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Zambia KO’s Sudan to advance to group stage qualifiers

Sports Zambia KO's Sudan to advance to group stage qualifiers

_MG_9972Zambia advanced to the group stage of teh 2018 World cup qualifiers after a 2-0 home win over Sudan on Sunday at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium, in Ndola.

Goals from Lubambo and Winston Kalengo handed Zambia the home win and a 3-0 aggregate victory following a 1-0 away win on Wednesday in Karima.

Both goals came in the second period after the home side dominated the opening 45 minutes with Lubambo, Kalengo and Collins Mbesuma all denied by Akram Al Hiadi.

Lubambo scored the first goal in the 58th minute when Akram parried Kalengo’s header into the midfielders path.

Kalengo completed the business for Zambia in the 80th minute with a from effort to score in back-to-back games against Sudan.

Zambia now await the draws for the last 20 teams in the group phase that will decide Africa’s five representatives at the 2018 Moscow finals.

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  1. Why are Zambian self defeating? What has soccer got to do with President Lungu or Hakainde for that matter?
    Please leave us to enjoy our soccer as fanatics that have supported our team since Independence or maybe ulu mu Tonga?

  2. Ok we have qualified to the next stage but if we play like that in the next games we are going nowhere. The competition will now be tougher.
    This is a national team mwe bantu players should not only be comfortable on the ball but should
    possess ball control skills and also ball retention capabilities. The national coach doesn’t give these skills.
    Our team lost possession too easily only Sudan ‘ s lack of spontaneous counter attacking strategies saved us. We were certainly better at counterattack as Kalengo ‘ s second goal showed.
    In that entire team only Mbesuma knew the importance of ball retention. However he tired in the last 15 minutes and should have been substituted but I think there was noone on the bench who could have effectively taken over his role. Poor ball retainers…

    • Poor ball retainers included our keeper. What has happened to Mweene? Every time he had a goal kick it went out of play or to a Sudan es player. That’s not the Mweene we know.
      Also the faking injury tactic during the dying minutes which fooled officials in Khartoum should be discouraged. Today’s referee ignored us and we saw injured players getting up.

    • Nothing wrong with this team. The coach just needs to work on the defence. In yesterdays game our central mid-field wasn’t that effective. May be they missed kalaba otherwise we have a wining team now, a blend of old and young promising boys. We beat Kenya by 2 goals to 1, Mozambique by 3 goals to 0, Sudan by 1 goal to 0, then again by 2 goals to 0. the confidence is growing and our boys can score goals. Forget about your name sake Mayuka or Jacob Mulenga. No need for those planks.

    • Nothing wrong with this team is what is going to give us a shocker. There is plenty wrong in the team and working on what is wrong is what will make a strong team. Dont be complacent after beating a third rate team.

  3. WE are remaining with few months before the real qualification series start, LET US REPLACE THE COACH quickly so that the players be used to him during world cup qualifying series. Lwandamina is ZESCO coach , why cant we call RENARD since now he is Jobless also he is in Zambia with his ZED chick, manyozo renard. I emphasize REPLACE the coach ASAP if we had a coach we would have been beaten in sudan 1 – 0 Then the return in NDOLA we could have beaten SUdan 4-1 ON AGGREGATE it would be 4-2 THUS HOW A RESPECTED COACH WOULD HAVE DONE , but manje George chiken wins in sudan and wins again in ndol , he deserves to be fired NOW

  4. Zambians you never look at quality but quantity, can you be proud of the way the zambians played no style and system. You can not beat a team like Ghana, Ivory Coast who we are going to most likely meet next round. But as always we dont care just like you dont care who will pay FAZ for the free entry to the stadium yesterday.

  5. The coach is okay. All we need is strengthening the middle field by Fwayo Tembo, and local players. Nathan is not as good as you should expect from the anchor man. Over-role we are okay and we are able to score goals. Viva Lwandimina Viva ZD. Go Boys.

  6. It’s our weakness. Every time people point out the mistakes in our team, others look at that as pessimism. The truth of the matter is that the Zambian National team we saw on Sunday can struggle to beat any of the teams we will meet in the group. We can’t pass the ball accurately. Our once strongest point the midfield, is disjointed. Defence is jittery. The bench provides no plan B. Let’s not be deceived by the goals. The game was attracting booing until those goals came. And both with Kalengo touch

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