotland. we just hope that the keep Zambia clean will be maintained.

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